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Freezing my tuckus off 4 January 2008

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We are having a heat wave today, people!!!

Right at this moment, my weather station is reading 29.3º. That is a full ten degrees warmer than it reached all day yesterday.

Yesterday was bone-chillingly cold. It really was. I already knew it was going to be cold; I have the cool ForecastFox tool enabled in Firefox, so I always have the forecast right there in front of me. I was surprised when the low for Wednesday night was 9º but thought nothing more of it.

When Kurt got up to go to work yesterday, it was 8º (that’s -13º to you Celcius people). It was so very cold that even though he let the car warm up before he left, the clutch was sluggish all the way to work. Hee hee. All the way. That makes it sound like he’s got so far to drive, when in reality it’s only about a mile and a half.

After Kurt got home from work, we went running errands. I already knew it was going to be cold, so I bundled up in my down jacket and put a scarf on to keep my neck warm. I hate it when the wind comes blowing down my neck. Brrrrr!!! I bundled Gracie up with her jacket and hat and mittens, and even Kurt put his hat on to keep his bald head warm.

But I still wasn’t prepared for how very cold it was! You have to understand, anything below 40º is frigidly cold in Seattle, which is where I have spent the last four winters of my life. 8º would be unheard of!! Also the wind was blowing really hard, which plunged the wind chill into the negatives. Brrrr!

Our house, while warm in general, has issues with insulation. I am so glad we have non-electric heat in the house (I’m not sure if it’s gas or oil) because I was always cold in Seattle with electric heat. It didn’t really seem to warm anything. I was always so cold, though as I mentioned, the temperatures weren’t really that low.

Last night as I started making dinner, I realized there was a chill wind blowing over my toes. I rarely wear shoes in the house, and lately I haven’t even been wearing socks. I’ve known for a while there was a draft coming in from under the dishwasher, but last night I squealed a bit when the frigid air hit my toes.  I had to spend a good ten minutes looking for my slippers before I could even start dinner.  I also ended up shutting the blinds in the kitchen window in an attempt to close off the draft coming from there as well.

Each time I had to let the dog out last night, the wind would whip around the back door and take my breath away with its chill.  I was surprised he wanted to go out so often; usually when it’s cold, he’s a wuss and stays inside as much as he can.  I think the cold really affects his poor old bones.  I guess he just really had to go last night.

All that frigidness, and not even a tiny bit of snow.

Our snow is all gone, has been since just before Christmas.  There are still the remnants of a few snowmen in our neighborhood; the boys around the corner packed their snowman so tightly that there is still a pillar about a foot tall in their front yard.  The only snow that is left out in town are the huge mounds of snow built up by the snowplows in parking lots.  Kurt’s been thrilled with the melt; everywhere we go, he aims for the puddles in the minivan.

He’s easily amused, what can I say?

The cold won’t last long.  Today’s supposed to get up to 36º, and by next week we should be in the 50s.  I’ll be back to wearing no jacket at all by that time!


7 Responses to “Freezing my tuckus off”

  1. Aimee Says:

    It is freezing here too. And our snow has turned from fluffy and snowman make-worthy to ice crunchy shiny snow. It’s so cold I won’t leave the house unless I have to. Brrrrr!

  2. twisterjester Says:

    If you bought the house (I can’t remember if you bought or are renting,) you really should pull out the dishwasher and fill in whatever hole is letting in that much cold air. Yes, there should be a little airflow – but definitely not that much. If there’s a noticeable breeze, it’s costing you bigtime on your heating bill!

    That is a very good point you make, LeiLani. We do indeed “rent,” though not like normal people. We’re in military housing, and we pay no bills other than phone, cable, and internet. Heat is included. I would love to have the maintenance people pull out the dishwasher and plug up the hole, but they’re very cheap and probably won’t do it. These homes are scheduled for demolition in the not-too-distant future. I hate wasting the heat, even if I’m not paying for it.

  3. Angela Says:

    Welcome to a New England winter, LOL!!! 🙂 When it hits 40 this weekend, that will be a heat wave.

    You need some of those socks with the toes in them! I have a hard time wearing them because my short pudgy toes never want to stay in the right holes, but when I DO manage to keep them on, my feet are so incredibly toasty warm. 🙂

  4. whatdayisit Says:

    It got warm enough that the 15 inches of snow finally started to melt….of course, now that it is late afternoon, that will be turning into ice…..
    Hope you found some socks to keep your tootsies warm.

  5. Aimee Says:

    RYC That recipe wasn’t at all what I made. I just used it as a base. The recipe called for onion, g beef, diced tomato, nutmeg and pepper. I made up all the meat part from making my own sauce before.

  6. sleepyjane Says:

    Hiya Blue! Thanks so much for your comment over at my place. I really appreciate knowing that I’m not alone. And that I have the suport of great friends!

    And as for the weather – then it’s raining then we die of heat. Seems like the weather can’t decide on one thing! 🙂

  7. clairec23 Says:

    It’s bitterly cold here too. I actually saw snow! Only a couple of flakes that didn’t stick but that’s typical Irish snow for you. Poof, there it is. No, wait, it’s gone 😦

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