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The cure for the winter blues 17 January 2008

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The cure for the winter blues

Is there really anything better than fun, obnoxiously-colored socks? I didn’t think so.

I give my sister fits because my socks never ever ever match my shirt. In fact, I am wearing my bright pink Dr Pepper t-shirt I bought at Wal-Mart a couple years ago with these loud Southwestern print socks. There isn’t even any pink at all in these socks, yet I’m wearing them.

What is the point of matching your socks to your shirt? I am not employed outside my home, so it’s not a matter of looking professional. My uniform generally includes a t-shirt with sleeves of varying lengths, a pair of blue jeans, and fun socks. No one ever sees my socks anyway. When I go out, I’m wearing shoes, so my socks are entirely covered. Kurt couldn’t care less whether my socks match my shirt, and I’ve even gotten Grace to go along with me on the obnoxious socks thing. Today she’s wearing a blue-and-white striped dress with purple socks featuring multi-colored polka dots.

You’ve got to have fun in your life. For me, the easiest and cheapest way to do that is to invest in many pairs of crazy socks. I’ve got socks of all colors — from rainbow-striped socks (my favorite) to argyle-printed socks to brown socks with pink stripes. I’ve got holiday-themed socks — red ones with white hearts that have a frog on the cuff for Valentine’s Day, black ones with metallic Christmas lights stitched all over them, orange ones with black spiders for Halloween, even harvest-themed socks for Thanksgiving.

In fact, I am so crazy when it comes to socks that I even invested in a pair of Little MissMatched socks that I bought at an independent bookstore in Falmouth, Massachusetts, this weekend (These are the socks I chose). I haven’t worn them yet only because I can’t make up my mind which two socks I should wear. I love the idea of mismatched socks, though. I want more! (My birthday is coming up…. HINT HINT!)

I just wish people took themselves less seriously. Life is too short, really, to be worried about the little stuff. Go out there, find something silly to do. Don’t worry if you look stupid — do it because it’s fun! Go run through the sprinkler in the summertime, even if there are no kids running through it with you. Whirl around when you’re wearing a skirt to make it stand out like you used to do when you were a little girl. Skip when you’re walking somewhere. Have a footrace with your partner or whomever you’re with at the moment. Have dessert before dinner, or even better — make dessert the entire meal! Giggle and laugh at the sheer joy of being alive.

In short, find your inner child, and let him/her out. Life’s too short to act grown-up all the time.


15 Responses to “The cure for the winter blues”

  1. chaosdaily Says:

    eat ice cream for breakfast! yay!! it has eggs!! and i love loud socks, even if people cant see them, its fun to know i have them on!!!

  2. Margie Says:

    Hey, I love them. My daughter fussed at me one time because my socks didn’t match my shirt. I told her I had a hard enough time getting them to match each other than to worry about whether they matched my shirt or not. :):) By the way, I had on a pink shirt, jeans, gray socks and tennis shoes. Close, don’t cha think?

  3. purple chai Says:

    My daughter K went through a stage — I’ll say grades four through seven or so — where she NEVER wore matched socks. Just grabbed two in the morning, put ’em on, didn’t give it another thought.

  4. Chelle Says:

    Yay for fun socks!!

  5. Aimee Says:

    My Grandma loved funny socks too. I think that is a fabulous quality in a person. Socks can be boring and normal or they can be a way to smile. I like that you chose the happy ones!

  6. whatdayisit Says:

    I love socks and I love the mismatched socks but I do like to try to match at least one color to the shirt I am wearing….just like my earrings…


    Loved your Southwestern themed socks too.

  7. sleepyjane Says:

    You mean – I can have chocolate instead of dinner? Sounds good to me!

    I really needed this post Blue. Thanks for reminding me I’m 21 not 81!

    I love those mismatched socks! They are SO cool. You’ll have to send me your addy and I’ll see what kind of socks I can come up with for you! How about the big five? Send me that addy! 🙂

  8. art Says:

    im so bland! all i got is plain white mismatched socks!! but, my underware never matches!!! haw haw haw!!!

  9. michele Says:

    how the hell do you get 8 comments just FOUR hours after posting? sheesh!

    you know, it sounds crazy, but seriously .. i really have a hard time not matching my socks & undies or my undies & bra. hence the reason i own nude and black colored underthings. i also have a few white undies, too.

    but i do other things in my life to be silly so i get what you’re saying.

  10. Angela Says:

    OK, you must have been reading my mind today, because I went to Kohl’s on my lunch break and was giggling with joy over the clearanced-out Christmas socks — I got bright red socks with penguins on them for $1. SCORE!

    I love those mismatched socks, what a great idea!

  11. yankeechick Says:

    I LOVE fun socks!!! I have some Laurel Burch socks in the same colors as what you have on here, only they are crazy cats, of course. I just might have to order me some of those mismatched striped socks. I think they would be pretty awesome Javelina Hunting!!

  12. twisterjester Says:

    I am looking for some truly cute socks. I used to own a pair of black trouser socks with roses up the sides. I’m looking for penguin socks or candycane-stripe socks or something else that’s just enough off-center to be a whole lot of fun!

  13. Carolyn Says:

    From the time she was old enough to dress herself, my daughter (she’s a sophomore) has never worn matching socks. It’s her thing.
    There’s a little store near Glacier Park that sells hand knitted pairs of socks. The pattern is the same but each sock is knitted in different colored yarns. I buy a pair every year. I love them and try to wear them with shoes that will show them off.

  14. Cardiogirl Says:

    Now those are some fun socks, chick. I am a white Hanes sock kinda gal myself, but those are fun. Also, when is your b-day. Are you January or Feb? I’m coming up the day behind Elle.

    Forty and I actually feel like one of those people who go swimming in the ocean in the middle of winter. The polar bears or something? I just want to jump headlong into 40 and get it over with.

    Love those socks!

  15. michele Says:

    oh.. i didn’t consider the Caribbean because we went there for Ben’s job. He had to work while we were there.

    Ok, ok… I’ll add Seattle. Sheesh! I didn’t mean to leave you out! I though the question was referring to vacation that you go on with your family or spouse!

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