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“Sounds like someone’s got a case of the Mondays!” 21 April 2008

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Ha.  No, I don’t.  I just love that line.  Hell, I love the entire movie.  And I don’t even work in an office!!!

The best part?  When the guys take a baseball bat to the copy machine, with that “so you wanna be a gangsta?” song going on in the background.  And then the other two have to drag Michael Bolton away from it.


It was a somewhat busy day.  A busy morning, anyhow.  I dropped Gracie off at school, grabbed my prescription, and headed to the naval hospital.  My civilian OB had given me a script for iron pills, since I had been complaining of fatigue and because I was on iron when I was pregnant with Grace.  I expected to wait about an hour to get my prescription filled, but the price is right — FREE.

As soon as I handed the script to the pharmacy assistant, he informed me they don’t carry ferrous glutonate; they only have ferrous sulfate.  I asked if he could call my OB to have it changed, which he gladly did even though he didn’t think she would change it for me.  He said that there was a reason she gave me the glutonate instead of the sulfate; it would be unlikely she would change the script.

He called my OB, only to find out they’re closed on Mondays.

So I went to CVS.

CVS told me the ferrous glutonate wouldn’t be covered by my insurance since it’s a OTC medication.  She told me that if I wanted to pay for it out of pocket, that would be fine.  Apparently a 30-day supply is $1.89, cheaper than it is on the shelf, so I asked her to fill the prescription for me.

She misread my prescription and labeled my meds as “Karly.”


My OB has really fantastic handwriting.  I can read her prescriptions, even if I have no idea what any of it means.  There’s really no excuse to misspell my name.  If the pharmacist is getting names wrong, how do I know she’s getting the medications right?

I had her change my information.  I couldn’t stand to see “Karly” on my pill bottle every day.  I know I’m overreacting a little bit, but I really despise the name “Karly.”  For one thing, it’s not my name.  It’s not even really that close to my name.  Secondly, all the Carlys and Karlys I’ve ever known were not nice people.  If she had written “Carol,” it wouldn’t have bothered me nearly as much.  I guess it’s because “Carol” and “Karyl” are the same thing, really.


I managed to get in a 90-minute nap today, which pleased me greatly.  I love naps.  I wasn’t sure I was going to get one, as Miss Grace was being Miss Grump, but she quite happily read quietly in her room while I napped.  I had hoped she would nap as well, but I guess that’s too much to ask for.  But I’ll take reading in her room quietly.  I’m going to try to institute a mandatory nap time every day.  I do try to get at least 8-9 hours of sleep a night, but apparently I just can’t be awake for too long at a stretch.  Even now I’m getting tired.

Since Kurt had to work late, and because our friend needed to borrow our washer (hers is on the fritz — boo), I still hadn’t made dinner by 6:30pm tonight.  So Kurt decided we should go to the Chinese buffet.  And what was on the buffet tonight??  Crab legs!  Yum!

The waitress at the buffet was thrilled with Grace.  She kept talking to her and cuddling with her.  She sort of weirded me out a bit, but then I think she’s got a different perspective of personal space than we do.  But she was really nice; she only meant well by her attention.  And she even brought Grace a bowl of ice cream with sprinkles on it!

But the evening was seriously marred by the behavior of another guest at the restaurant.  I was seated facing the front of the restaurant, and Kurt was seated facing the back.  Behind us was a group of women and a couple of kids, and one of the women was extremely drunk.

How do I know she was drunk?  When I first noticed her, she was refusing to move from the circular table she wanted to sit at to the booth where the rest of the party was seated.  Her voice was high and shrill, and she was making a scene.  Finally she sat with the rest of her group in the booth, and the next thing I hear her say, and to the poor Chinese waiter, no less, was “F*CK DIET COKE!”  I think she was trying to encourage the other ladies to get real Coke over diet, but still.  There was children present, not just the ones she was with, but all the children in the restaurant that heard her statement at full volume.

(Side note: Anyone know why we have both Diet Coke and Coke Zero, when they look like they’re the same thing?  Diet Coke is actually a completely different formulation from Coca-Cola Classic.  That’s unusual because usually a soda company will remove the high fructose corn syrup from the formula and replace it with aspartame or sucrose to make it “diet.”  Coke Zero does just that; it’s the Coke Classic formula with the addition of a zero-calorie sweetener.  See?  My blog is educational!)

Kurt kept watching her since he was facing that way, and he knew this woman was totally drunk.  It was disgusting how she was acting; loud, boisterous, all huggy and sloppy…  When we were paying, they were still up front figuring out what they were going to do with the rest of the evening, and she breathed high-proof alcohol fumes right into his face.  He half-jokingly said as we left that I should drive; those fumes were so bad he might have gotten drunk off them!

