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Why surgery?!? 9 January 2008

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For those of you unfortunate enough to have never visited a World Market, it is a store that sells stuff from all over the world. And by “stuff,” that’s exactly what I mean. They sell furniture. They sell handbags. They sell dishes. They sell bath soap. They sell towels. They sell rugs. They sell toys. They sell wine. They even sell food! British food, Indian food, Asian food, Italian food, German food. My favorite thing to buy there was this enormous jar of capers for $4. I swear the jar is like 12oz, where a 2oz jar of capers runs me $3 at the commissary.

I miss that store. It’s one of those places where you go just to wander around. And there are really some good deals too.

So now on to other matters.

My new and good blogging buddy Claire was asking me why I had such good taste in music. See, Claire’s Irish, as in actually living in Ireland. She was surprised that I had heard of all these Europeans bands and singers, until I explained that I usually listen to satellite radio, to the channel that broadcasts pop music from all over the world. My favorite song? “Ruby” by the Kaiser Chiefs, which coincidentally was also Claire’s daughter’s favorite song.

Claire got me thinking, though. Why don’t I like more American music? For one thing, most of the people who are out there and performing are doing so simply because they’re the most marketable. You’re not chosen for your songwriting skills or even your voice; you’re chosen simply because you give good video on MTV.

Listening to the radio nowadays makes me cringe. I don’t have perfect pitch or anything, but I can certainly hear the difference between a good singer and a not-so-good singer. There are very few good singers on the radio anymore. Most of them are okay, but take a listen sometime. How many singers are actually making the most of their voices and stretching their ranges, and how many are staying inside a very limited range of notes? If you’re not musically inclined and have no idea what I’m talking about, think about Mariah Carey. You know how she can sing like a normal human being, and then she hits those crystal-shattering notes way up at the edge of human hearing? Mariah Carey is an example of a singer who stretches their range and hits a variety of notes. Most singers on the radio now don’t even have a quarter of the range of Mariah Carey.

You don’t have to be able to sing to be a famous singer here in the States. You don’t even have to write your own songs. You just have to be pretty and smile a lot when you’re on tv.

Think about it. Think about some less-than-attractive singers from back in the day. Tom Petty. Would he become famous nowadays, what with as funny-looking as he is? I don’t think so, though I do think the rules are relaxed for men.

The pressure to be beautiful as a singer is immense. But the problem is, it percolates down to the common man (and woman). When’s the last time you heard someone not complain about how they look? “My nose is too big, my thighs are too fat, my belly is too flabby, my butt is too flat, my chin is too prominent…” It goes on and on and on.

So people turn to surgery. This is something I can’t understand. Why have a doctor cut you open and reshape you, to go through the pain and the scarring, just to fit into society’s ideals of “beauty”? There are always those who have just a little work done, to where it’s barely noticeable, and then there are those that go to the extreme. Think Michael Jackson. Think Joan Rivers. They barely even look human anymore.

My friend J back in Washington had a nose job when she was younger. However, her rhinoplasty was medically necessary. She had maybe 10% breathing capacity in her nose, and she was an athlete. How could she play at her best when she couldn’t even breathe? Of course, while she was under the knife, she had the doctors file down a bump and make her nose a bit smaller for cosmetic reasons. But her nose is still larger than the average woman’s, though it fits perfectly on her face. You’d never know she once had a nose job, and that’s the cosmetic surgery I could sort of see having done, especially when it’s covered by insurance.

Then I open my Sunday edition of The Providence Journal. Front and center on the first page of the Lifebeat section was an enormous headline reading, “Who needs a ‘mommy job’?” Me, being the nerd I am, though, “A job for moms? That sounds cool.”

No, folks, a “mommy job” is plastic surgery. Typically it includes a breast lift (with or without implants), a tummy tuck, and some liposuction to get rid of excess fat. It all is designed to get rid of the “ravages” that pregnancy and childbirth visit on the female form.

Are you kidding me?? Are you effing kidding me???

I’ve had one child (obviously), and I tell you what, her pregnancy tore me up. I have stretch marks all over my stomach, and they got very huge and wide down in my pelvis, since she was head-down and engaged for the last six to eight weeks of pregnancy. Then you have my aunt, who’s had three pregnancies. She came away with three stretch marks, one per pregnancy. That’s it! That’s all she has. Sure, I’m envious that she escaped without a bunch of ugly scars all over her stomach, but I’m just genetically predisposed to stretch marks. There isn’t much I can do about it.

There is no way I would go under the knife to erase the marks of pregnancy just so I can look better in a bikini. I earned those scars and stretch marks. Each time I see them, I remember how fun it was to be pregnant and to see my belly growing, day by day.

Surgeons market these procedures to women by promising them that they can “get their body back!” Instead of embracing the changes our bodies have gone through to produce another little life, we should have surgery so we can look 18 again.

What’s going to happen when these women begin to age? Are they going to save their pennies so they can roll back the hands of time and look like their daughters’ age?

You know, if I had an extra $10,000 sitting around, I certainly wouldn’t spend it on making myself look thinner or tighter or to have my boobs perkier. Rather narcissistic, don’t you think? I think there are far worthier causes deserving of my money.

