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The Pantry Hoarder 22 December 2007

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What’s your shopping style?  I mean, for groceries.  Are you someone who goes to the store every couple of days to get fresh food for dinner, or do you go once a week or less to stock up?

Me, I’m a stocker.  Well, to be perfectly honest, I’m a hoarder.  But I come by it honestly.   For one thing, I’ve done most of my grocery shopping at the local commissary, which doesn’t leave much room for spontaneity.  Most commissaries close for one day per week, usually on Monday.  You also don’t want to go to the commissary on the weekend, if you can help it.  So that leaves Tuesday through Friday as good days on which to do your shopping.

This is the first time since being married that I have lived as close to the commissary as to regular grocery stores.  Usually the commissaries are quite a ways away, and do I really want to drive half an hour just to pick up a gallon of milk?  Seeing as milk was $1.80 at the commissary in Washington, while over $4 a gallon at the grocery stores, it really made sense for me to stock up.  (Milk is more expensive here in Rhode Island; I’m only saving a dollar or less per gallon by shopping at the commissary.)  So I would head to the commissary every two to three weeks and try to buy enough food to last that long between runs.  I’d also get some big stuff at Costco, and my grocery shopping would be done.   Sometimes I would head to the grocery store to get something odd, like a foreign ingredient or something hard to find, or if I really wanted a rotisserie chicken for dinner between runs.

You have to look at the way my mom lives to fully understand where I am coming from.  My mom has always had a relatively huge pantry just off the kitchen in our house near DC.  It’s large enough to stand in and be surrounded on three sides by shelves from floor to ceiling.  And the only thing in there is food!!  My mom always has four or five varieties of cereal open at any given time, with five or six more boxes in the pantry.  There’s always cans and cans of tomatoes and fruit and soup and vegetables, as well as all the chips and crackers you could want.  And talk about condiments.  You want spicy brown mustard?  Or would you prefer yellow mustard?  How about honey mustard, or even some Grey Poupon??  My mom’s got them all in her pantry!  Basically my mom could open a convenience store run right out of her pantry!

That’s why my pantry and my fridge are always full.  It’s crazy, really.  I had two refrigerators in Washington, and both of them were full.  I also had two cabinets full of food in the kitchen and two more in the garage.  Everything was stuffed to bursting!  No one was about to starve in my house.

I still don’t know where it all comes from.  I haven’t bought any canned goods (save for tuna and soup, which we go through like there’s no tomorrow) in quite some time, yet my cabinets are so full that I can barely move the cans around to see what I need for a recipe.  I think I’m making headway, though.  I opened up my cupboard today and realized it was looking rather bare.

Now if only I can keep from buying more till I really need it!!

Update on Grace:  We finally did end up going out the day Grace had been sick.  Right after she got sick, she would be right back to playing and having a grand ol’ time.  We figured maybe it was just something she ate because she sure wasn’t acting sick!  She didn’t have a fever either.

We went out to dinner that evening, and Grace really didn’t eat a whole lot.  But then she’d been sick; we weren’t surprised.  Then Kurt suggested we head up to Target to get some last-minute items.  On the way there, she got sick one more time.  There was no way we could continue on, so we headed back home and put her to bed.

Yesterday morning, she woke up rarin’ to go.  She was fine all day long, though we were watching her closely.  And I got my trip to Target in, so everyone was happy.

This morning was completely different.  For one thing, she didn’t wake up until after 9am.  That’s an oddity right there.  Then when she did wake up, it was like she didn’t want to get up.  She just wanted to cuddle, and when we would put her down, she would cry.  So I sat on the couch and cuddled with her for a good half hour to forty-five minutes.

Finally I took her back to bed, and by this time I was really worried about her.  She is anything but a calm kid, so this lethargy was really scary.  She even fell asleep in my bed for a while!!  I have never actually slept with Grace before this; any time I would try, she would bounce right back up, thinking it was play time.  Around 11am, we finally got some breakfast into her, and by the mid-afternoon she was acting almost normal again.  We went out to Newport to take some photos, but she insisted on riding in her stroller the whole time.  That right there almost made made me want to take her to the ER; she hates her stroller, and has hated it since she was just over a year old.

By dinner, however, she was acting pretty normal again.  She’s back to her high activity level, and she’s just as giggly as she could be.  But it was a pretty scary day, nonetheless.  I kept thinking something was seriously wrong, since she’s never been this lethargic before.  I’m so glad she’s just about back to her regular self again.


