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Where’s the snow?? 31 December 2007

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All evening last night, kept beeping to tell us there were weather warnings for our area. Apparently we were supposed to get between two and four inches of snow, though at one point it was suggested that the snow fall was really to be more like three to six inches. I had the thought of going outside at 11pm, by which time it was supposed to be snowing, and taking some cute photos of Kurt and me frolicking in the flurries.

The snow never materialized.

I’m a bit disappointed. I loved how the area looked just a few weeks ago with four to six inches of snow on the ground. I know it caused a huge mess up in Providence, but Newport and its suburbs escaped the fiasco and did a good job with the snow-clearing. I had no complaints seeing three snowplows come down my street in formation at least once an hour. The snowplow drivers even hooked up my husband by clearing the front of the driveway across the street, where Kurt parks the little car, so he wouldn’t have to shovel that driveway too.

Now I see over on that New Hampshire, Maine, and upstate New York got the snow. I’m not surprised by upstate New York getting snow; my parents are from Watertown, which apparently should have been named “Snowtown” instead. My father has photos from the 1960s showing snow drifts so tall you couldn’t see around corners when you were driving. I can’t imagine that. Sure, we used to live in Nebraska, where we got lots and lots of snow, but it was only the one winter. I can’t fathom living in loads and loads of snow. I don’t know if I would mind it; if it were really that awful, no one would live in Minnesota and Alaska and upstate New York in the winter! Besides, you just deal with it. I know if I lived in those areas, I would have a snowblower! Shoveling snow stinks. Blecch.

Although we now have a better snow shovel. We bought one at Wal-Mart before our first snowfall here; we hadn’t needed one in Washington. For one thing, it rarely snowed, and for another, our driveway was gravel. There’s just no way to shovel a gravel driveway. Our first snow shovel does the trick — but it has this anti-slip grip, which is hell on bare hands (and it was too warm for gloves the day I shoveled the driveway), and it has a regular straight shaft. Our new snow shovel has a more ergonomic, bent shaft, which is supposed to save your back. We’ll see. At any rate, we now have two snow shovels, so both of us can be out there shoveling while Grace frolics in the snow.


Thanks for all your kind comments on my photo of Kurt and me. I have printed it out and even bought a frame for it, amazingly enough. For some reason, I am only now getting it that some of my photos are frame-worthy. I know that sounds dumb; y’all have been telling me for years that I take some good shots. I guess it’s only now that it’s sinking in, what with all the kind comments from you and my Flickr friends on that last shot, as well as PseudoWife’s prompting to showcase my favorite shots a few months ago.

So now I’ve got it in my head to print out some of my favorite shots and get them into frames. I may even splurge and have them professionally printed. My printer does well enough, but it can’t do as well as the professional labs.

I am even soliciting photos from my friends. Chocolate Chaos takes some lovely shots on her walks around her town, and she very kindly sent me the high-rez of one of her photos that I will be printing out and framing.

Because, folks, the camera you use does not matter!! You can get a lovely shot from a cheap point & shoot, just as lovely as an expensive dSLR. In fact, there are times I prefer my little point & shoot because my large dSLR sometimes does wonky things with night shots that I think result from the mirror in the lens.

Pell Bridge by night

This shot I took with my little point & shoot, and later went back with my big camera to see if I could re-create it. Of course, the light was way too low by the time I got back, but I could still get the shot with my tripod. But the bushes in the front turned out very brown in the shots I took with my big camera, which really distracted from the bridge.  Also there were little green spots that were the exact reflection of the lights of the bridge, which made the shot I took with my big Nikon not as pretty as this one.

And one more subject change — what are y’all doing for New Year’s?  We might be getting together with our neighbors for an evening of board games and alcohol.  I’m not sure if we’re still on for it; I haven’t heard from them in a couple of days.  Whatever happens, we’ll stay close to home because we’re just not the type to go out.  I would love it if the plans with my neighbors come through because I enjoy their company, but I’m okay with the evening being just Kurt and me.  I know we’ll stay up that late regardless; we’re both night owls.  We didn’t go to bed till after 1am last night, even though Kurt had to be at work at 8am this morning.  Even when he has to muster at 7, we still don’t go to bed before midnight.

Happy New Year’s, everyone!


7 Responses to “Where’s the snow??”

  1. Aimee Says:

    My New Years plans are:
    1) Junk food
    2) Board games with the kids
    3) Watching the ball drop
    4) A kiss from my loves (Aaron, B and G, and even my dogs…cuz I love them too.)

    sounds perfect doesn’t it?

    RYC Yes, Amy is going to die if something doesn’t change. Sad, sad, sad.
    Also…you MUST see that movie! (Cardiogirl post today)

  2. chaosdaily Says:

    I’m sure I’ll be in bed when the year turns.. I have to work at 5 tomorrow morning. Going out on NYEve is for the rookie drinkers!

  3. Michele Says:

    I’d LOVE to have plans with my neighbors! As it is, my drinking buddy (KK) is going to DAB after work. Damn, him! 🙂

    Ben and I are thinking about just having a few drinks and maybe playing cards or watching the Lewis Black DVD that I bought him for Christmas.

    Can you bribe people to be your friend?? LOL

  4. art Says:

    well, i stole the snow, but looks like i dropped some along the way!!! heheheee!!!! i stole the loverly bridge pic too, for my desktop!!! as for new years, i’ll be at the rio tonight at midnite!!! im going to take a bath now!!!

  5. Shear Says:

    Woo hoo! We have huge plans for tonight. We’re going to watch the movie Hairspray and fall asleep in front of the TV!!! I have an alarm set for 11:45 p.m. so we can wake up and go to bed. : )

  6. clairec23 Says:

    hope you enjoyed your new year’s eve blue. That pic is amazing, I’ve been pining for a “good” camera, I can’t believe you took that pic with a normal one 🙂

  7. twisterjester Says:

    Happy New Year’s! My plans are 1) work; 2) work; and 3) work! Yay! :-p

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