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Week 13 Update 21 March 2008

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Today was a better day. It didn’t start out well. I got up at 7:20am, same time I always do when Grace has school, but for some reason everything was taking so long! It was like I was swimming in slow-motion today. I left the house at 8:30am, the same time she’s supposed to be at school.

Kurt had asked me to go with him to this diner on the island for breakfast. I was in a pretty grumpy mood, but someone else making me breakfast did sound good.

Boy, was that an awesome decision! This place was totally one of those mom & pop joints, and everyone knew everyone else’s name. A customer would walk through the door and the owner would yell out, “Hi, Jim!” or whatever. The bar kept filling up with regulars would would joke and jostle one another, and all you could hear was the country music over the PA and the laughter of the regulars. And the regulars themselves! You had your pudgy office worker, your moustachioed biker in his Harley-Davidson sweatshirt, your local small-town cop, even the owner’s sons came in since they had the day off from school for Good Friday. It was like I had landed on Main Street, Small-Town, USA.

The food. Oh, my word. The food! Just the thought makes my mouth water. My dish was awesome, and I saw other people’s dishes that looked equally as awesome.

Kurt had duty today, which meant I spent the day ferrying him to and from work in between running errands. After dropping him off on the way for a solo trip to the Navy Exchange (heaven!!), I noticed how choppy the water looked because of the gusting high winds. So of course, I had to get out my camera.

My only bad decision was the three, count them THREE!, cups of coffee I had this morning. Ugh. I normally drink one large mug of decaf coffee, now that I’m pregnant, but today I had three mugs of regular coffee. I’m still paying the price. My stomach feels both acidy and bloaty. I wish I had some Tums, but we’re out right now. I had some mini Saltines earlier, and that helped for a little bit. I will go to bed soon, and I will be fine tomorrow. And yes, I will stay away from the freakin’ coffee!

The wind is really whipping today. It’s been going since last night, with strong gusts over 25mph. I am actually enjoying it because it makes me thankful for my snug, cozy home. But there’s no hope for any kind of hairstyle in this sort of wind. My hair was just whipping around my face and getting tangled, so I stopped caring. Too bad my hair’s too short for a ponytail.

My favorite photo of the set
Pell Bridge in the wind

This was my favorite photo of the set I took. See all the white-caps? And the waves kept crashing up over the rocks. You could see the spray hitting the grass from the parking lot. I could barely stand upright to take the photo!  I was so thankful I wasn’t on a small boat in that kind of weather.

Today was my second appointment with my obstetrician. Things are going along swimmingly! We heard the baby’s heartbeat chugging away at 150 beats per minute, all my bloodwork and my ultrasound came back normal, and I got another prescription for prenatal vitamins. That was about the extent of my appointment. Now I have an appointment for another ultrasound for the beginning of May, and we just keep on waiting.

Best news of all?? I’ve only gained one pound in a month! I’m on track to gain the minimum amount of weight suggested for pregnancy, thanks to being already very overweight. No eating for two for me.

In case I hadn’t mentioned it (I’m pregnant, so I forget), we will not be finding out the gender of the baby, unless it’s unbelievably evident in the next ultrasound and we can’t help but notice. But my 20-week ultrasound with Grace was notoriously awful, at least for ultrasound novices like me, so I’m hoping this baby’s ultrasounds will be the same way. I really don’t want to know. I even have a tanktop that has a silhouette of a boy and of a girl with “It’s a Surprise!” written underneath.

Half of me wants a girl because I have a girl, and I love that sisterly bond that develops between girls. But the other half of me wants a boy because I don’t have one, and I think it would be fun to have one of each. Kurt will be thrilled to have a healthy baby, regardless of gender, so I have a feeling both of us will be quite pleased whatever happens.

What I am looking forward to is when the baby looks up at you at six months old, all toothless still, and you manage to make him giggle over and over and over again with that perfect baby laugh! And how roly-poly the babies get. And how you can just bury your nose in his skin, and his natural scent is amazingly wonderful and calming. And how a baby who trusts you enough to fall asleep in your arms makes you feel like the World’s Greatest Supermom.

But for now, we wait. It will be here soon enough.


6 Responses to “Week 13 Update”

  1. twisterjester Says:

    Your photos are so awesome. I want a “real” camera one of these days, myself. My cheapie is better than my previous “work” one but still not going to win any prizes for quality. I’ll get there sooner or later, though. I’ve had my heart set on a Canon, around 7-8mp. (Higher MP doesn’t automatically spell better quality – I already know that!)

  2. Yankeechick Says:

    I’m so happy that your pregnancy is going so well. And I hope you get to be ‘surprised’ by the gender. It’s so tempting to find out and I think it’s delightfully old fashioned of you to want to wait! I love it. Have a great weekend and a fun Easter with Gracie! **hugs**

  3. art Says:

    hiya supermom!!! i think the best part of the pregnancy is the surprise in the gender!! you and kurt should have a side bet; one pics female and the other picks male, and see who wins!! great pic, as usual!!

  4. Elle Says:

    What a lovely post about a lovely day! Hope the rest of your weekend goes as well, albeit coffee-less.

  5. Poolie Says:

    Glad your day turned out better! Great picture. Wish I was there sailing!

  6. Margie Says:

    Oh, but little boys really steal their mama’s heart.

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