8 Responses to “The Pantry Hoarder”

  1. art Says:

    it wouldnt hurt to take her to the doc if you can, and explain these bouts of lethargy to him, maybe he can give her the once over and see if there is something to it, or nothing at all. at beat it would put your mind at ease.

    i have not bought a can of veggies in all the time ive lived here, mainly cause i get plenty from the food bank every 2 weeks. my lazy susan is full of can veggies, and when i do go grocery shopping its every 2 weeks, i get the same stuff, mainly eggs, bacon, sausage, lunch meats, cheese, milk, tuna fish, bread, smokes, pork chops, tri tips, instant taters, and condiments if i need em, and of course, chicken, and the occasional ham or a box of lasagna.

  2. chaosdaily Says:

    i buy what i need when i need it, cause lets face it, im in the store every day!

  3. hissandtell Says:

    Hoarder, of course — but only because I have to be! Nearest store is an hour and a half’s drive away, dirt roads are often closed with rain and, because we have lots of people here much of the time, I have to be able to produce a variety of culinary miracles in all manner of trying circumstances. My pantry’s enormous (it’s acually an entire room) and I have three huge refrigerators (one proper industrial store-display coldroom, the height and length of a wall, just for fruit, vegetables, eggs, milk and cheese) and three large freezers (one just for bread and ice, and one just for dogfood). I was in my pantry this morning unpacking bottles of olive oil (6 x 4 litres — I stacked them alongside the 12 x 2 L bottles of peanut oil and the 4 x 4 L bottles of sunflower oil) and counted 26 tins of baked beans and more than 30 tins of chick peas. We have — no kidding — 72 jars of coffee-and-chicory blend in there. How I envy Chaos! Maybe one day I’ll again live somewhere where I can go food shopping and buy only what I need for a day or two and no more, but I’m not counting on it anytime soon… Love, R xxx

  4. hissandtell Says:

    Oh, and I also misread the title of the entry as “The Panty Hoarder” and thought, hello, what’s Miss Sleepy been up to now? x

  5. clairec23 Says:

    lol @ hissandtell’s second comment!

    I wish I could stock up like you, blue. My presses are always bare. I stock up every now and then but Mr. Claire generally goes to the shops every single day because he hates going for a proper shop with myself and the kids. Apparently I buy everything…whatever…

    Poor little Grace…That’s how I know Liam is sick too, because he sleeps late and only wants a cuddle and even goes back to sleep. Luckily, it rarely happens. She’s probably been fighting a bug for a couple of days and it only really hit her. Liam’s always better by the evening too but still keep an eye on her, just in case she pushes herself before she’s fully healthy. They perk up so quickly though, it’s amazing. Have I told you I’m in love with Grace from her flickr photos? She’s such a happy looking child, I just want to pick her up for a cuddle and she’s so grown up looking now. (I keep comparing her to Liam) I think she would kick Liam’s ass 🙂 She looks older than him but he’s looking pretty grown up since he got his mop of a hairstyle chopped off the other day. I think the two of them would get on well together 😀 If you ever decide that you don’t want to be a mammy anymore (yeah right) I’d like to adopt her 😉

  6. Elle Says:

    Hi Blue,

    Hope Lil Miss Grace is all better. Sounds like a tummy bug got her.
    I am a twice or so weekly shopper — these male people I live with seem to always need juice and milk and bread and hot dogs, and there always seems to be one or two items either I couldn’t find or completely blanked about (even though there they were on the list…) on the previous trip. I have either a Super Wal-Mart, a Winn-Dixe (hugely expensive,) or a slightly bigger than convenience store mom-and-pop to choose from, so I spend most time and money at the mom-and-pop. Which isn’t bad; they have pretty good meat and an excellent wine selection!

  7. Michele Says:

    FYI: when we lived in Illinois and the pantry was in a little closet type area off of the downstairs living room, I one time counted TWENTY-ONE different kinds of cereal. No lie!

    I am a little of both… I have a hard time getting over my “hoarding” style because when we lived in the RV, sometimes it was a drive to get to the grocery or health food stores. On the other hand, there are times now where I want stuff fresh (like bananas) and I buy them 2 to 3 times a week.

    Glad Miss Gracie is feeling better!

    Miss you & Love you!

  8. whatdayisit Says:

    I grocery shop about once a week. When I was working, I didn’t have time to go more often so if we ran out of milk or bread…tough! I also don’t have a big pantry to store anything in so it is not thrilling to try to cram stuff into cabinets that won’t hold them. Right after Christmas, I will be trying to rearrange the shelves to hold the extra flour, sugar and powdered sugar I bought to make special desserts for Christmas. Wish you could buy 1/2 bags of sugar and flour!
    Sure hope Gracie is feeling better. Do her ears hurt? My son used to get really droopy when he had an ear infection. Merry Christmas

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