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How to be grumpy 11 April 2008

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Again with the early mornings.  Blargh.  I don’t mean to whine all the time, but this baby is really taking it out of me.  I need a whole lot of sleep now, and I can’t seem to get it.  Yesterday I was exhausted all day, and this morning I had to get up at 7am to take Grace to preschool.  I know, I just need to suck it up and get used to it because once Grace starts school, I’ll be up even earlier.

Hopefully I won’t be pregnant then!

I did a bit of housework today.  The floor in my bathroom gets really nasty what with all the hairspray I use, and I decided it was time to get out the real mop and do a thorough job.  But you know, what’s the point of mopping the bathroom floor if you haven’t cleaned the bathroom first?

I have been cleaning bathrooms for most of my life.  My mom wasn’t all that fond of housework, and she also figured it’d be an excellent thing for us to learn how to do chores.  I can’t remember exactly when I started cleaning the bathroom, but I do know that by the time my sister moved out when I was 12, I was cleaning both my own bathroom and the downstairs “guest” bathroom.  In Nebraska, that was an awful set of chores, since I was cleaning two full bathrooms.  When we moved back to northern Virginia, I was cleaning one full bathroom and one teeny-tiny closet of a half-bath, so that didn’t take long at all.

When I was in college, I spent all four years in dorms with suites.  We did not have maid service for the bathrooms, like the dorms with hall bathrooms did, because the maids couldn’t get into the bathrooms without entering our rooms first.  I remember doing most of the cleaning of the bathroom up until my junior year.  That year I began rooming with That Girl (the roommate I had a mysterious falling-out with), and she and I split the bathroom duties pretty evenly between us.  We never had suitemates that were interested in helping out.  I could always tell when That Girl was cleaning the bathroom too; you could smell the bleach as soon as you walked onto the floor.  At least it was sanitary!

You’d think that I would be sick of cleaning bathrooms by now.  I am, sort of.  But I also don’t trust anyone else to get them as clean as I’d like them.  I scrub under the rim of the toilet as thoroughly as I can.  I have a special toilet seat that comes all the way off so I can clean the toilet as thoroughly as possible.  I clean nooks and crannies.  I scrub the soap bottles down.

I use Dr Bronner’s Sal Suds, diluted and put into a spray bottle.  I spray all my surfaces and then wipe down with a wet microfiber cloth.  It really cuts straight through the hairspray, and I use pretty industrial-strength hairspray.

I love Dr Bronner’s soap.  I have a gallon of the lavender version, and it’s lasted me at least a year, and will last me at least another year.  Plus the reading on the bottles is pretty amusing.  It gets pretty crazy, but it’s still amusing.  For example, “Enjoy only 2 cosmetics: enough sleep & Dr Bronner’s ‘Magic Soap’ to clean body-mind-soul-spirit instantly uniting One!  All-One!  Absolute cleanliness is Godliness!”

It goes on much further from there, trust me.

But it’s awesome soap, and I love the Sal Suds because it smells like pine trees.  Not like Pine-Sol does, though; it’s a nice gentle pine, like you’ve got a Christmas tree in the next room.

Back to housework: Once I had the bathroom clean, I went into the kitchen to fill up my mop bucket with hot, hot water and a bit of Sal Suds.  I was being Ms Efficiency and emptied the dishwasher while the mop bucket was filling.  I always feel guilty with leaving dishes in the dishwasher, ever since my good friend J informed me that I should never put it off as it only takes three minutes to empty.

Fortunately I didn’t have to sweep; Kurt had just swept the night before.  I was just finishing the floor when Kurt walked in the door.

The whole time I had been doing housework, I had been muttering under my breath at him.  He had loaded the dishwasher badly, he had put things on the top that I have asked him before to put on the bottom, he had mixed up the different types of dishes so it was harder to unload, and there was toothpaste spit all over the sink.  Grumble grumble mutter mutter grumble gripe.

I had planned on keeping it all to myself, since I’m just overly picky sometimes.  So what does Kurt do??

