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Intrepid explorers 9 March 2008

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Have I mentioned that I hate Daylight Savings Time? I do. It makes no sense at all. We’re not getting an extra hour of sunlight; we’re simply moving that hour from the morning to the evening. So now I have to put my child to bed when it’s still light out. Well, not tonight, but certainly in a few weeks I will be.

And what is up with starting it so early this year?? Why not just go to Daylight Savings Time year-round? We went to standard time in October, just a few months ago. Now we’re back to DST in early March. It boggles the mind.

I read in my newspaper today that Daylight Savings Time, which is put into place to save energy, may actually waste more energy than staying on standard time year-round. See, most of Indiana stayed on standard time for many years, with farmers not wanting to do their morning chores in the dark. Two years ago, the more urban residents of Indiana were able to convince the state to embrace Daylight Savings Time so that they would stay in sync with the rest of the country. It’s given researchers a unique opportunity to compare data from similar years.

What they found is that folks actually use more energy during Daylight Savings Time. The energy savings that were computed to promote going to Daylight Savings Time were done using figures from the 1970s, when most people didn’t have air conditioning. Now almost every household uses air conditioning in many parts of the country, and Daylight Savings Time encourages people to run the air longer at night than they would if they stayed on standard time.

(You can read the full article here at the Wall Street Journal.)

Because of Daylight Savings Time, our internal clocks were all messed up today. It took us forever to get up and get out of the house. But we finally did, and off we went to hit the road.

We got the bright idea to head to the nearest Trader Joe’s, which is sixty-some miles way in Hanover, Massachusetts. I am so jealous of my parents living within three miles of a Trader Joe’s. I don’t know what I would do if I ever lived near one; probably buy most of my groceries from there. Good quality at very reasonable prices. Love it.

We went a very odd, out of the way route to get there. I love odd, out of the way routes. The least traveled way, the better. We went along all these little back roads, taking one turn after another. Thank God for the GPS; else we’d have to take the tried-and-true highway routes.

Speaking of the GPS, Kurt cracks me up. He insists that sometimes the recorded voice on the GPS, which just happens to be a female voice, gets uppity with him when he makes a wrong turn, and she has to get him back onto the right path. He’ll miss a turn, and say to me, “Listen! She’s got attitude!”

Like a recording can get an attitude. She doesn’t even realize he’s made a wrong turn, and probably couldn’t care less if she did realize it. She’s a machine!

But it amuses Kurt. I guess that’s all that counts.

Along the way, we passed through all these tiny little towns that were so very picturesque. We were coming out of one of these little towns when we noticed a pond to our right. And what did we see on this pond, but a pair of gorgeous swans!!!

I was so worried that I wouldn’t be able to take a good shot of them, since I was almost shooting into the sun, but somehow I managed to get the swans backlit instead.


Gorgeous swans!

Did you know swans mate for life?  How romantic!  This pair will probably be together for the rest of their lives, and I like to think that season upon season, they’ll return to this pond and investigate the humans that come to see them, in hopes of scoring a few bread crumbs.

After our stop at Trader Joe’s, Kurt decided to drive through Plymouth to look for Plymouth Rock, the place where the Pilgrims landed way back in 1620.  We found the rock, but it’s awfully small!  I’d say it was about five feet wide by three feet tall, and it now lays on the beach, but in a pavilion where it is protected from tourists.  I did a search on Wikipedia and found out the original rock might have weighed as much as 20,000 pounds!  It’s been moved throughout Plymouth many times for various reasons, and each time it was moved, little pieces would be chipped off as souvenirs.  So that would be why the rock is so small now.

Plymouth was a really cool town to drive through.  I am really looking forward to going back and exploring the old Burial Ground.  The oldest graves, marking the resting places of the original Mayflower settlers, had wooden markers, so they’re gone now.  But there are a few really old stone markers dating from the late 1600s.  The Burial Ground is on a hill, which you would think would be an awful place to put a cemetery.  But then I realized it was probably the only thing that area was good for; you couldn’t farm it, and it was probably too difficult to level in order to develop.

I don’t know why I am fascinated by old graveyards.  Just one of my oddities, I suppose.

The way home was even more adventuresome than the way to Massachusetts.  Kurt asked the GPS to route us home using the Shortest Distance, and we had to navigate around a few large ponds.  The GPS told us to turn onto an unpaved road, which we did — and we followed her directions until we realized the unpaved road ended!  Yet the GPS insisted it was a through road.  We reversed down the road, and Kurt insisted we were staying on the paved roads from then on out.  The GPS tried to get us to take another unpaved road, but we kept going on the paved roads and finally caught up with her directions.

The whole time, Kurt kept repeating, “You might be a redneck… if the directions to your house include ‘Turn off the paved road’!” Silly man.

But we obviously made it home safe and sound, and another week begins tomorrow.  Have a good one!


7 Responses to “Intrepid explorers”

  1. twisterjester Says:

    Having just finished a trilogy with a metaphysical bent, the reference to old graveyards just made me smile. And the swans pic is absolutely beautiful!!!

  2. acaldwell Says:

    those swans look fake!!! but they aint, i know!! gorgeous swans!! so clean and bright!!

  3. sleepyjane Says:

    Gorgeous picture! I think penguins mate for life too? I’ll have to google it…

    We don’t do the whole daylight saving thing here, I guess it’s hard getting used to huh? Gah. 🙂

  4. michele Says:

    are you making a list of all these cool places you’re visiting?? you should so when i come to see you, you’ll know exactly where to take me!

  5. whatdayisit Says:

    By the way… ::in her loudest, ranting voice::

    In spite of what the magazine articles said about Indiana and DST, it was our stupid governor Mitch Daniels who forced the changing of the time on us Hoosiers. We hate it! We never wanted it; we didn’t get to vote on it; our farmers don’t care….we should be on the same time as Chicago and Michigan…not New York. Stupid Mitch – we can’t wait until he is out of office. He also sold our Indiana Toll Road to a foreign country…..Yes he did! So now our toll rates will probably go up….Stupid Mitch! Oh….and our personal property taxes are so screwed up that we don’t get our tax bill until nearly 1 year later and the rates are so high, people can’t save their homes. Thanks, Mitch…stupid man….

    sorry…..I did like the swan picture.

  6. Kym Says:

    I agree with your sister — you should make a list of all the cool places you’ve been.

  7. oleandlena Says:

    What a gorgeous picture of the swans. You are an artist. I was disappointed when I saw Plymouth Rock also. I had envisioned this huge rock that you see in so many drawings with Pilgrims standing on top of it, but certainly not so. We also went through the cemetery when we were there and it was so intriguing. I’m also an old cemetery nut. There’s so much to see and do in your part of the world, so certainly take advantage of it.

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