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Grump grump grump 15 January 2008

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I am grumpy.  I don’t really have a good reason to be grumpy.  I’m just grumpy.  Go figure.

Let’s just take a page from My 5 Cents and look at small things that I am grateful for, or that please me in some way.  Here goes:

1) My new kitchen faucet.  When we moved into this house, I was disappointed to see that the kitchen sink had those super-shallow basins.  I don’t even know how people do any kind of washing-up in those kinds of sinks.  I’d much rather have a nice deep basin to fill with water and suds to clean my dishes.  But that’s just me.  What makes our shallow basins even worse was the faucet.  It was the cheapest one you could buy at Home Depot, and barely reached into the basin.  It also was only a few inches above the bottom of the basin, making it difficult to wash anything large.  However, the last time we were at Home Depot, I found the perfect faucet.  It’s this lovely, curvy faucet that has a lot of clearance underneath it, and it add so much to the sink.  It brings me a lot of happiness, even if I just glance at it across the kitchen, because it makes my life so much easier.  Plus it’s pretty!

2) My new craft lamp.   We decided to go to BJ’s (which is a warehouse club, like Sam’s Club or Costco) last night to get Kurt more pretzels, and I ran across this sunlight desk lamp.  I’ve been looking at sunlight lamps for quite some time, so I could better distinguish the colors of my floss more easily when I’m stitching.  Incandescents give too yellow a light, so sometimes it’s really hard to see the difference between really similar colors.  I did a cross stitch featuring an eagle and the American flag, and I couldn’t tell the difference between two particular reds in the stripes of the flag.  I finally gave up and just used the brighter red, which, amusingly enough, has the color code of 666.  That probably would be something else that I enjoy, that DMC, the floss manufacturer, has enough of a sense of humor to give their brightest red the code of 666.  It probably pisses off all kinds of conservative Christians.  I wonder if the same people who won’t let their kids watch Harry Potter will also forbid their families to use DMC #666?

Don’t you just love my asides?

Anyhow, so last night I found this sunlight lamp for just $16.  That’s awesome, seeing as most of the time, even a desk lamp will run you more than $50.  I couldn’t pass up such a good deal, so I snapped it up.  I was stitching last night, and boy, does having the proper light make all the difference in the world!  I had been straining my eyes with just the living room lamp next to me; this sunlight lamp makes things so much easier.

3) My new internet friends.  See, a few months ago, I got an email from a fellow blogger, CatieCake, asking me to join this discussion group on Flickr.  I was a little surprised, though she’d been my Flickr contact for quite some time at this point.  I always loved seeing her comments pop up on my photos, since she always said such nice things about my scenic shots.  She also loves paths as much as I do.  I decided to go ahead and join this group that she had formed, though I had no idea what to expect.

And now I have this group of friends that are really great.  The amount of sharing we do is amazing, and everyone is so open and honest.  We don’t always agree on things, but we’re not judgmental.  And it’s so nice to be able to vent and whine about the stupidest stuff without fear of being thought petty or stupid.  And to not be judged!  Heavenly!

It’s also cool because there is such a cross-section of people in this group.  There’s a couple of us stay-at-home moms, then there are working moms who are just paying the bills, and then there are career women.  There are women who have kids, and women who don’t want kids.  Some are married, some aren’t.  Some have strong religious beliefs, some don’t care one way or the other.  There are even a few men in there, giving us the men’s perspective.

I was so nervous at first, thinking I would be excluded because I didn’t know anyone but Catie, but everyone welcomed me and made me feel at home.  And I realized I had no good reason to be nervous!

And I am so thankful to have found such a non-judgmental group.

So I guess I really have nothing to be grumpy about!!  I guess that’s the whole point of listing out your blessings.  I really am a fortunate woman.


9 Responses to “Grump grump grump”

  1. sleepyjane Says:

    I just have to comment on that Harry Potter thing. When people say that to you, don’t you just wonder what planet they’re from!? I mean, it’s HARRY POTTER for crying out loud. What’s evil about that, come ON!

    Sorry you’ve been grumpy. We all get those days so I know how it is! Hopefully you’ll feel better soon.

  2. chaosdaily Says:

    we had a customer who complained about our “devilled egg potato salad” and claimed that we were promoting evil in the world… we all got a good laugh over that one!

  3. Catie Says:

    Yay for 10 Cakes! I am pretty sure we all count it as a blessing in our lives.

  4. art Says:

    i have a sunlight floor lamp, its used to battle depression! and it works, too!!

  5. Poolie Says:

    Your asides are wonderful! They always make me smile.

  6. clairec23 Says:

    I’d love someone to come along now and preach to us all about the evils of HP 😉

    Good idea blue, talk about things that make you a little bit happy when you’re feeling a little bit down. Hope you are feeling a lot better by now.

  7. Elle Says:

    Hope the grumps have gone away!

  8. Chelle Says:

    I’m sorry you have been grumpy! I get like that at times, and it takes me several days to find my way out of the grump funk. Just keep telling yourself…Feb.9th, Feb.9th, Feb.9th!

  9. whatdayisit Says:

    Thank you for the link…..I loved this blog. Yes, I agree, listing or even just thinking about things to be happy about does seem to lift the mood. I am in a blue mood today so I guess I should go blog about it and hopefully feel better.

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