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There’s a bruise on my hand 24 March 2008

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Well, more properly, there is a bruise on my palm. I have no idea where it came from. I discovered it while driving around this morning; the steering wheel kept pressing into the bruise and making my hand ache. The weird thing is, it’s even slightly blue! I can’t fathom what the heck I did to it.

It’s been a bad week for my right hand. I burnt my thumb a few days ago trying to rescue some spinach I was trying to wilt into my brown butter, and the same thumb now has a deep paper cut I gave myself this morning when I tried to open the box to Grace’s new toy.

I’m dangerous to myself sometimes.

This morning was Grace’s Barn Dance at her preschool. We’d gotten a newsletter earlier in the month that detailed all the goings-on for this month. Obviously she was to wear green on St Patrick’s Day, though only half the class participated. Today was the Barn Dance, and we were encouraged to dress her in “farm” clothes, like overalls.

This gave me the absolute perfect opportunity to buy her a pair of overalls. I used to live in the things when I was a kid. There wasn’t anything that made me happier to wear than my trusty pair of overalls. My mom used to wear them a lot too, so that might be where I got it from. Grace had a pair a couple years ago, but she’s obviously outgrown them. So a couple of weeks ago, while we were out with Angela and her mother at the outlets, I managed to find an overall-style jumper dress for her!

At Wal-Mart I found a red and white checked shirt, and I even found a red bandanna in downtown Newport. I even put her hair in pigtails!!! Once I got her to school, however, I was saddened to see only one other child dressed up for the occasion, a boy wearing cowboy boots and a cowboy hat.  All the other kids were wearing normal, everyday school clothes.

Today's the Barn Dance!
Could she be any cuter???

She had a blast at school!  She kept telling me all the fun things she did, and she even started singing a song they must have learned today.  By the time we picked her up from school today, one of her teachers had even braided her hair! She was unbelievably cute; I could hardly stand it!

It was an absolutely gorgeous day. While Grace was in preschool, Kurt took me down to the base to see if I could get some nice photos. And since I had my handy-dandy flexible tripod with me, I even got a fantastic shot of the two of us with the Pell Bridge in the background!

Kurt & Karyl

I think I might just have to frame this one. (Yes, folks, I am a midget. But to be fair, Kurt is 6’3″. Funnily enough, he’s actually the shortest of his brothers. I’m hoping our kids grow tall like him, instead of being short like me.)

Grace continues to amaze me each and every day. Kurt and I had been running errands in the minivan this morning, so I had to take him back to work after lunch. We had just dropped Kurt off and were driving away when Gracie noticed an officer walking up to the building. I’ve known other kids who see a man in uniform and assume that it’s Daddy, but that’s too normal for Grace. Instead she hollers out from the backseat, “Look, Mommy!! He’s wearing khakis!” (the same uniform Kurt is wearing in the above photo). How does she know these things????

Another thing she loves to do is point out various vehicles. Ms Cheez-It owns a pewter-grey TrailBlazer, while her husband drives a big silver truck. Any time we see a similar vehicle out in town, Grace will yell out, “Look! It’s just like [Ms Cheez-It]’s car!” It’s not just an SUV she’s pointing out; it’s another TrailBlazer, regardless of the color. She remembers that my neighbor J in Washington drives a PT Cruiser, so any time she sees one, she’ll say, “That’s like Auntie J’s car!” She hasn’t even seen my neighbor J, let alone her vehicle, in more than six months!

She also can recognize minivans just like ours out in town. We drive a Toyota Sienna, which looks a helluva lot like the Honda Odyssey. When we first got the van, I was always getting tripped up because the body shape is so similar, and because both vans feature windows that roll down for the middle seats. Finally I figured out how to tell them apart from the back — the Odyssey’s license plate holder is between the rear lights, while the Sienna’s license plate holder is below the rear lights. And there are slight differences to the body that become evident after a while.

Grace? She knows the difference between a Sienna and an Odyssey. When she calls out, “Look, Mommy, it’s just like our van!” she has never pointed out an Odyssey. She has always pointed out a late-model (2004 and newer) Sienna.

She’s also figured out that the Chevy Cavalier, which is our other car, comes in both four-door and two-door models, and will point them out as “Daddy’s car” no matter how many doors they have, though we do own the two-door model.

How does she know these things??? I am simply amazed.


12 Responses to “There’s a bruise on my hand”

  1. twisterjester Says:

    Gracie is a pretty intelligent young lady. Just promise me not to push her into gifted programs, but DO let her know they’re an option. Take it from someone who went through it as a kid…

  2. art Says:

    oshkosh by gosh!!! she is a cutie!!!

  3. sleepyjane Says:

    OMG she is too adorable!! I’m loving the pig tails! I used to wear them ALL THE TIME when I was little.

    She’s also a smart little girl. Wow. *I* can’t tell different cars appart, jeez!

    And please don’t wish that they’d be tall. lol I know how it feels to ‘tower’ and it’s so uncomfortable!! And finding pants and jeans that fit! *sigh* I wish I was tiny, and short. 🙂

  4. purple chai Says:

    Gracie is a cutie pie. Her picture reminds me of one of my R, which I’m going to try to post later.

  5. michele Says:

    you got yourself a mini-you…..Super Duper Cute & Smart!!!! (i mean, you can’t be too surprised at how smare she is…. she DOES share your DNA!)

    MIDGET???? You are calling yourself a midget?? What the hell does that make me? A dwarf??? LOL.

    I’d KILL to have your extra 4″ or 5″!!!!

  6. Chelle Says:

    Grace is just too cute in her little overalls! And smart, too! Hope your hand heals quickly…bruises, burns and cuts are no fun.

  7. Elle Says:

    Isn’t Gracie the cutest little farm girl Ever! And I for one am not at all surprised that she is as quick as she is pretty… all those good genes and everything.

    Isn’t it something — I can almost tell the phase of the moon by how many boo-boos I have given myself. Sometimes it is just not worth getting out of bed. Hope your hand feels better, and no more uh oh’s.

  8. Margie Says:

    Oh precious. It is so much fun dressing up little girls. And that picture of you and Kurt is awesome. You two look so good together. I hope for you to always be together.

  9. Poolie Says:

    Grace is a cutie! She comes from cutie parents!

  10. MilitaryMom Says:

    Man is she a sweetie! And you look great. We should all be so beautiful while pregnant!

  11. yankeechick Says:

    I am forever bruising myself and not realizing it at the time and try to figure out later what I could have done. I’m such a klutz!

    Gracie is such a doll! It’s so much fun when you realize just how enlightened they are to the ‘stuff’ in their little lives 🙂

  12. whatdayisit Says:

    Gracie looks very cute in her farmer outfit….and I bet she was so happy to be dressed for the special day. I think she remembers and recognizes so many things because her brain has gotten filled up yet with useless information. But isn’t it fun to listen to them “tell” you everything on their minds.

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