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What’s in YOUR wallet? 28 March 2008

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A couple days ago, my good friend SleepyJane decided to photograph the contents of her purse and post it for all to see. It was so much fun to see what someone else carries in her purse that I decided to do the same.

What is it about our purses, though? If Kurt asks me for something, I’ll tell him, “It’s in such-and-such pocket in my purse; go ahead and get it.” But if he goes into my purse without asking, well… Let’s just say the outcome is not a good one. Why are we so protective of our purses? I haven’t got anything to hide from Kurt. There is really no good reason for me to get so offended. I suppose it’s like digging into Kurt’s pants pocket to get hold of his wallet, and I would never dream of that. Our purses must be an extension of our personal space.

Do you mind when someone (spouse, child, significant other) goes through your purse? I remember feeling so odd, dirty almost, going through my mom’s purse even when she gave me permission. Go figure.

So here you go:

Contents of my purse
Contents of my purse

Obviously the brown object on the right of the photo is my purse. It’s actually a Coach bag, though I paid a quarter of its retail price, which is how I can afford it. But it’s a leather bag, the first all-leather bag I’ve ever owned. I love the shape; it’s got a lot of interior space even though it’s relatively small — much too small for my dear friend, Angela. Also there is a pocket on the back of the purse that is absolutely perfect for slipping in small pieces of paper that would otherwise get lost in the interior. I have a folding Target bag that fits perfectly into that pocket, which means I always have a reusable bag with me.

OK, let’s go back to the left.

*Grey duct-tape wallet. Yes, folks, my wallet is made from duct tape. I bought it for Kurt for Father’s Day, but it didn’t serve his purposes so I appropriated it for my own needs. I keep my folding money, our medical cards, and less-used cards, like discount cards, in this wallet. Tucked underneath the grey wallet is a couple of rogue receipts I haven’t gotten around to taking care of yet.

*Pink Casio camera. This is the camera that stays in my purse all the time, and with which I take most of my impromptu shots. I’m not thrilled with it; the colors are actually a lot worse than I thought they were. I really want a new camera to replace this one, but I can’t justify the expense either to myself or to Kurt. I might give it to Kurt; his camera is a mere 4 megapixels and really, really old.

*Red Tide To Go pen. I have a tendency of spilling stuff on my shirt when I’m out and about, and this removes fresh food stains from your clothing. It’s saved me multiple times.

*Green EpiPen Jr that belongs to Grace. I’m supposed to inject her with this pen if she goes into anaphylactic shock after eating peanuts.

*Red Anne Taintor ID case. It reads, “someone was going to have to set a bad example.” I keep my military ID, my license, and my debit and credit cards in here. It’s easy to find when I’m driving and need to show my ID to the gate guard to get on base.

*Bottle of hand sanitizer. I actually don’t use it very often; I’m always washing my hands in the restroom.

*Lipstick and lipgloss. I’ve really cut down on the number of lip colors I carry with me since this purse is much smaller than my old purse. And the green tube is Trader Joe’s peppermint lip balm that I bought when I was in San Jose. Below the lip balm are my eye drops, in case my contacts get dry.

*Small blister-packs of Children’s Benadryl Fast-Melts, in case Grace breaks out into hives.

*Pink travel mirror and brush. Grace loves this brush and will play with it for as long as I would let her. I had a similar travel brush when she was a year old, and it was the only thing that would keep her happy when we went shopping.

*Keychain full of store discount cards, as well as a pocketknife/fingernail clipper combo from Poulsbo, Washington, where I used to live. This one also holds my library card from Washington state (the long black tag). I thought it was so unique that my library card could fit onto my keychain. It made my life so much easier when I took Gracie to the library when she was still small enough to be in my sling, and I could just grab out my keys instead of digging through my purse to find my library card!

*Keychain full of keys. The remote is to our Toyota Sienna minivan; we call it the “beep-beep” because our van beeps when we lock the doors. This keychain also features my Arizona license-plate keychain that reads “Pretty Lady” (Kurt’s nickname for me), and my wooden personalized keychain that my sister bought for me years ago. As you can imagine, it’s not easy to find “Karyl” on a personalized object. I also have a Swiss Army Knife, complete with squeeze flashlight, on that keychain.

