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March 7, 1974 8 March 2008

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On March 7, 1974, a very special person was born:

The birthday boy, 34 years ago!!!

Wasn’t he cute??? Yes, folks, that is my dear husband Kurt, not long after he was born.

He’s just a wee bit bigger now, eh?

The birthday boy in uniform!!!

Yesterday while Grace was at school, Kurt asked me to come by his office so he could show me around. He teaches officers a general overview of the knowledge he has of running the consoles that control the main propulsion engines of the ships. He wanted to show me the mock consoles they had set up where the officers perform mock drills, but for some reason they were already shut down for the weekend. But it was funny to walk into this office space only to find a near-exact replica of what I’d seen on Kurt’s ships, only minus the ever-present odor of fuel.

He was even able to take me into a mock-up of an engine room, which was pretty neat. I’d been in engine rooms of two different ships, and it was so eerie to walk into this mock-up that was completely and utterly silent. Engine rooms are hot and noisy places to be; this mock-up was cool and silent. Also the cat-walks weren’t nearly as high off the ground as they are in a normal engine room, which helped my fear of heights.

Grace needed to be picked up at 12:30pm, and we still hadn’t eaten lunch! So I convinced him to take me to the galley (ie, the cafeteria on base), which was quick, convenient, and cheap. I am quite a cheap date, you see. The surprising part was the food was actually good! The entree was lime-marinated chicken in a soft taco, which is the first time I’d seen meat at the galley that wasn’t either fried or swimming in grease. Because of the location of the Chiefs’ Mess right next to the windows, we were also treated to the sight of people going through Officer Candidate School being yelled at and doing push-ups as punishment. I shuddered to think how dirty their uniforms were going to get, as the ground underneath them was awfully muddy.

Even though it was Kurt’s birthday, he couldn’t decide what he wanted to do! I suggested the Providence Children’s Museum, and off we went. Of course, we all had a great time there. I’m not sure Kurt and I have actually grown up, or if we’re just kids at heart. But we had almost as much fun there as Grace did.

Dinner was at the Brick Alley Pub, which was, as usual, absolutely delicious. However, I don’t think we’ll go back to the Brick Alley Pub on a Friday or Saturday night again. It’s far too crowded, and being a pub, people go there to party. I don’t mind people partying, but it’s just not my scene, and it was somewhat annoying to have drunk people shout out at someone every few minutes while Kurt and I were having a nice dinner in the back of the restaurant.

I still have leftovers of my shrimp and scallop Cajun-seasoned pasta in the fridge. I just might have to have them for lunch!


10 Responses to “March 7, 1974”

  1. chaosdaily Says:

    sounds like fun! And it’s funny that Kurt had more hair when he was born than he does now. heee

  2. whatdayisit Says:

    It sounds like all of you enjoyed Kurt’s birthday. I bet he is really loving this new duty….he seems to have plenty of time to spend with you and Gracie…

  3. Poolie Says:

    Happy birthday! Glad you had a rocking good time!

  4. acaldwell Says:

    happy birthday kurt!!!

  5. twobecameone Says:

    Sounds like all enjoyed Kurt’s birthday. Happy Birthday, Kurt!

  6. Elle Says:

    Happy Birthday Kurt! I’da known him anywhere LOL!

  7. yankeechick Says:

    Happy Birthday Kurt!! And Chaos beat me to the punch on the wise crack about the hair, hee hee. He was/is such a cutie 😉

  8. twisterjester Says:

    Yummmm! Dang, now you’ve gone and got me craving seafood. No fair, especially considering it’s too late for anything to be open!

  9. sleepyjane Says:

    Happy (belated) Birthday Kurt!

  10. michele Says:

    sorry this post is late… been very busy this weekend!!

    glad you guys had a great weekend! miss you & love you!

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