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… And we’re back 28 December 2007

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Sorry about my silence over the last few days. I just needed a break. I’ll be back to commenting on everyone’s blogs soon.

I think Christmas day was the only day we were really feeling yucky. There wasn’t anything seriously wrong with us; it was just sort of a general malaise. Grace was the only one who had a physical manifestation. Kurt and I just felt like crap, and didn’t want to eat. We’re thinking maybe it’s the general Christmas-time fullness kicking in. See, most Christmases we spend in Tucson, where his parents keep a cupboard very full of snacks, and there are always more bags laying out on the counters. There’s no way to move around in the kitchen without being tempted by Sandies shortbread and cheese puffs (though I won’t eat them) and pretzels and popcorn and many other things.

To make matters worse, if we’re sitting still for a long enough time, Kurt’s grandma, affectionately known as Mom-mom to all who know her, will bring us a sandwich. It’s not as though we’ve asked for it; she just feels that we’re growing children and must be fed.

We’re growing, all right. Too bad it’s outward!

As a result, we’re never hungry when we’re in Tucson. It’s a very odd feeling to go ten days or two weeks and never once feel the growl of hunger. Never ever! I usually get a tiny growl once a day when I’ve procrastinated on lunch too long, so to not feel it at all is quite an oddity.

Maybe we were just having flashbacks to our normal Christmas fullness. Who knows. It’s gone now, thank goodness.

Tonight we found an awesome Mexican restaurant up in Massachusetts, and near a Target to boot. I miss the Mexican restaurants in Washington. That was some good food! There was a chain all over the Northwest called Azteca that was just an amazing place to eat. The very first time I ate there was with the real estate agent who sold us our home in March 2003. She highly recommended the molcajete, a tomato-based soup with chunks of chicken and steak with mushrooms and loads of cheese. Plus the soup itself was rather spicy. Yummy!! The restaurants were also rather family-oriented. Servers stayed at their jobs for quite some time, so you really built a rapport with them. The last time I was at the one near my house, I was waited upon by the same woman who waited on me the very first time, back in 2003!

However, every time I go to a new Mexican restaurant, I have to ask what sauces contain peanuts. There’s the obvious, of course, being mole sauce — such a shame because I adore mole. But in Washington, the red enchilada sauce also contained peanut butter. Here on the East Coast, it seems as though the enchilada sauce is made without peanut butter. It’s very confusing.

Grace is getting so big, and a little mouthy too! Tonight as soon as the waiter came by to take our drink order, she asked for a water, a milk, and an order of quesadillas from the kids’ menu. Fortunately she still says “please,” but it was still rather surprising that she could place her own order!

Over on Flickr, it was suggested by a friend of mine to join the 7 Days group. The object is to take a self-portrait every day for seven days, using your camera’s self-timer or a remote, or by utilizing clever reflections. One of my favorite photos in the pool features a white cake being impaled by a silver knife — and you can just make out the reflection of the photographer in the knife. Very cool.

This being my first time participating, I didn’t get as creative as all that, but I think I got some fairly good shots. Kurt really got into it as well, suggesting various things I could include to make the photo more interesting. He came up with a really neat idea involving shadows for yesterday’s photo, but when it turned out to be a cloudy day, we had to shelve it for later. We meant to do it today… but then he came up with an even cooler idea.

This is the shot he and I ultimately agreed on:

My hero

My hero, my rock, my love, my Chief, my husband.

I think it came out quite well.  (My other photos from this group can be seen HERE.)


14 Responses to “… And we’re back”

  1. Shear Says:

    Awesome photo! You should send it into one of those photography magazine contests. I just know you’d win. You’re mad photography skillz blow me away!

  2. kitchenlogic Says:

    This picture is so beautiful that it almost makes me cry!

  3. oleandlena Says:

    That is a dynamite photo. Keep up the good work.

  4. twisterjester Says:

    NICE picture! Kudos to the photog 😉

  5. Elle Says:

    Welcome back! Awesome photo!

  6. Andrea Says:

    Again, love the photo! Also, I LOVE Azteca’s! That one of the biggest things I miss about living in Seattle (you know, right after missing my family and friend there). I’ve found nothing like it in New England. The closest is Margarita’s, but they don’t serve anything like the meals at Azteca (especially arroz con pollo, which is my absolute favorite there). However, Margarita’s serves delicious…margaritas. You should find one and try their Lime in the Coconut margarita. Yum!

  7. acaldwell Says:

    amazing pic!!! it speaks !!! you can see the love there!!! i betcha you can win any photo contest!!!

  8. Yankeechick Says:

    Oh, yea!! Go for a photo contest!! You always have such amazing composition, but this is outstanding!! And like Art says, ‘it speaks’. It really does!!

  9. whatdayisit Says:

    That’s a beautiful photo….the various colors of his ribbons and your creamy skin against his khaki shirt…very nice.

  10. Aimee Says:

    I love that picture! Love it. I’ve been checking out your flicker site and overall, think you capture some really moving photos of the family. It’s nice to see a really happy little family enjoying each other with all the sadness and yucky stuff in the world. Your pictures make me smile! Thanks!

  11. clairec23 Says:

    That’s a pretty photo, I love your eyeshadow by the way lol

    I’ve missed ya blue, hope you’re feeling okay now. If I don’t see ya before then “Happy New Year!”

  12. Michele Says:

    VERY nice shot! pretty eyes!

  13. cardiogirl Says:

    Your photo really is incredible blue! You’re probably tired of hearing that now that I’m the 13th person to say it. But damn, woman! You are one hell of a photographer. You know that right?

    Speechless and in awe.

  14. karmacat Says:

    Beautiful photo! A picture IS worth a thousand words.

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