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Another day, another dollar 7 February 2008

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WOW!! You people have really surprised me! I had 31 comments on my post about my pregnancy; I didn’t even realize I had that many readers!! Thanks, everyone. You all, each and every one of you, really made my day with your excitement. Your comments were so uplifting with how thrilled you all were for me. I just feel so…. I guess “blessed” is the best word. Y’all are wonderful.

There was a wee bit of an issue with this pregnancy that caused a bit of a hiccup. See, there is only one female obstetrician on all of the island. And while I don’t really mind men looking at my nether regions, when I’m pregnant or have some kind of an issue with my reproductive system, I much prefer a female because they have the same parts. A woman isn’t going to laugh at me when I tell her I have a pain in my ovary, where a man might not take me seriously.

Why do men prefer females when they have to discuss their reproductive organs? I never got that. I asked Kurt yesterday, and he says it’s because he doesn’t want another male touching his bits. But a male doctor has the same bits!

I will never understand men. They make no sense.

Anyhow. Back to the obstetrician thing.

Kurt called the OB to make an appointment for me, since it’s his schedule we have to worry about. The OB wants to see me when I’m ten weeks along, which wouldn’t be till the end of the month. They decided 26 February would be a good day for me. Then Kurt’s work came back and told him he has to go to Orlando the week of the 25th on a business trip. Joyousness.

Then the OB told us that they’re going on vacation the first week in March, so if I couldn’t be seen the last week in February, I would have to wait till mid-March to be seen. Sure, this is my second child, but I would rather not put it off that long.

ACK! What to do?

It looked like if I wanted a female doctor as my OB, I was going to have to wait till mid-March to be seen, which I didn’t want. Or I could go by myself to my appointment, which in itself isn’t too bad, except Kurt was gone for a good chunk of my last pregnancy and he doesn’t want to miss one appointment this time. Or I could get a new OB that could fit me in more easily, except it would have to be a male if I wanted to stay close to home.

I was getting really frustrated. All I wanted was a female OB, an appointment at 10 weeks, and my husband there. Is that too much to ask??

Fortunately Kurt called the OB back today, and they told him that they had one last appointment on 22 February. Could I be there at 9am? I sure can!!

Now everything is worked out satisfactorily, and I am happy. It doesn’t take much, just so you know.

The weather is sort of bummin’ me out, man. We figured that moving to Rhode Island would guarantee us a nice New England winter. We’d get cold temperatures and even some snow! That ain’t happenin’. We had snow on the ground all during the month of December, which was nice, and we even got some extremely frigid temperatures. You’d walk outside and the cold would just take your breath away. Of course, it wasn’t even close to the frigid cold that poor Irisheyes has to deal with up there in Alaska. But still, 8º is nothing to sneeze at.

Lately it’s been Seattle weather all over again. Yesterday was in the mid-40s with rain. Today it’s 38º with rain. The whole weekend looks to have highs in the 40s with rain.

So much for a New England winter. My mom even gave me a sled at Thanksgiving they’d bought for my baby brother when we lived in Nebraska, and we haven’t even had a chance to use it.

Apparently thirty years ago yesterday, Rhode Island was hammered by a blizzard. High winds and more than two feet of snow paralyzed the state. People who didn’t leave work early enough were stranded in their cars, wondering if they would be found. The storm at its worse ended up dumping three inches of snow per hour. The winds caused waves to overcome the sea walls, flooding many neighborhoods. Winds were measured at 79mph in Boston and 92mph in Chatham, Massachusetts. Fifty-four people in Massachusetts and twenty-one in Rhode Island died because of the storm. The National Weather Service called it the worst storm to hit southern New England in the 20th century.

I’m not asking for that kind of storm!! Yeeeesh. I cannot even fathom such a thing (as all the Minnesotans and Wisconsinites snigger at me behind their hands). The Blizzard of ’96 in DC was bad enough, what with two feet of snow and the way it paralyzed the entire area for over a week. It’s no fun being stuck in your home with your parents with nowhere to go because your street still hasn’t been plowed.

But a few snow flurries here and there, with a few inches of snow? That’s all I’m asking for. It would be so lovely!

Ah well. I suppose I shall just be thankful for such mild, warm weather, when so many are suffering in the cold.

*EDITED (12 noon): I guess I should watch what I wish for.  It’s now snowing.  It’s a mix, though, so I doubt we’ll get any accumulation.  And with temps in the high 30s, it will melt as soon as it hits the pavement.


19 Responses to “Another day, another dollar”

  1. chaosdaily Says:

    yeah we got hammered yesterday. even the busses in milwaukee stopped running because too many of them got stuck. stay tuned, i will post about it tonight!

  2. oleandlena Says:

    And we’re really lucking out this winter – again – third one in a row that’s been mild (that’s a relative term, you know) without a lot of snow. Mild for us is only a week or 10 days of 20 below zero temps (snicker). I don’t know what our official snowfall is right now, but there’s only about 12 inches laying on the ground. We do have a forecast for a blizzard for Friday night and into Saturday. There’s a big difference between a blizzard and a snow storm. One of these days I’ll write about the winter of 1996-97 and what it was like here in the Red River Valley of Minnesota. THAT was terrible.

  3. Angela Says:

    Meanwhile, I am up here doing the happy dance, since they were calling for 4-6″ of snow and I woke up to only one on the ground! 😉 It’s so funny how radically different the weather becomes when you shift an hour north or south, I never realized how different RI’s climate is from mine until you moved there!