He gets home from work right as I’m finishing up the kitchen floor.  And what does he have in his hand??  A Slurpee — my favorite.  It was a new flavor, where usually I get a Coke Slurpee (about the only time I voluntarily drink Coke), and boy, was it goooood.

How do you stay mad when someone buys you a gift?

Then to make matters worse… I needed to call my best friend to ask her a question, and I was sitting on the couch yammering away when I realized Kurt had hijacked my mop and bucket.  Next thing I know, he’s mopped the floors of both bathrooms!  Argh!!!

So there went my bad mood.  Hmph.

He also made dinner tonight, but that’s because he kept bugging me about using the rest of the shrimp in the freezer.  He has this recipe featuring diced tomatoes, capers, basil, and loads of garlic.  And I mean loads.  My house still smells of garlic simmering in olive oil — not that I’m complaining!

I was nice to him.  I cleaned up after dinner.  Even if he did ruin my bad mood!


10 Responses to “How to be grumpy”

  1. purple chai Says:

    You’re always more tired with the second pregnancy because you’re running after the little one you already have on top of being pregnant. The first time, you can usually just get off your feet when you’re tired, but having a toddler around doesn’t give you that option anymore.

  2. twisterjester Says:

    I remember being exhausted beyond words while pregnant. Luckily it’s temporary, only lasts ’til they’re out of college *G*

  3. becca Says:

    You’re about 5 weeks ahead of me and still exhausted? I don’t feel so lazy now, I’ve passed the sickness stage and thought I’d be getting a bit more energy. Glad to know it isn’t just me. x

  4. art Says:

    back when i was preggers, i wanted to sleep all the time!! i still do!! cmon down here and clean my bathroom, willya?? 🙂

  5. terri t. Says:

    No wonder you are tired…’re superclean and you’re pregnant. Kudos to Kurt for being such a thoughtful and wonderful husband. Isn’t it nice that he finished off the bathroom chores…even if he didn’t load the dishwasher your way. I think if you count it out, he came out ahead on the male scale. I can’t believe how lucky you are that he likes to cook and likes to eat all those different types of food. My husband is so rigid about what he likes to eat that I never think to experiment for myself.

  6. Kate Says:

    Man, what a jerk! You were all set with your grumpy mood and Kurt had to go and ruin by being sweet. Oh well, better luck next time!

  7. clairec23 Says:

    Ugh, I can’t stay awake later than six pm nowadays – can’t imagine what I’m going to be like in September when Liam starts school! The thought occurred to me that I will probably still be pregnant then so hopefully the baby doesn’t decide to appear on his first day at school!!

    Does Grace know yet? Or would she understand? I think Liam is ignoring me when I talk about another new baby lol

  8. Elle Says:

    Dr. Bronner’s!!! I am a Dr. Bronner’s Peppermint freak. I dilute it and use it for everything, even clean my bathtub with it. And dern, sometimes those guys of ours ruin a perfectly good pout! Bad, naughty Kurt, and lucky you!

  9. michele Says:

    i’m glad you don’t get upset with me for not reading you on my weekends lately… i sure do miss you! please know that i am thinking of you all the time and i promise to catch up with you soon, ok?

    meanwhile, what was the new Slurpee flavor?

  10. Kym Says:

    Okay, catching up on my blog reading…

    I have to *super* clean our bathrooms too, which by the way I hate doing but they don’t get done otherwise, but I don’t like doing ANY cleaning if someone else is home. Don’t get me wrong, I love having Jack home and our house isn’t messy, per se, but it could be cleaner. When he goes back to work on Wednesday, watch out! I’m going to go on a cleaning kick.

    I feel like I’m in the way or vice versa if I clean when someone else is in the house with me.

    Sometimes, just sometimes, I wish he’d help out more, but then again nothing would get done the way *I* want it too. I guess I’m picky like that.

    Yeah–what’s the new slurpee flavor? Sounds yummy.

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