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Moving on 24 January 2008

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So. The computer seems to be rather fine. I put it into standby last night, and it woke back up this morning just fine. Oh, did I mention I shut off Automatic Updates from Windows? That way, there is less likelihood of this happening again, since it was a Windows update that did the computer in initially. I will still go over to their website when there is a major update that needs to be done, or if I have issues, but I’m no longer going to automatically download and install new updates. It’s just not worth it.

My stress level is now probably at 15%. Just a teensy twinge every so often; most of the time I was pretty much fine. And it was so nice to sleep last night without any worry.

I did have quite a shock when I stepped out of the shower this morning. I listen to the radio while I’m in the shower, and I always shower before I get Gracie up so I don’t have to worry about watching her too. So when I stepped out of the tub and heard someone in the house, I got really nervous. I stuck my head into the bedroom and gave a tiny shriek when I saw a man standing there — but it was just Kurt. He looked so dashing in his uniform. I never get tired of seeing him in it, even if it is just his khakis.

Come to find out, he’d forgotten to make my coffee this morning. How sweet is that? But that wasn’t the only reason; he had left his jump drive here at the house and needed it to get his work done. It’s a good thing we live so close to the base or else he’d be sitting with his thumb up his butt all day long.

Today was the Day to Accomplish Very Little. I threw in a couple of loads of laundry since the dog enjoys peeing on our bath mat about every other night, and because Grace decided she needed to poop in her Pull-Up, which apparently isn’t really meant to handle poop. Fun stuff.

That’s the worst part about being a mother, at least thus far, for me. Cleaning up bodily fluids. Sometimes I feel that all I do is clean up poop, pee, and vomit from either my toddler or my animals. I might as well study to be a nurse and get paid to clean up that kind of stuff!

I did manage, however, to make a fairly good dinner tonight. Pasta Carbonara. I don’t know how many of y’all have a real recipe for Pasta Carbonara, but I found this one in one of those “dinner in minutes” cookbooks.

Fry up ¾ pound of bacon. While that’s going, heat a pot of water to boiling. When the bacon is cooked, drain onto some paper towels and crumble into smallish pieces. Boil one pound of spaghetti until it reaches an al dente texture. Drain. Return spaghetti to hot pot. Add two well-beaten eggs, ¼ cup grated Parmesan cheese, and ¼ cup of sour cream. Toss well — the heat of the pasta will cook the eggs, and voila! Dinner. Also, season with salt and pepper.

It tastes good; we all enjoyed it. I liked how it wasn’t a saucy pasta dish. When I eat long pasta, I almost always end up flipping sauce onto my shirt because I’m not very good at Controlling the Pasta. Maybe that’s a class I forgot to take in finishing school.

Shucks, darn.

Can you believe that my parents felt it wasn’t necessary for me to take typing in middle school (speaking of classes I didn’t take)?? They felt I would be better served by taking harder classes, which I wouldn’t argue with, but it would be nice to type “properly.” That whole “home row” thing? I have no clue. I type with my thumbs on the space bar, and it depends on the words I am typing as to whether I hit the space bar with my left thumb or my right forefinger. I actually never hit the space bar with my right thumb. I know I type the “b” with my left forefinger, which makes no sense, except that I’m used to doing cross-over fingerings from my days of piano lessons. I also hit the backspace with my right middle finger, and when I hit Alt-Tab to switch between windows, I use my thumb on the Alt and my left middle finger on the Tab. That’s another legacy of my musical days, having to stretch my fingers to get the proper notes on my cello. I mainly use my first two fingers on my right hand, with the pinky working the Shift key, while I use my pointer, middle, and ring fingers on my left hand as well as the thumb. How I can type 100+ words a minute, I have no clue. Imagine how quickly I could type if I had actually taken typing!
Wow, that was quite the aside, wasn’t it?

And now for the highlight of this post! Today I decided to get Grace a’chattin’ to me on video. Here’s her telling me all about what we had for lunch today. Enjoy!!


12 Responses to “Moving on”

  1. Shear Says:

    Gracie is precious! Loved the video. I snagged the recipe (because it sounds easy) and I’m going to try it this weekend, I hope!

  2. Miss Hiss Says:

    Your little girl is just too adorable — so engaging and charming and pretty and funny. I can see why you love spending so much time with her. Love, R xxx

  3. Blue Opal Says:

    Gracie is such a doll (as if you didn’t already know that ;)) And if I had it all to do over again I would probably take MORE typing, not less!

  4. Chelle Says:

    She is just too cute!! Thanks for sharing such a great video!

  5. michele Says:

    one day you should should have Kurt video tape the way that you type and post it so people can just see how unusual it really is!!

    how do i go about finding out how many words a min I can type? i’m thinking that if you say you can type 100+ a min that mine outta be somewhere in that range as well or at least close to it since i type almost as fast as you do.

    it’s ironic… i decided to take typing my senior year in h.s. just as an elective— turns out to be one of the best decisions i ever made during school!

    love you!

  6. art Says:

    see? i knew that video would be popular!!! wheeeeee!!! good stuff here!!!

  7. Elle Says:

    Love love the Grace video. The finale was perfect. Yayyyyy.
    I did not take typing either — it was a senior elective, typing or art. Duh. So I look at the keyboard mostly. No wonder my neck aches.

  8. sleepyjane Says:

    She. Is. So. Adorable! I loved the video! And you have the coolest accent. I’m not used to hearing that everyday and I sound so different to that! 🙂

  9. yankeechick Says:

    There goes Nic with the accent thing again!! LMAO! The video is awesome. She is so, so cute. And it is cool to hear your voice. You “sound’ just like I would have imagined. I’m with you in the typing thing….but I am the fastest ‘hunter and pecker’ I know! Heh.

  10. Aimee Says:

    I was not allowed to take typing because my Mom was a feminist and she believed if I learned to type that’s all I’d be allowed to do.
    Also, Grace is adorable! Reminds me of my babies when they were little…makes me want another one.
    “I had two crackers. Yeeeeaaaaahhhh!”
    So cute.

  11. Poolie Says:

    She is adorable! OMG! More videos please!

  12. Angela Says:

    Your lunch sounds like it was WAY better than mine, because you got to spend time with the cutest little girl ever!! If everyone could go through life with a Gracie play-by-play of their day, the world would be a much happier place because her sweetness ALWAYS makes you want to smile. 🙂

    I love, “You had soup too!”… the accompanying facial expression reminds me of, “Mommy don’t say that!!”

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