    Do you hate the term “wintry mix” yet? That one always cracks me up when I hear it on the weather…it’s their way of saying, “It’s going to do SOMETHING outside, but we’re not sure what.”

  4. whatdayisit Says:

    Yes, be careful what you wish for….winter is known to linger into April in our area…and it has even snowed in May in Northern Indiana!
    Congratulations on the pregnancy. I am so glad you got an appointment in late Feb so Kurt can go along. I am sure he wants to be a part of everything he can this time around.
    And good for Gracie and potty training. She is growing up well. You might try to either restrict her liquids after 6 PM or…wake her up when you go to bed at night to take a potty break if she keeps on wetting the Pullups….but I imagine she is going to be just fine working on her own schedule.
    It sounds like 2008 is going to be a great year for you….enjoy every second

  5. michele Says:

    31 comments??? is that like 31flavors?

    anyway… wow. if i get more than 4 comments, i’m ecstatic!!! i aspire to be like you one day when i grow up! 😉

  6. clairec23 Says:

    Um, I’ve never, EVER, had a doctor touch my bits except while I was actually in the process of giving birth – wtf? What do they do down there? You know what? I don’t think I need to know 😀

  7. Fi Says:

    I never had an option of a female doctor with my babies or even a gynie to deliver (small country town = 1 elderly male GP). I set my faith in midwives. All but my first was a midwife only delivery. Tegan is opting for that as her first choice too.

    It probably should also be admitted that with my last baby I didn’t actually got to any doctor until I was about 35 weeks!! I just couldn’t be bothered. I wasn’t like I didn’t know what was going on!!

  8. Chelle Says:

    I always want a female doctor, too. They are so much easier to talk to. The only problem with my current doctor is she is GYN only, so when I get preggers, it’ll be time to search once again!

  9. art Says:

    i remember the winter of 78! it WAS a doozy!!! i was in filthadelphia, in the navy, and unable to get to work! i was trapped for days!! this was back in the prehistoric daze, before cell phones, and innernets!!! the fone lines was down and i had no power for 3 days!!!

  10. MilitaryMom Says:

    We are under a blizzard warning for this weekend! I wish so much for 40 degrees. Enjoy it while it lasts. So glad you got somany well wishes yesterday. Have a great weekend!

  11. Wendy Says:

    Congrats on being “prego” (that’s what my hubby always called it)! I’m a lurker, via Cardiogirl (I’ve visited several times before, but never commented) and was thrilled to hear your news – it’s almost like I know you. Anyway, I have the exact opposite sentiments about ob/gyns. I am very squeamish about doctors anyway, and when prego, I always sought a male gyn because they seemed tons more sympathetic than the women ob/gyns I had seen. The women all seemed to act like “this isn’t a big deal for me when I go through it, so I don’t know why you’re making it such a big deal.” Maybe it is just that I had really perceptive, sensitive male dr.s – anyway, best of luck to you and, so glad you can have your husband accompany you to the first one. Congrats again.

  12. I’m with you on the female doctor thing – for most stuff. And…congrats! You rock, woman!

  13. sleepyjane Says:

    I’m glad it all worked out with the OB for you.
    I went to see a Gyne last year for the first time as I couldn’t put it off any longer. The dr was a he. *sigh*
    I was so scared and embarrased with it was over so quick to I guess I’m over that fear now. Strangely enough most women I’ve talked to here prefer men Gyne’s.

    As for the weather, I’m patiently waiting for autumn. Can’t wait to see the leaves turn yellow and orange. Beautiful season autumn is!

  14. Elle Says:

    Wow, real winter. We get it, NOT. No snow, cold maybe thirty days a year, two at a time with balmy days between. No wonder everybody is sick with sinus all the time!

  15. bitterwineuk Says:

    Congrats on the baby. I am a new reader (and new to wordpress) but have been following sleepyjane for a while and found you through her. All the best to you. x

  16. karmacat Says:

    The ’78 blizzard was a biggie. We had 2.5′ of snow in MA; my grandparents in RI had over 3′. Even crazier were all the huge drifts from the high winds. We couldn’t open our front door — the snowdrift was almost to the top of it! A whole week out of school (um, I mean, if I were that old 😉 ), and no street traffic for days, just some snowmobiles and cross-country skis. My mother and brother, sled in tow, walked to the local dairy (crossing a car-less Route 6) to stock up. No milk delivery, no mail that week!

  17. yankeechick Says:

    Your pictures are too fun!! I love Flickring with you. (hmmm. sounds a bit odd, doesn’t it?!)

    I had a female OB just once. She was some sort of specialist my GP sent me to many years ago. I didn’t like her…..I think she was a Nazi or something! MEAN!! I hope yours is a very nice one :).

  18. Aimee Says:

    Count your blessings. Here in Michigan we’ve been getting hammered with sleet, rain, and snow. at night it’s all freezing so driving is sort of like putting ice skates on an elephant. Not fun. 40’s kind of sounds good to me right now.

  19. Kym Says:

    I’m actually enjoying the weather we’ve had the winter, so far. No snow…well, not enough to get out the snowblower or shovels.

    I have a male gyno. I had a female one when Dr. White moved to TN due to malpratice suits here in PA. Dr. White is a guy. When i called the office, after he left, I asked for a female doctor and got one but she was only a nursing assistant and not a doctor. Bummer. She was really nice. So now I have a male doctor again. At first I wasn’t too comfortable with yet another male looking at me below the belly button, I don’t mind anymore. Dr. Echenberg is a nice doctor.

    Good luck with your appointment. Nice birthday present, huh?

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