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The wind’s a killer 13 March 2008

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Almost 9pm, and I’m just now getting around to updating.

Not that I have that exciting of a life, mind you. Just busy.

I’m doing 7 Days again over at Flickr. See, there’s a project called 365 Days on Flickr, in which you’re to take a portrait of yourself every day for a full year. That, as you can imagine, is a lot to do. So a pair of friends from the UK decided that seven days is a much more reasonable time frame for a self-portrait project, which is how 7 Days came to be.

My first 7 Days was over the Christmas holidays, and I really enjoyed it. I decided to participate again for this spring’s run, but this time I am having some problems with inspiration. The last time it felt like I was overflowing with ideasd, and this time…. It’s all I can do to get a photo up every day. I’m not depressed; I know I’m not. I feel good, and happy, and things are going very well for me. I’m just. Blank. At least when it comes to ideas for self-portraits.

One of the reasons I like to do 7 Days is I don’t have many photos of myself. I’m always the one behind the camera. I don’t mind most of the time, but every so often I want to look back at what I looked like, and I can’t. There are just no photos. At the same time, I rarely take photos of my face for 7 Days. I have twice already this week, but that’s only one-third of the photos. The other four photos are of bits of me.

It’s not that I don’t like taking full-on photos of myself. I do feel odd being the subject of a photo, though. I suppose I’m not used to being the focus.

I wish I could get my mojo back. I know it will come… but this is a bad time for it to go on hiatus!

We met another neighbor tonight. We’d just gotten home from going to both the commissary and to the grocery store (which is what happens when your commissary doesn’t carry basic items), and I was sitting down checking my email. Kurt had gone out to grab the rest of the stuff from the van when I heard him talking to someone. I thought at first he was talking to Ms Cheez-It, until I realized she had to work tonight. So I went outside to investigate.

He was talking to a couple that live at the end of our street who have two daughters, 4 and 2. Score!! Perfect playmates for Grace. This couple seems super nice, and the wife especially seems to have her head on straight. She’s so down-to-earth, and she’s easy to talk to. Definitely my kind of lady.

Do you all remember my friend TC, the girl I met when we first moved her, the one who wanted me to babysit her kid while she went back to work? I bet you haven’t noticed I haven’t mentioned her in a while. There’s a good reason for me not mentioning her; we don’t talk anymore.

One day she had wanted to get our daughters together for a playdate. Of course, I was all for that, since Grace hadn’t had much of a chance to play with other little kids since we moved here. TC said she’d be over at a certain time, but she was more than an hour late. Finally when she did arrive, I noticed she was awfully dressed up. It was then she informed me that she had to work that night, she had to leave at 3pm to get to work on time, and that her husband would pick their daughter up when he got off work at 5:30pm.

There was no discussion at all of “Could you watch my kid?” She basically dropped her kid off at my house and left me with no choice. It’s not like I could put a 21-month-old out on the street.

While TC was at my house before she had to leave for work, she kept criticizing Grace. Now, I’m not the kind of mom who’s going to defend my little darling when she’s behaving badly. I will be the first to admit that Grace is no angel. But I’d be idly watching TC’s daughter play in a corner, and then she would spontaneously burst into tears. Grace wouldn’t even be anywhere near her. Yet TC would immediately lay into Grace, yelling at her for making her daughter cry.

I was so glad when the husband came home to pick up their daughter. I haven’t spoken to either of them since.

It’s for the best. They are not really the type of people I want to associate with. Both of them have a drinking problem; they always have a flask of liquor on their persons. Their idea of a good time is to get trashed. They both love to make inappropriate comments at the worst possible time. The last time I saw them was at the Chinese buffet where Kurt’s fellow instructors had decided to have lunch. The only female instructor in Kurt’s division is a fairly religious person, and out of respect for her sensitivities, most of the Chiefs try to rein in their cussing and their dirty jokes around her. These two, if anything, get worse around her. TC kept trying to make everything into a sexual innuendo during lunch, and what was funny is everyone ignored her. It just wasn’t the right time to say such things.

TC also made a fool out of herself during a reception after a retirement ceremony. The man who was retiring was making a speech, and every so often someone would throw a funny comment in because it was after all the official ceremony-type stuff. The man made some kind of off-the-wall statement, and TC held up her daughter and said, “See, Jim [or whatever his name was], I told you she was yours!”

Kurt told me you could hear a pin drop. Then there were a couple of embarrassed titters from the back of the room, and finally the man went on with his speech.

So you know, it is for the better that we went our separate ways. You can’t win them all.


8 Responses to “The wind’s a killer”

  1. twisterjester Says:

    Someone like that lives in a world so distorted they truly don’t realize how badly they’re screwing up their life AND their child’s. I hope for the little one’s sake that she finds a more responsible substitute parent very, very soon 😦

  2. twisterjester Says:

    Someone like that lives in a world so distorted they truly don’t realize how badly they’re screwing up their life AND their child’s. I hope for the little one’s sake that she finds a more responsible substitute parent very, very soon 😦

  3. sleepyjane Says:

    I hope your mojo kicks into full gear again. The 7 days project sounds like fun!

    It’s better to go seperate ways if you have nothing in common with the other person. And the drinking problem?? The poor child. Alcohol and parenting does NOT go together!! I know!

    Have a great weekend!

  4. Chelle Says:

    Yikes! Sounds similar to my babysitting nightmare. Hopefully this new neighbor turns out to be a wonderful friend for you. And you are better off without TC.

    I hear you about the 7 Days project. I wasn’t really feeling it either, so I decided not to participate. I am glad you are doing it, though, because it means I get to see pictures of you!

  5. art Says:

    active alcoholics like TC always makes a fool of themselves/

  6. karmacat Says:

    Yes, definitely can do without people like that.

  7. Kym Says:

    Smart move — not associating with TC and her family. I have an aunt and uncle who drink ALL the time. Heck, I even have a brother in law like that. My uncle has been known to have (and probably still does) a glass of vodka for breakfast. My aunt will have coffee but when she gets home from work, she’s wasted. She’s been like that all her life. We avoid her as much as possible. To top that, they smoke as if cigarettes were going out of style. YUCK!

  8. MilitaryMom Says:

    I think there’s a person like TC in every group. I can’t seem to get to a base without running smack nto one of them! Too bad we can’t get stationed together someday, we would totally be friends, and I’d never leave my kid at your house like that, how tacky!

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