So there’s the contents of my purse. If you thought this was fun, please take a photo of the contents of your purse (or your wallet, if you are a man), and post it for all to see!


13 Responses to “What’s in YOUR wallet?”

  1. Rosietoes Says:

    I simply don’t carry a purse. I have a little wallet pack which contains my cards and cash, and i grab whatever else I need and pocket it.

    My mom had years worth of old purses in her closet, and whenever we were going to Disneyland, we would go through them and fetch out the unused tickets. That was when there were still “E” ticket rides. There would always be unused A,B,C, and sometimes D tickets, which were good for the lesser rides. But if you wanted to get on Pirates, or Haunted Mansion, you MUST possess an E ticket. None of this endless riding stuff!

    I believe that somewhere in my brother’s house, or perhaps in the garage that my Rat Queen is cleaning out, there still exist unused A,B,and C tickets. Wonder what would happen if I took those to Disneyland?

  2. Poolie Says:

    OMG! I just did this!

    Hope you see the picture instead of the coding!

  3. Poolie Says:

    Well, I guess you won’t see anything. LOL!

  4. Poolie Says:

    Your blogoversary is in TWO DAYS!

  5. purple chai Says:

    You’ve inspired me.

  6. Blue Opal Says:

    I should dump out my purse and photograph it, too. It’d be skeery though πŸ˜‰

  7. Kym Says:

    I will definitely have to take a picture of the contents of my purse. How interesting to see what other ladies carry?

    If I tell Jack he can go in my purse and grab whatever it is he’s looking for, he’ll hand me my purse and have me go in and grab it. On a rare occasion, he’ll go in himself but that’s extremely, extremely rare. He said he’s never gone into a lady’s purse, not even his mother’s.

    I felt weird going into my own mother’s purse. If we went in without permission, World War III would ensue. I do the same if Jack goes into my purse without permission, but like you I have nothing to hide from my husband but it’s just…like you said…an extension of our personal space.

    Look for that photo in the coming days.

  8. yankeechick Says:

    After looking at your picture and Nicole’s, you guys would just flip if you saw what’s in mine! I just might have to give it a go.

    And yeah, our purses are an extension of our personal space. I would never dream of getting in my Mom’s purse and still had a really hard time of it right up until she died. But the last couple of years I had to do it to help her. Terri never got in my purse, even when I told her it was okay. I think Chuck jumped in her s*&% once when she was a kid. I sent her to get my wallet or something and he saw her and thought she was sneaking something. (idiot!) I have no qualms with the grandkids getting in it. After all, there’s a stash of bubble gum usually waiting for them! And they’ve always been respectful enough not to paw through everything.

    I used to be 100% confident that Chuck would never get in it, but I know he goes through it quite often these past 2 or 3 years. He’s not smart enough to put things back where they were when he snoops through my stuff. (double idiot!) LOL

  9. whatdayisit Says:

    that is interesting about the purse space. I never really thought about it, my husband doesn’t like to go through my purse either. I don’t like to get into his wallet unless he asks me to. I need to clean out my winter purse and refill my summer one. It’s smaller too. Thanks for the peek at your real life.

  10. Elle Says:

    Awesome cool. Going to take pic of the menagerie in my giant D&B. A veritable mountain of gotta-haves! I never got over the whole diaper bag experience from Max.

  11. val Says:

    I just came via the blogaversy site and was reading your purse post πŸ˜‰ anyway happy bloggy birthday!

  12. sleepyjane Says:

    LOL Happy Blogoversary! πŸ™‚

    You’re purse looks wayyyy neater than mine – and looks like I’m not the only one with an addiction! Look at all those lip colours – and you say you cut down. haha!

    This was cool thanks Blue – loved it! Adore the brush!

  13. MilitaryMom Says:

    Almost makes me wish I carried a purse! But I can only keep up with a small black wallet that holds my cards. And there’s a zipper for money, not that I EVER carry any. Hope your weekend rocked!

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