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Knocked up 5 February 2008

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Yes, folks, you read that right — I am in the family way.

I love all the euphemisms surrounding pregnancy.  My favorite is “enceinte,”  which French for “with child.”  I guess anything sounds better in French!!

Then you have all the secrecy surrounding being pregnant throughout history.  A woman used to have to withdraw from society, not to be seen except by close friends and families.  Big bellies were something to be hidden, not celebrated.  Even when women of my mother’s generation were pregnant, the bellies were hidden as much as possible by garments as huge as possible.

Imagine the horror a Victorian gentleman would experience if he were dropped down in the 21st century, when pregnant women wear form-fitting clothes to showcase their bellies, instead of hiding them away and retiring behind closed doors.  Now that, my friends, cracks me up.


So yes, I am pregger.  To answer all possible questions: No, I am not morning-sick.  Yes, I am tired.  No, I don’t have a due date as yet (I went for my blood test yesterday, but won’t see the doctor until at least the end of the month).  No, we won’t find out the gender of the baby till it’s born.

I have already started breaking out with massive pimples, which happened with my last pregnancy too.  The nurse-midwives ended up putting me on antibiotics when I was pregnant with Grace because I just couldn’t handle them anymore.  I have one right now on my neck which is enormous and painful.  I’ve already had a couple on my chin, and I know from past experience that they won’t heal for weeks.  *sigh*  I know it’s a minor thing, but dang, it’s an aggravation.

It could be worse.

And on to other good news:

My daughter seems to be fully potty-trained!!  OK, not fully.  I don’t even want to think about trying to potty-train her at night.  But during the day, we are golden!!!

You know she was already going to the bathroom on her own.  She has been really good about it, and she hasn’t had an accident since we started bribing her with candy.  We’ve even stopped with the candy already, and she’s still all going to the potty.  She still gets five Smarties for pooping in the potty; I figure she deserves it for not making me clean up a poopy diaper anymore.  But we had tried putting her in some Pull-Ups (disposable training pants, for my overseas friends) when we left the house, and she knew they were nothing but glorified diapers, which gave her no incentive to use the bathroom.   We’d go to try going potty in the store, and she would already have peed in her Pull-Up.

On Saturday, we bit the bullet and dressed her in big-girl undies and jeans.  No Pull-Up.  And we crossed our fingers.  It took us probably a good two hours to get to Boston (long story), and then she still didn’t need to go.  Finally in the zoo she asked Daddy to take her, and she went!  All day long, she stayed totally dry.  Ever since then, she’s been wearing big-girl undies.  Every morning when I go in her room, she immediately takes off her diaper and finds a clean pair of undies to put on.  From that moment, she stays dry.

I love it!!

And now I’m staring at more diapers in just a few months.  *sigh*  That was brilliant on my part, wasn’t it?  At least I won’t have two kids in diapers at once!!  My grandma had three, once.  My mom was 2 when her brother was born, and when the baby was 10 months old, Grandma gave birth again to another son.  So Grandma had three kids under the age of 3, and my mom was insistent that she did not want to be potty-trained yet.  This was the 50s, so I don’t think they had disposables back then.  I sure hope Grandma had a diaper service!!


32 Responses to “Knocked up”

  1. freshhell Says:

    Congrats! Also on the potty training. That was a tough road for me to hoe. Whew! Glad I’m done with it.

  2. clairec23 Says:

    Congrats hon, lots of proud aunties to be around here now 😉

    I loved showing off my belly (not literally) when I was pregnant! I wonder what you’ll have, I wonder what Grace’s reaction will be! I think I’m more excited than you about it 😀

    Congrats on the potty-training – perfect timing. My two were in nappies at the same time because at first he wasn’t ready then I was too pregnant to bend over and pick up a poe lol Isn’t she clever though, knowing the difference between the pull up pants and actual pants.

  3. oleandlena Says:

    How WONDERFUL!! I’m so excited to follow you on your pregnancy. I was so fortunate when I was pregnant (back in the dark ages now) – I never got morning sickness, had tons of energy and felt better and slept better than when I wasn’t!! I think a new baby for you and your family is terrific!!

  4. Miss Hiss Says:

    Oh, how exciting — congratulations to you both (all)! You prove already — every single day — what an incredible mama you are with Grace, and your new babe will be so very blessed to have you and Kurt as his or her parents. Love, R xxx

  5. kitchenlogic Says:

    Ohhh! Congratulations!!!!

  6. prohibited Says:


    Just found you through Sleepyjane’s blog. Thought I’d pop in and leave a comment. 🙂

  7. oldewoman Says:

    Mazel tov, wonderful news! Can’t wait to follow along until the little one arrives (and after, of course.)

  8. That is phenomenal news! And to have your first potty-trained is amazing! I had an overlap of a few months, but it has been such a relief to only have one in diapers.

    As for the celebrating of bellies, I totally agree with you. There has been such a cultural shift in that regard–I love that we can appreciate our beautiful bellies. I totally let it all hang out with my second pregnancy. Maybe others did not appreciate it, but i was way more comfortable at the beach. LOL

  9. Caroline Says:

    YAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAY! Do you still want my cute kissaluv newborn fitted diapers? Seeing as I’m not having anymore?!?!?!

