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Note to self 12 April 2008

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Note to self: When you have a SiteMeter on your page, you need to have the SiteMeter link appear on said page so that it can actually track your visitors.


I got rid of my blogroll on the side of my page because I have over forty blogs listed. And yes, I read them. All of them. But the list was just too long. It was taking up too much room on my sidebar.

So I ditched it. And then I started getting zeros on my SiteMeter reports. I let it go for a couple of days, thinking it was some kind of issue over at SiteMeter. It wasn’t till today that I finally had the lightbulb go off over my head.

Some days I really wish I had a real-live lightbulb over my head. Wouldn’t that be great?? All of a sudden, that light would go off, and people would gather around you wanting to know what kind of insight you had just gained. Sometimes it would be as mundane as figuring out why SiteMeter wasn’t working, but maybe one day you would come up with something useful, or cool! Something like the Two-da-loo featured on Poolie’s blog today.

Well, okay. Maybe not, then.

Today was quite the day! A fellow blogger, KarmaCat, lives here in Rhode Island, and we had batted around the idea of meeting at some point. We Twittered last weekend about this wonderful restaurant we both enjoy here in Newport, and I said we should meet for lunch! She Twittered back and offered to meet this weekend, and plans were made.

And today we met! We probably took up a table at the restaurant for probably far too long, but I made sure the waitress got at least a 20% tip. We wandered around Newport a bit. Wow, is this place going to get insane come summertime. It’s only April. People are still working, they’re still in school, and yet Newport is packed. The weather was nasty to boot — cold, windy, rainy, just really gross. Yet the sidewalks were packed, the restaurant was packed when we got there (but cleared out before we overstayed our welcome), and parking was nearly impossible to find. We hit gridlock to boot because people got impatient and decided to start blocking intersections. Emergency vehicles needed to get into a particular parking lot, but by the time the firetruck showed up, someone had managed to block the entrance to the lot. The firetruck blasted its horn at the car, scaring the crap out of everyone in the area because that horn is loud.

I think the only way we’re coming to Newport in the summer is if we take the bus there. And even still, I doubt I can handle the crowds. Me and crowds — we just don’t get along.

Oh!  And we went into the Marriott to check out their pool.  See, we can swim in their pool for $15 per person, if we’d like.  We’ve been spending so long trying to find a decent indoor pool ever since we moved away from Washington state.  The three of us are fish, and we miss the water.

The pool was blah.  Just your average rectangular swimming pool going from a depth of 3½ feet to about five feet.  Hmph.

But!  We did find a wedding.  A very ritzy, hoity-toity wedding, no less.  We tried to get photos, but we were too far away and the light was too low.

The bridesmaids dresses!  How to explain these dresses!!  From a distance, they were pretty scary.  Karma described them as “salmon pink with a lavender sash.”  We agreed these colors just don’t go.  (Friends don’t let friends mix lavender and salmon.)  Not only were they garishly colored, they were also voluminous! (Neener!!)  The skirt was a whole lot of fabric gathered up into “artfully messy” tiers.  We got a close-up look of one of the bridesmaids; it was worse being so close to such a disaster.  Those “artfully messy” tiers were decorated with many beads, and were held off the body with hoops.  Hoops!!  From a distance, it looked as though the dresses were all strapless (the girls were all wearing salmon stoles over their shoulders), but close up, we could see they had rhinestone-studded straps.  And to add to the sparkle effect, there was an inch-wide strip of rhinestone-encrusted goodness along the top of the bodice.

These dresses really could have given Liberace a run for his money.

The bride’s dress was just as bad.  Her dress featured those same “artfully messy” tiers, and the same rhinestone straps.  There was also a train several feet long, and the same rhinestones thrown among the tiers.  It was just insane.

It makes me so thankful for my small, inexpensive wedding with my dress from Macy’s that I’ve worn probably seven times since then.

Ye gods.


So I invited KarmaCat back to my house, and we sat and chatted and had a fantastic time! She is a really lovely lady, and really easy to talk to. I am so thankful I have met someone like her here in Rhode Island. YAY for new friends!


11 Responses to “Note to self”

  1. twisterjester Says:

    Meeting online buddies is SO much fun! I’ve stayed friends for years with some of my cyber friends ‘n family. Wouldn’t trade you for anything!

  2. whatdayisit Says:

    You had another fun day….You lucky girl! I soooo wish you could have gotten a picture of those dresses…OMG! First, it is shocking to know they are manufactured but then it is shocking to think what they paid for them and what kind of taste does this person have? Did the bridal party look happy to be wearing them? It sounds like it should be a SNL feature….

  3. cardiogirl Says:

    It seems like a lot of my blogging friends are meeting each other lately. Isn’t that funny? It must be spring in the air and the feeling of new beginnings and possibilities. Or something.

    Yes, I would love to have a light bulb over my head. But then everyone else would know the exact moment when I got the concept, you know? I like to have a little bit of mystery surrounding me.

  4. Shippie Says:

    Woo hoo! Another online friendship solid in a real life face to face encounter! Congrats to you and I’m glad it went well. Lol, I still laugh when I think about how you and I met up the first time. Too funny! As for the light bulb….not a good idea. I’m afraid I’d see too many people withOUT one going off over their heads….EVER….and that would just be a validated suspicion that would make me sad! BTW…i cannot believe how huge Gracie is!!! Lawdy lawdy!! Start teaching her how to change diapers now so she can help you out when Rugrat#2 shows himself!! (Yes, I’m still rooting for a boy, lol)

  5. yankeechick Says:

    How awesome that you & Karmacat got together! I am envious of both of you! Someday I hope to meet all of my blog buds. Heh, don’t we all? Tombstone will be a great start, eh?! (Shippie has me hooked on her “eh”. Love it 🙂 )

  6. Elle Says:

    Lavender and salmon. Instant Nausea! Gald (and terribly jealous) that you got to face-to-face with a bloggy friend!

  7. Elle Says:

    uh, that was GLAD.

  8. michele Says:

    great job of describing the dresses!! i could picture them perfectly. i’m glad you’re meeting new friends! at least one of us is!! 🙂

  9. karmacat Says:

    I can’t even say that the bride chose those horrific gowns to make her “friends” look bad, as hers was similar in style. Surely, those girls are no longer her friends. I think they all (how many were there — 8 at least?) chipped in and got her some crappy salad spinner for a wedding gift.

  10. karmacat Says:

    Uh-oh. I just noticed the colors in my icon. Kind of salmon and lavender.

  11. […] It’s official.  I’m a “lovely lady.”  Haha.  Read it here. […]

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