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Here comes the sun 2 April 2008

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I wasn’t very productive at all today.  I don’t even know what it is I did all day.  Got up at 8:30, read my newspapers (I’m usually at least a day behind), ate breakfast, had my coffee, took a shower and got dressed.  Then… what happened?  I don’t know.  You tell me.

I must have entered a time warp or something.

Kurt took me to lunch.  There’s this place not far from the house that is simply amazing.  We went for breakfast one day, now it’s like we can’t stay away!  This time we took Gracie; all the other times we’ve gone by ourselves while Grace was in school.  She was a huge hit with the owner, of course.  She kept calling Grace’s name, then hiding from her for a few moments and popping back out again.  Grace was in stitches.

I cannot believe how much I ate for lunch!  It must be the baby.  Before I got pregnant, I wouldn’t even eat breakfast, and I could have a sandwich and half a can of soup, and that would hold me till about 3 when I’d get a small snack.  Lately I’ve been eating breakfast every day and a big lunch, and I’m still hungry!!  Sheesh!

Today I had the chicken salad club sandwich.  In between two slices of toast was chicken salad and a couple of slices of bacon.  That’s one thing this diner does perfectly, is bacon.  Not too crunchy, and not too chewy.  I don’t know how they do it, but it’s goooood.  Underneath the second slice of toast is a couple tomato slices, some lettuce, and another slice of toast.  It was such a tall sandwich it was hard to fit into my mouth, and anyone who knows me in real life knows I have a rather large mouth.  I opted for a side of potato salad, made on the premises, and that too was heavenly.  I had to add a bit of salt to it, but it was oh so good.  Huge chunks of potatoes and eggs, and the perfect balance of mayo and mustard.

Grace wolfed down her grilled cheese sandwich (holy crap, that girl has an appetite), so we got her an order of fries too.  They were hot out of the oil, so I started carefully nibbling on them while they cooled enough for Gracie to eat.  I ended up giving her half her order of fries, and I ate the other half!  No ketchup this time, just salt.  It wasn’t till later that I noticed the diner had malt vinegar!  I could have had vinegar on my fries!!  Sheesh.

That’s another thing about this pregnancy, things just seem to need more salt than before I got pregnant.  I try to limit myself; I don’t want to start retaining too much water or increasing my blood pressure.  One thing I do have when I’m pregnant is really good blood pressure, lower than it is when I’m not pregnant.

So let’s recap my lunch — a huge sandwich, a huge portion of potato salad (not a tiny little cup; we’re talking a big ol’ mound), and half an order of fries.  Good grief.

I ended up going to the commissary to get some things for dinner.  I had found an “all-natural” (whatever that means; it depends on the company) whole chicken for $6.70 for 6lbs a few days ago.  It also had a $1.50 off coupon on it.  Now, with food prices the way they are, how do you resist $5.20 for a 6lb, all-natural whole chicken?  You don’t.  I found a recipe online for Roast Chicken with Balsamic Peaches.  I was hesitant because every time I’ve made a chicken, it’s always come out underdone.  But I figured I would be adventurous.

So I had to get the peaches.  The commissary had nectarines, not peaches, but that’s pretty much the same thing.  The line to check out of the commissary (you form one line and head to the next available cashier when told to move forward) was pretty insane for a midweek afternoon, so I elected to use the self-check.  I should have known better.

The self-check is insane, and the people who work at my commissary aren’t the nicest people.  It’s the oddest thing; every other commissary I’ve ever gone to has had really nice workers.  These people, not so much.  Anyhow, to make a long story short, I ended up needing a cashier to input her code multiple times.  Once because the nectarines wouldn’t ring up, once because the shallots aren’t in the computer, and once because my coupon for the olives wouldn’t scan.  Sheesh!  And you should have seen the look on her face.  I was very much inconveniencing her.  How dare I?

But all in all, my dinner turned out absolutely perfectly.  I was concerned for a few minutes, as it was done at least a half-hour before I expected it to.  I had to look up a new time online since I had a 6lb chicken, and the recipe called for a 4lb chicken.  I read that it would take 2 to 2½ hours to cook such a large chicken, which is what I had planned on.  Only problem was, the chicken was done at 5:30pm, and Kurt wasn’t yet home!  ACK!  And I had to go get him, to boot.

It all turned out just fine, though.  The skin was crispy, the nectarines were sweet, and the meat was perfectly juicy and wonderful.  Ohhh.  Just thinking about it making my mouth water.

Kurt informed me that he was making chicken sandwiches today.  I smacked that idea down.  I’m making something like chicken tetrazzini for dinner tomorrow!!  Leftovers — YAY!

You know, I wish I could have every one of you over for dinner one night.  Wouldn’t that be fun??


8 Responses to “Here comes the sun”

  1. tiedtogetherwithasmile Says:

    I love potato salad probably more than normal, I’m so jealous.

  2. twisterjester Says:

    Yummy! I’m all in favor of chicken ANYTHING, or nearly so. Not so sure about the peaches, though, come to think of it, lol…

  3. art Says:

    potato salad and chicken!!! i had chicken salad!!!! im hungry again!!!! you sure do eat good!!! hehehehee!!! i dunno about the malt vinegar on the fries, tho. i’d rather have mayonaise!!

  4. sleepyjane Says:

    That would be SUPER fun! 🙂 I wish I could! I wish you didn’t live a kazillion miles away. *sad face*

    All this talk of food – Blue, you’re killing me here. It all sounds mouth watering. I reallu heart potato salad, with some egg and green peppers in there – – perfect! The sandwhich also sounds de-vine! 🙂

    YAY for 15 weeks pregnant – we better see some tummy pics when you start showing. I’m not sure when pregnant women start showing – I guess it’s a little different for everyone? Mmm. Google….

  5. terri t. Says:

    You are killing me, all the descriptions about your lovely lunch and dinner…and me with a cold pop tart that I really didn’t even like that much! Boo hoo!
    I would love to come over for dinner or you could come here. LOL

  6. Chelle Says:

    I wish I could come over for dinner…I actually priced tickets and they are too expensive 😦 Your meals always sound so yum, too!

  7. MilitaryMom Says:

    My mouth is literally watering reading this! Your dinner sounds so good, and we had Stouffers lasagna. Man, I gotta get back in the kitchen! I hope your pregnancy is going well!

  8. Elle Says:

    Yes! The chicken sounds divine… and yes, we’ll have to figure a way to do dinner at some point. I’ve had the same impulse to feed my bloggy friends many times!

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