  10. art Says:

    wonderful and spectacular!!!! yay!!!

  11. MilitaryMom Says:

    OMG, OMG, OMG!!! I am so happy for you! I feel like my best friend just told me her secret! I hope you have the most perfect pregnancy imaginable, and that you will have nothing but happiness the entire time. And I can’t wait to hear every milestone and truimph! Dang, I’m positively giddy!

  12. Angela Says:


    Congratulations gorgeous woman, Mom sends along her best wishes too…we are so happy for you and Kurt and soon-to-be big sister Gracie!

  13. […] highlight of my evening has been reading Blue’s good news.  Congrats again […]

  14. Shear Says:

    WOOHOO! I’m so happy for you!!! I can’t wait !!! Grace gets to be a big sis! YAY!!!! This is so exciting!!!!

  15. yankeechick Says:

    OMG!!! How awesome is that?!?!?! You are such an awesome Mother! How perfect for you to have another!! And sweet little Grace will be the best big sister!! Fun, fun, fun!!!! And we get to share it all with you! Oh, Blue!! I’m SO happy for you guys!! (but please….don’t tell Terri………….wouldn’t want her getting jealous and getting any ideas!) LMAO!!

  16. Blue Opal Says:

    Dang, it posted too soon, LOL. I had more to say, though I think I’ll just settle for another humongous CONGRATULATIONS! I know you’ve been talking for a while about another little one. I hope you have an easy time of the pregnancy and your little one is born healthy and happy 🙂

  17. sleepyjane Says:

    OMG! Congrats Blue!

    *does excited jig*

    I am SO happy for you! *hugs*

  18. Terri Says:

    Whoo the hooo!!! Congrats!!! Oh, that is so wonderful…. Can I be pregnant through you? If I have another baby, I think my mom might just flip her lid. 😉

    Uh, Grace is potty-trained? DUDE! Good job! I stink at potty training. In fact, I leave them in diapers until they can change it themselves so I don’t have to deal with the accidents. 😉 Just kidding! Barely! LOL Xander likes to sit on the potty and read a book, but nothings happening yet.

  19. sleepyjane Says:

    I had to come back and comment on Grace’s progress with potty training. Congrats to her too!

    YAY for big girl undies! 🙂

  20. michele Says:

    and THANK YOU for using the word undies!!!!

    i could just give you a big fat kiss on the cheek! (and no, i won’t suck on it either! *wink*)

  21. Elle Says:

    Double YAY for your news and Grace’s!

  22. Aimee Says:

    Yippee!!!! I get to live your pregnancy through you. Secretly I’d love to have another baby, but at this point it’s not rational. So I love when someone I know is pregnant. I get to share your excitement with you.
    Also, I started getting those big huge take weeks to heal things during PMS. I get 1 it finally heals and another pops up somewhere else. And those suckers really do hurt!!!! I call them undergrounders.

  23. cardiogirl Says:


    How exciting Blue!! Aaaghhhhh! YAY! Wow. I’m so excited Blue, how very fun! I can’t wait to read all about this as time progresses. Oh! I wonder if you will give birth in September or October, before Guilty’s wedding? Probably, the wedding is nine months away and you’re already with child.

    Yes, that’s right, math is a very strong suit for me.



  24. cardiogirl Says:

    Blue you have to check out this site, they have necklaces that say “Knocked Up” and “Baby in May,” etc.

    Here’s the link:

  25. Margie Says:

    Congratulations!!! I don’t remember you indicating anywhere in your blogs that you guys were trying to have a baby so this is really NEWS!! You may have tried this before, but Mary Kay makes a product that is really good for blemishes. When my son was a teenager, he had some on his back. I applied the lotion one night, the next day they were better and in the next day they were gone. He still uses it occassionally. If you can find someone who sells it, get them to get you a sample or two of it before you buy it. I think it only costs about $14 a bottle. Anyway, congratulations again. Thinking about names yet?

  26. Kym Ohmacht Says:

    Congratulation, Kurt & Karyl (and Gracie too). I’m sure Grace will be a wonderful big sister.

    No babies here for me yet but I’m getting all sorts of baby coupons and catalogs in the mail. Sign from above? I don’t know.

    I am going to be Aunt Kymmy again and I like being the aunt. Although I haven’t met my nieces yet and hopefully someday I will. I hope to meet my nephew when he’s born too. Maybe my sister will be brave and take Tommy for a trip to see Aunt Kymmy & Uncle Jack. We’ll see.

    Anyway, Congratulations again and enjoy being pregnant again.


  27. Cosmic Says:

    Congratulations!! How wonderful for you and your family.

  28. Fi Says:

    *does a happy dance*

    up the duff eh!!

    I am so pleased and excited for you.


    *happy happy dance*

  29. Elle Says:

    One more from me — I always loved “enceinte,’ too — although it sounded more to me like “on fire” than “with child.” Maybe both??

  30. karmacat Says:

    Awwwwww. Congratulations! And how nice that you’re getting a “diaper break.” Well timed.

  31. Chelle Says:

    Karyl, yay!!

    I am so happy for you and Kurt and Grace. Can’t wait to see those big belly pics!!



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