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Daylight Saving Time 10 March 2008

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I have been gently corrected by a couple of different people that it is actually “Daylight Saving Time” — not “SavingS.” Good to know. I hate making errors like that.

I’m still tired from the change, whatever you want to call it. And arguing with Kurt until 1:30am when I’ve got to get up at 7am to get Grace to pre-school on time doesn’t help. I’ve been exhausted all day long, and unfortunately I haven’t had much of a chance for a nap.

We had an appointment this morning that was canceled, but Kurt figured he would use the time instead to investigate signing up at Community College of Rhode Island, aka CCRI. He took a bunch of classes at a community college back in Virginia towards a degree, but his arduous underway schedule in Washington wouldn’t allow him to continue with his education. He doesn’t have enough time to get his Bachelor’s before we move to our next duty station, but he could at least get an Associate’s. Even that will help him in the Navy. There are rumors flying around that to move up in the ranks, you need some kind of degree — an Associate’s to move from E-7 to E-8, and a Bachelor’s to make it to E-9.

CCRI looks like it will definitely be doable. We talked to an admissions counselor who glanced at Kurt’s unofficial transcript and thinks he is very close to entering at the maximum level of 30 credits, which would put him halfway to an Associate’s.

Now Kurt just has to decide whether he wants to go for the Engineering Transfer degree, in which he would take all the beginning level courses in engineering which he would then transfer to URI towards an electrical engineering degree. The other option is Science Track B, which is general courses geared towards Bachelor’s degrees in geology, astronomy, biology, chemistry, etc. (The Science Track A would be right up your alley, Chele — it’s meant for folks going for a degree in nutrition, among other things!) While Kurt would love to take the Engineering Transfer program, he’s not exactly sure he wants to do electrical engineering when he gets out of the Navy. He’s still tossing around the idea of going into teaching. The Science degree would be better for him, in that case.

Also we have to think what will transfer when we get to our next duty station, as he won’t be able to complete his Bachelor’s before we leave Rhode Island. The Science degree would most likely be more transferable.

The other tiny downside is the Engineering Transfer degree is offered at the Warwick campus. It’s only thirty minutes away, but the Newport campus is so much closer. It’d be nice, with gas prices the way they are, if he could stay in Newport for his Associate’s.

Some of the guys who work with Kurt are also going for higher degrees. One guy is actually going for an electrical engineering degree, while others went to their guidance counselors, slapped down their transcripts, and asked what degree they could get with the least amount of work. That’s how one of Kurt’s co-workers ended up taking Public Administration, which means absolutely nothing to him. It’s just the degree he could get in the least amount of time.

Seems like a waste of an education, if you asked me.

Then again, there are those that consider my degree to be a waste, since it’s not like I need a B.S. to sit at home and take care of children. I figure it’s an insurance policy, though. If anything ever happened to Kurt and I had to go back to work, I can support my family. That’s the thought, anyhow.

EDITED TO ADD:  Ah, yes.  I forgot to mention that the Navy picks up the entire tab for Kurt’s education, with the exception of his books.  Since it’s free, there’s no reason not to pursue an education.  Thank goodness for the military!  I think we deserve this benefit.


8 Responses to “Daylight Saving Time”

  1. chaosdaily Says:

    Always good to have a plan.. an education is never wasted.

  2. Miss Hiss Says:

    I sent a copy of that WSJ article to a friend who’s a producer of a state-wide radio programme — he’s going to a do a story on it. We have the same old daylight saving debate here every year — southern states have it from September to March (or something) but we don’t. This is mainly because our state is HUGE and more than half of it is north of the Tropic of Capricorn and in shape it veers sharply west — which all means that about 80% of the state outside of the SE corner already has long HOT hours of light and we really don’t want any more at the end of the day. It already doesn’t get dark here until after 8 pm in summer. The last time we trialled DS I wanted to kill myself — it was still 45*C in my kitchen at 9 pm when I was trying to cook dinner. (Primary producers have to work to available light, you know. Apparently livestock can’t tell the time, the inconsiderate wretches.) Little kids were walking home from school in the hottest part of the day and couldn’t get to sleep at night etc etc — the same old problems everyone has in hot places. Anyway, I found the article interesting and only hope it opens up a bit more of an informed debate that involves people saying more than, “But DS’s really cool because you can go to the beach after work.” Love, R xxx

  3. twisterjester Says:

    Take any and every class you can. I’d kill to be able to go back and get my degree. It has probably cost me a cumulative million dollars or more in lost income 😦

  4. sleepyjane Says:

    I’d also love to further my education but well, I have no idea what I’d want to study.

    Good for Kurt. It will definitely not be the wrong move.

  5. michele Says:

    1) thanks for the “shout-out”! and i love when you call me Chele.

    2) i don’t think my college has a “Science Track A or B”. I just know that I have to take 1 or 2 sciences (i think just one) plus a lab.

    3) not sure if i ever mentioned but my degree is towards psychology. however, after taking classes in both psychology and sociology, i found that i much prefer the latter. however, this is not to say that i don’t enjoy the former. i may still take a few classes in child and adolescent psychology as well as criminal psychology (if my college offers it).

    4) sorry you were up so late…. 😦

  6. Shear Says:

    Yay for Kurt going back to school. Education is never a waste.

  7. Elle Says:

    Awesome that Kurt is going for it. And you never know when life will turn and you’ll use that B.S. again. I’d like to go back and get a Master’s in Social Work and be a therapist, myself.

  8. Chelle Says:

    Oh, Karyl, good for Kurt wanting to go back to school. Hopefully, he takes the serious route and studies something that he will enjoy and use. Hope you adjust to DST soon!

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