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Beach weather 19 April 2008

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It was incredibly gorgeous again today! Yesterday got up to 78º, where today was 10º cooler. But even still — that’s far better than the low 50s it’s supposed to be tomorrow.

A few weeks ago Kurt bought a kite for Grace. Almost every day, she’s been asking, “Can we go fly the kite? Are we going to fly the kite today??” Kurt decided that today was so gorgeous that we just had to go to the beach and see if we could manage to get the kite in the air. We’d seen some folks flying kites over on the neighboring island yesterday, and Kurt kept kicking himself for not bringing the kite with us on our jaunt.

Off we went to Easton’s Beach, next to the Cliff Walk and very near to most of the mansions of the ultra rich of the late 19th century.

Wow. People were out in force today! It’s like all the lovely weather caused people to pour out of the woodwork. One parking lot was almost entirely full, so we had to come back and park at the other lot. It was actually for the better; that side of the beach was far less crowded, so we didn’t need to worry about too many people around us while we were trying to get the kite aloft.

Kurt did pretty well getting the kite in the air! The only problem was, the kite’s just a tad too heavy for the wind we had today, so we ended up having to run down the beach to keep the kite in the air. Oh darn. We need the exercise!

Grace loved watching the kite, but finally the pull of the ocean was just too much for her. She went dashing off to dip her toes. I figured the water would be pretty darn cold, it being only the second warm day of spring, but it was surprisingly warm! Every so often, a wave would bring colder water in from the deeper areas of the Atlantic, and then you could feel the bone-chilling cold of the water. But for the most part, the water was quite pleasantly warm, almost bath temperature.

She and I spent a good amount of time with the waves crashing over our toes. We were both in skirts, but because she’s quite a bit shorter than I, her skirt got extremely wet in the front. Kurt and I figured it would still be too cold even to dip our toes, so we had no thought of bringing her swimsuit. Now I wish we had.

I even got into the kite-flying! Kurt took over camera duties for me and took some great shots of me running my fool head off, trying to keep the kite aloft. Then as I was playing out the cord, it accidentally got tangled in my hair clip! Kurt kept shooting, not realizing what had happened. So now I have a goofy photo of myself, giggling and trying to get the darn cord out of my hair.  (And yes, that is Gracie racing around in the background.  We’re wonderful parents, letting our kid run amok on her own.)

Finally Grace informed us she had to find a restroom, and the only one Kurt could see was a port-a-potty with a line of at least ten people. We decided to cut our trip to the beach short so we could find a restroom. From the beach we went to the mall, where I returned two bras that I bought online but didn’t fit. It’s official — I am too large (and yet too small in the band) for American bras. I guess I will just have to stick to my English bras at $55 each. Ouch.

I suppose that’s the price I have to pay to stay away from backaches, and one I am gladly willing to pay! I just wish they came in pretty colors. Right now, my favorite style only comes in nude, pink, black, and chocolate. The style I had gotten that I had to return came in a pattern called Hawaiian Holiday; it was a really obnoxious white, black, green, and black print with pink straps and black bows at the ends of the straps. It was so totally me. In fact, when I returned it to the store, all the clerks gathered around and oohed and ahhed over how cute it was. Each one said she wanted that same print. The problem I had with that particular style was I looked very much like a serving wench at a Renaissance Faire, about to fall out of my undergarments if I took too deep of a breath!

Thanks, but no thanks.

On the agenda tomorrow — more sleep! I think I am going to try to institute a mandatory nap time for me every day. If that means I have to take a 30-45 minute nap while Kurt’s home for lunch, so be it. This constant exhaustion is for the birds. Time to get proactive!!!


4 Responses to “Beach weather”

  1. kitchenlogic Says:

    hey sweetie! e-mail me at Okay?

  2. becca Says:

    $55 for English bras!!! What a con!!!! Mine cost me £6 each (around 9-10 dollars) the postage cant be that high either. Email link on my page if theres anything I can get you. We get some good ones over here but all depends on your size and how the fittings vary between US and UK. x

  3. terri t. Says:

    That bra did sound……festive! I have trouble with the straps falling….I am not an expert on bras since I usually buy the cheap ones but maybe I need to go to one of those stores where the “store expert” tells you what to buy.
    Sounds like you got a nice hook-up (no pun intended) to a source in England to get your favorite bras there. Good luck

  4. michele Says:

    You look so cute in this pic and genuinely happy! Yay!!! Sorry you’re so tired all the time.

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