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All the news that’s fit to print 23 March 2008

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Happy Easter to you!  I hope yours was a safe and happy and healthy one.  We’ve had a very low-key holiday.  We had nowhere to go, so we just had our normal, quiet Sunday routine, complete with sushi for lunch.  It’s not very Easter-like, but it was very, very yummy.  I managed to overdo the wasabi on one piece of sushi.  Wooooo!!  Boy, did that clear out my sinuses.

My mother called me earlier tonight and immediately said, “The Lord is risen!”  Yet again, I flubbed the response.  I was supposed to say, “He is risen indeed!”  I always forget.  Whoops.  And no, I didn’t go to church this morning.

We did our taxes last night.  I’ve been slightly concerned about our money situation, nothing to get freaked out about, but our money was going down faster than it was being replenished.  We’re getting back a nice chunk o’ change from the government, so I feel a lot better.

Yes, I know.  Getting a refund means that we just lent the government our money interest-free for the last year.  Our problem is that our pay fluctuates throughout the year.  It shouldn’t, since we are military, and everyone gets paid the same.  But sometimes Kurt will get various bonuses for this reason or that, and that’s just part of his paycheck.  When he’s on a ship, he gets a bonus for being assigned to a ship.  When he’s out to sea for more than 30 days, he gets a Family Separation Allowance.  Every January he gets a uniform allowance.  Up until this past year, we’ve gotten yearly payments for his enlistment bonus.

Then Arizona, of which Kurt is still a resident, decided to stop taxing military income.   We had already paid them some money through withholding, though the Navy was smart enough to stop sending them money once the new law was passed.  We still had to file to get all that money back, however.  It does mean extra money each month in our pocket, for which I am grateful.

Moving from Washington to here screwed up our paycheck again.  Here we get more in housing allowance.  We don’t get any of his sea-based allowances, except his food allowance.  I’m also still adjusting to how little we get paid here.  Our housing allowance goes straight to the housing authority that manages base housing, so we don’t even see that money.  It means we never have to worry about paying our rent on time, but it also means each paycheck has shrunk by a full third or more from what we were receiving in Washington.  And since we went from no car payment to having to pay for our “new” minivan, that threw our finances for another loop.

Don’t get me wrong; we’re fine for money.  It’s just an adjustment I’m still making, is all.

Basically I’d rather overpay than underpay our taxes.  Eventually we’ll be in a better position where we can readjust our withholding so that we’re only paying in exactly what we owe.   Maybe we can even get there while we’re here in Rhode Island, as our pay won’t be changing very much.  I need to go in and talk to someone in Disbursing.  I’m sure they could help me figure out exactly what should be withheld.

Did I bore you thoroughly?

Now I have exciting news to share!

Remember when I was bemoaning the lack of Garth Williams illustrations in the most recent editions of Laura Ingalls Wilder’s books?  In fact, the most recent editions have no illustrations at all.  This I don’t get, as the first few books are excellent for beginning readers, complete with very large text.  And to those of us who grew up on the books with the Williams illustrations, not having them enhance the text of the books is really unfathomable.

I went over to eBay, where I managed to find a 1932 copy of Little House int he Big Woods, the first chronological book in the Ingalls Wilder series, up for auction.  I had seen the same edition being sold by someone else through Buy It Now for $100, so I knew this was a desirable book.  I put in a reasonable bid, and after a flurry of bidding right there at the end, I managed to snag it for $26.50.

At the same time, I had a bid in for the set of nine Ingalls Wilder books, complete with the Williams illustrations, the same edition I have on my knick-knack shelf.  I had more than four long days to wait to see if I had won the auction.  During my wait, I saw another set of books, in a newer edition and in slightly better shape, up for auction.  I put a bid in on that set, but even though I kept raising my bid, someone else wanted it more than I did.  I don’t mind; I drove the price up for this other person.  Oh well.

Finally the auction on the set of books ended tonight, with me as the winner!!  They were a few dollars cheaper than the 1932 book, so I think I got a bargain.  And besides, now Gracie will have her own set to read to pieces like I did when I was a kid!

Thank goodness for eBay, eh?

Actually, I try my best not to go there very often.  If I did, I would be seriously a very poor woman!


6 Responses to “All the news that’s fit to print”

  1. chaosdaily Says:

    oh gee and here I thought the good news was that you were pregnant! But then I realized you already are…. guess it’s time for bed! lol

  2. twisterjester Says:

    eBay is evil, I tell ya 😉 But yes, you can get some killer deals there!

  3. art Says:

    you won in ebay!!! right on!!! dont forget the free money we all will get in may!!!

  4. Elle Says:

    Hurray for the Ebay victory! Didn’t go to church either here, but to an egg hunt and barbecue, we’re all sun and wind burned but happy campers.

  5. sleepyjane Says:

    Congrats on the books! 🙂

  6. michele Says:

    see now *I’M* the one who feels out of sorts cuz I’m probably the only person in my age bracket who has never bought a single thing from eBay. i guess i’m just kooky like that. glad though that you found your book!

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