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Another fine day in the sun 20 April 2008

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Last night, the POD (or plan of the day, for you civilian types) consisted solely of allowing Kurt to change the oil in the little car. We were all piled into the minivan on our way to Wal-Mart to procure oil filter and new oil when I said to Kurt, “You know, we could just take the car to Jiffy Lube.”

We have mixed feelings about Jiffy Lube. For one thing, the one and only class Kurt paid attention to in high school was auto shop. Secondly, his after-school job was at a gas station, doing oil changes and other maintenance work on vehicles. He even pumped gas for those who wanted the full service option.

But the main reason is because of what happened when he moved from Hawaii to Virginia. See, Kurt owned a red 1992 Mazda Navajo at the time, and the only way to get it from Hawaii to Virginia was to have it shipped. He felt it would be a great idea to take it to Jiffy Lube to have everything checked out before it made the long journey across both the Pacific and the lower 48. However, three days after he picked it up from the shipping company in Virginia, the transmission seized up on his way to go bowling with my friends and me. There was absolutely no transmission fluid in the vehicle. Kurt had asked the shipping company if there were any fluids found underneath the vehicle while on board the ship, and they said there was none. Apparently even though Jiffy Lube swore his transmission fluid was topped off, there’s no way that could have happened. Kurt believes that yes, the transmission fluid had leaked out slowly over the years of his owning the vehicle, but if Jiffy Lube had done all the checking of fluids that the receipt indicated, they would have found that his transmission fluid was seriously low and filled it back up.

Kurt took the Navajo to a repair shop, where he invested in a rebuilt transmission. He didn’t have the funds to pay for a new transmission at the time, since he was just an E-5 (Petty Officer Second Class) who had just moved across country. However, Jiffy Lube recognized their fault in the situation and paid for the transmission itself, while Kurt paid for the labor.

Thirty-one days later, the truck seized up once more. Kurt could not get it out of third gear; it was stuck. We took it back to the repair shop, who informed us that rebuilt transmissions have a thirty-day warranty. Of all the luck!!! Fortunately, Kurt was able to convince them to fix the problem. We did have to pay for labor once more, but that’s better than the $3000 a new transmission was going to run us.

Or him, rather. We weren’t even engaged at the time. We were barely even dating. I just knew we’d end up together, that’s all.

Kurt made me giggle this morning. Well, HE didn’t. I was listening to WHJY this morning, my new favorite radio station (playing classic and modern rock), while I got ready, and they were playing an interview of Aerosmith that was recorded in 1993, right when their Get A Grip album debuted.

It was really quite fascinating. The interviewer was discussing Aerosmith’s unique way of recording their songs, since they still did it the old-skool way with the entire band in the recording studio at once. Apparently bands nowadays rarely have the whole band in the studio at the same time; instead, they’ll record the guitars one day, and the drums a completely different day. No wonder some bands sound awful live.

They played “Deuces Are Wild” in the midst of the interview because it was recorded during the Get A Grip sessions, even though it didn’t make the album. I told Kurt that he could have sung it to me, especially the lyric, “I’ve loved you since you were a child” since he met me when I was just 15. He sort of glared at me playfully and reminded me he dated other women before we got married, but I told him he was just practicing for when we finally got together!

It makes perfect sense to me. Right??

Speaking of Aerosmith, when I got into the shower this morning, “Fever” was playing. I was listening to it and thinking to myself, “Someone redid a Garth Brooks song??” Keep in mind this was before I realized they were doing an Aerosmith show. It wasn’t till I was out that the dj mentioned it was an Aerosmith song. So then my next thought was, “Aerosmith redid a Garth Brookes song??” I was so confused. See, a good chunk of my music awareness has come from CDs, especially greatest hits compilations. Sometimes my timelines are wayyyy off.

Aerosmith’s “Fever” came out in 1993, while Garth Brooks’s version “The Fever” came out in 1995. I told Kurt that the country version sounds better to my ears, which he vehemently disagreed with. In the World According to Kurt, Aerosmith is the Greatest Band Ever. The Beatles don’t even make the list, in his world. That, I highly disagree with.

But that’s neither here nor there.

Anyhow.  So we bit the bullet and took the car to Jiffy Lube.  Since that was over in less than twenty minutes, we had plenty of time to kill for the rest of the day!

We decided to head up to Fort Adams, an old defensive fort protecting Newport, to see if there was room to throw around a Frisbee and to fly the kite again. Once there, we admired the little sailing boats out on the water. These were operated by probably teens, and they were tiny. I called them “sailors in training.” The Salve Regina University sailors were out in force as well, only their boats were of a more normal size.

By that time I had to visit the restroom (big surprise there, what with being pregnant), so we walked up to the visitors’ center. Here’s a conundrum — the visitors’ center is only open Monday through Friday from 9am to 3pm. No weekend hours. There was a sign on the door saying that restrooms were located on the hill above the beach, so we walked around the main building of the fort, thinking we could find the beach eventually.

I managed to snag some nice shots, but a bathroom?? Um, no. Those directions were absolutely useless to anyone not familiar with the area. We kept walking, even through a gate, because I felt the path had to end in a loop on the other side of the fort. We actually ended up in Navy housing that’s part of the fort, and we found a tiny little Navy Exchange outpost. They didn’t have a bathroom, but the community center next door did. We elected to walk through housing to get back to our car, and it really was a lovely walk. The less nice homes (though they were all fairly nice) had to belong to students at the War College who are only here for a short time, usually less than a year. Grace’s new friend’s dad is a student there, and they offered him housing at Fort Adams, which he turned down. Then we found the really nice homes, lovely old rowhouses that look so cozy in which to live. I almost wished we lived there because there were so many children outside playing, and the parents would be walking along and greeting the other adults they passed. Such a change from my neighborhood, where most people stay inside all the time.

We walked for at least an hour, so I’m guessing we got our exercise today!


6 Responses to “Another fine day in the sun”

  1. yankeechick Says:

    WHAT!!!!! The Beatles don’t even make Kurt’s list??????? That’s it! I’m blocking him from my Twitter list!!! Of all the nerve………………………………………………………

  2. Poolie Says:

    Yankeechick has said it all!

  3. sleepyjane Says:

    Car troubles are such a drag. I got my car back from being repaired and it’s all better now. 🙂

    Oh and I freaking love Aerosmith.

  4. michele Says:

    Well I guess YC & Poolie are gonna have to block me from Twitter, too as I also cannot STAND the Beatles. I don’t see what was so great about them anyway. They have a few good songs that I like but overall, not my style. And don’t get me started about the Rolling Stones……

    That era you’re referring to with Aerosmith was when I was first in the Navy and I first met / hung out with Kurt. 🙂 Tell him he earns a notch more respect in my book for liking Aerosmith over the Beatles. Kinda of makes up for him not liking cinnamon! 😉

  5. Blue Opal Says:

    Car repairs SUCK. I’ve had comparable experiences (like the alternator that had to be replaced THREE TIMES since December.) I hope this is the end of your car issues.

  6. wcdiva Says:

    I am not a Beatles girl. I am not old enough to appreciate the Beatles. I am way more of a Aerosmith, AC/DC, Van Halen kind of a girl:)

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