And if society is going to judge me because I’m not a size 2 and my breasts sag down to my stomach and my thighs are covered with cellulite (all of which are true, in case you were wondering), I don’t care. I’d rather worry about the state of the world and how the hell we’re going to get our troops out of Iraq and why Iran is being so antagonistic and how we’re going to save the earth for our grandkids. I won’t have this body for much more than maybe 60 more years anyhow.


12 Responses to “Why surgery?!?”

  1. Chelle Says:

    I know a mom whose has two kids, both adopted, and she has had the “mommy job.” It’s sad to think of what bad role models some parents are and I fear for our society’s increasing narcissism. Just don’t forget, there are moms out there (like you) who are providing their children with an excellent role model, so maybe it all balances out.

  2. chaosdaily Says:

    oh 10K wouldnt even begin to cover it! by the time i was done with my ankle, it was at least $25K. and people need to remember, it s whats inside a body and head that counts, not how it looks….

  3. purple chai Says:

    I think this whole concept of “hot” moms is repulsive. Why people aren’t satisfied to have their kids and live their lives is beyond me. As for me, every gray hair I have — and I love every one — is another reminder that I have lived my life and survived a lot of tough stuff.

  4. MilitaryMom Says:

    I’m not gonna lie. I dye my hair to get rid of grays. And if I had the chance to get a free (and only if it was free) tummy tuck, I probably would. But I agree that things have gotten out of hand, and I would never spend my life savings on a “Mommy Job”. The stretch marks don’t really bother me, nor do the “larger than they should be” thighs. But I had 3 c-sections, and the little “roll” of skin that results is rather annoying. No amount of sit-ups can cure that! Believe me, I’ve tried! I do think that society has created mosters in the way of plastic surgeons, and the media. I pity the women who are never satisfied with themselves. Thay must be really sad.

  5. acaldwell Says:

    if thats what a “mommy job” is, can you imagine what a
    “daddy job” would be????? yeeeeee!!! i dont listen to so called
    “modern music” i listen to the good stuff of days gone by!! you know!!

  6. sleepyjane Says:

    Some people really look worse coming out that going in. Nothing worse than an obvious plastic surgery proceedure. Especially in the face. On the other hand to each his own, some people really can’t handle looking like they do and if they want to get surgery done so be it. I just think that it won’t really fix the problem you know? It’s something inside that needs looking at.

    The pressure to look a certain way certainly does affect me, I have to be honest. I get depressed sometimes because I’m tall and I’d rather be short and petite. Expecially in winter time when I’m out jeans shopping. My legs are so long that I find it hard to find pants that are long enough.
    But then other times I’m completely happy with the way I am. I like being the only one of me. 🙂

    As for singers, I don’t listen to pop at all. I love alternative and rock music. Old school and newbies.

    This was a great post. 🙂

  7. twisterjester Says:

    I’d have some surgery done, but the only thing I’d have done for looks (and not only for looks, for the record) is having a mole or three removed. I would love to have breast reduction surgery for medical reasons, ditto the tummy tuck. But it ain’t happening to me because it’s not covered by insurance. 😦

  8. clairec23 Says:

    Oooh, check out Melissa’s blog, there is a picture of a reeeeeeaaaally old woman with a boob job, it will turn anyone off a boob job, seriously!

    Great post 🙂 I agree on the singers. I hate that there are probably millions of really good singers that will never get a chance because voices can be made to sound better than they really are (as long as the person is good looking).

    As for the mommy job? There are risks involved. I’m not going to risk my healthy or my life over a flat stomach and perky boobs. Sure if I had another baby I’d need another mommy job 🙂 I got a couple of stretchmarks first time around. Next time…my skin was starting to bleed it was so stretched. I gave birth just in time because if it had gone on for much longer she would have popped out of my belly. I am really badly scared now on my stomach and above my belly button in particular but feck it, my babies did it, it’s not the end of the world, it’s just what happens. It looks horrible but my babies did it…I can’t hate something I had to go through to bring my babies into the world…

  9. michele Says:

    great entry. i agree with you 98%… there is only one surgery that I would even entertain having done and that is the breast lift. i’d have the one where they use your own body to make the breasts a little higher up. I don’t have enormous boobs (unlike SOMEBODY I know 🙂 ) so what I *do* have is quite saggy. For example, when I get out of the shower and wrap a towel around me, you might think I was completely flat chested because my boobs sag so much that they fall below the upper part of my chest!

    now, having said THAT.. i probably also wouldn’t waste $10k on surgery when i have much better things to spend my money on!!!

    Love you!

  10. Elle Says:

    First of all, love me some World Market!! The closest one is about 30 minutes from my house, and I make any excuse to get there on a regular basis. They send me emails now.

    Most importantly, you are SO right about the sad state of our eye-candy addicted society. I can’t imagine being Joan Rivers at eighty, having had stuff so nipped and tucked that I can’t recognize myself in the mirror. So growing old gracefully also requires a bit of bowing toward gravity, so be it.

    Making mental note to check out the Kaiser Chiefs — any band you and Claire recommend has gotta be a good listen.

  11. Aimee Says:

    I always joked and said I wanted implants and this and that….until I had two c-sections. I nearly died on the table with baby G. Not because the surgery went bad but because the morphine caused my arteries to restrict and my heart nearly stopped. Not so funny anymore. The only time my body gets cut open is to pull a baby out or to save my life. I’m not dying for a nice rack!

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