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Walking in a winter wonderland 13 December 2007

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Yesterday the Weather Service was advising that the snow would start somewhere around 1pm. I wasn’t terribly worried because we were supposed to get the majority of the snow in the afternoon, and since Kurt only has about a mile’s commute, I figured he would get home safely enough.

But then I looked outside at 11:15 and saw the snow beginning.


This was at 11:27am.

Kurt was already home by this time. He informed me that he might not have to go back to work, that the Navy might be shutting down his command.

But then we got a call saying my dad’s gift was done (I’ll post a photo of it after Christmas because it’s just too darn cool not to share), so we decided to go out and get it.

I was under the impression that it snowed at least once a year here in Rhode Island. These people were driving like it had never snowed before in all of their lives, and they had no idea how to drive in it! I mean, we just came from Washington, where we would get snow maybe every other year, and then only once a season. And Kurt grew up in Tucson — where it would be a sign of Armageddon if it ever snowed.

Can you imagine the saguaros holding up armfuls of snow???

It should take us five, possibly ten minutes to get to where we were going to pick up my dad’s gift. Today it took well over twenty minutes. And all because there were a few snow flurries in the air. This was before it started getting too bad.

On our way home, we ran into one of Kurt’s co-workers, who told him that since he’s not teaching, he doesn’t have to go back to work.  So he’s home for the day now.

But the snow is really pretty!! My mailman just walked across my front lawn — grrr. But I can’t be too mad at him; he brought me a Christmas card from KarmaCat and one from My5Cents, as well as two gifts from my ornament exchange with my Flickr group!!

Talk about a banner day!!!


30 pm

At 1:30pm

And it’s STILL coming down. The Weather Service is saying that if the snow turns to sleet late this afternoon, it’ll hold the snowfall down to six inches. But if it doesn’t turn to sleet, we could end up with a foot!!!

Damn, I’m glad I don’t have to go anywhere today!

PS — HAPPY 29th BIRTHDAY to my bestest friend in the entire world, Caroline!!!


10 Responses to “Walking in a winter wonderland”

  1. art Says:

    fresh snow!!! time to break out the sleds!!!

  2. chaosdaily Says:

    i live in wisconsin, and the first snow of the year is always a surprise for people!

  3. Rosietoes Says:

    Tell Kurt that there is snow on Mt Lemmon right now! It’s pretty nippy here these days, but no snow below 5000 feet yet. Thank you for the Birthday wishes, and enjoy your snow!

  4. Shear Says:

    Yay! Pictures!!!! How pretty! I’m kinda sorta jealous about the snow, but in a good way. Are you gonna let Gracie make a snowman? Are ya? Huh? Huh? Please?

  5. Angela Says:

    Glad you were all able to stay in and are safe and sound in this weather! I heard Newport was due for some sleet…ick. Have you and Kurt invested in a snowblower yet? Every house in New England should come with one! 🙂

  6. clairec23 Says:

    Aw, the snow looks lovely! I love the snow…until I have to walk on it, slip and fall. One night years ago I slipped on ice and I’ve hated it ever since 🙂

  7. sleepyjane Says:

    Ooooooooh, pretty snow! It looks lovely!

  8. twisterjester Says:

    Umm… it snowed last winter in Tucson 😉 A fair amount, in fact.

  9. oleandlena Says:

    It looks like you’re going to have that white Christmas that you wanted. I’m sure you’ll thoroughly enjoy it especially as long as everyone is safe at home and not out in it. Gracie needs a good sled ride down a hill with Mom or Dad, of course. Wheeee!!

  10. michele Says:

    I haven’t forgotten you… NYC is taking up my time to read your diary! However, I did buy you a VERY cool gift that you’re going to love!!! I can’t wait to give it to you! LOVE YOU!!

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