Anyone who’s known me for a while knows I have issues with drunks, and why I have them.  I’ve been exposed to drunk people at a very young age, with all the maudlin behavior that goes along with it.  I know what’s it’s like to have someone up in your face, crying with mascara streaming down, when you’re only a small child and you don’t really know what’s going on.  I know what it’s like to be around someone who’s happy and cheery one minute, and pissed off and belligerent the very next second.  I know what it’s like to hear fights being picked simply because the drunk wants to fight.

Look, if you enjoy your alcohol, and you are having a good time with your buddies, and you end up a bit tipsy or even a bit drunk, I’m not talking about you.  This woman was drunk off her ass at 6:30pm on a Monday, in front of children, no less — one of whom was a pre-teen and therefore very impressionable.  There’s a time and a place to be drunk, not at a family restaurant.

And what makes it even more pathetic was she didn’t get any alcohol the whole time she was at the buffet.  She must have been seriously inebriated to have been still so incredibly drunk an hour after she arrived.

I can’t even imagine.

It really messed me up for the rest of the evening.


13 Responses to ““Sounds like someone’s got a case of the Mondays!””

  1. Catie Says:

    Pepsi does the same thing. There’s Pepsi, Diet Pepsi and Pepsi One. I believe the One and Zero are made with Splenda which has a different flavor from aspartame. The Soda companies don’t want to loose fans (New Coke, anyone?) so they just added a new diet product instead of replacing the old.

  2. sleepyjane Says:

    ‘I’ve been exposed to drunk people at a very young age, with all the maudlin behavior that goes along with it’ – – – I hear you. And I can write BOOKS about it but I won’t. All that I will say about that though, is that is SUCKS!! And no one should go through that at any age.

    I say YAY for naps. 🙂

  3. chaosdaily Says:

    although the drunks are a good way for teens to see how stupid one looks when drunk!

  4. Yankeechick Says:

    What a crappy way to ‘try’ to enjoy your dinner! There’s NO excuse for that type of behavior.

  5. michele Says:

    Don’t you dare apologize for being picky about your name. I am as well. It’s the curse we’ve both endured for both of our lives. I have seriously considered getting a vanity plate that reads: “One L”

    The funny thing is that whenever I hear the name “Carol” I don’t picture it in my mind spelled that way. I *ALWAYS* picture it spelled “Karyl”. 😉

  6. purple chai Says:

    When you have a name that is spelled non-traditionally, people are always trying to “correct” it for you. This drives me crazy. I have spelled my name correctly for them, but I guess they assume I made a mistake and they fix it for me. It’s more common for me than other people getting my name right. (I blame my mother! In my next life: Susan. Or Mary.)

  7. Elle Says:

    Absolutely you MUST be picky about your name. I know I am, and no one ever gets it the first time. It is Ellen. But all the world thinks, Elaine, Helen, Eileen, Alice. Even shortening it as Elle (which seems to be what friends and family tend to do,) written as such there’s a tendency towards Ell-ee, and I totally hate just El. Bah.

    And Sloshella, shame on her. No excuse.

  8. Aimee Says:

    I work around drunks all the time. They are stupid idiots and usually mentally screwed up. It does not surprise me a bit that she was drunk at 6:30 on a Monday. I see people waiting at the door for their first drink at 11 am any day of the week. Ugg!

  9. terri t. Says:

    So other than having problems getting your iron meds refilled, having your name misspelled and Miss Grumpy Pants not taking a nap…how was your day? Oh yes, the drunk lady at the restaurant. I bet she was saying…f–k the Diet Coke because she wanted alcohol. It is too bad that she was acting that way in front of the public, not to mention her own people. Too bad the restaurant couldn’t ask her to leave. But she probably would have made a worse scene if they approached her. You can be proud that you have outlived the bad stuff in your life and are giving Gracie and the new baby-to-be a wonderful childhood filled with love, adventure and laughter.

  10. karmacat Says:

    I love that movie, too. For me, it’s the building ablaze that makes me feel all warm and fuzzy.

    It sounds like the woman at the buffet was mixing booze and medication(s) to be so loopy for that long after drinking. Lovely.

  11. Blue Opal Says:

    Ack – drunks are bad any time, but it’s inexcusable at a family restaurant. I feel sorry for you, but feel sorrier for that woman’s family 😦

  12. cardiogirl Says:

    I would have been freaked out by the wrong name on my prescription as well. Even if it was just a variant of my name, it would make me wonder, just like you did, um did you give me the right meds?

    And I would notice the bottle every single day when I took the medicine. Every day. I know I would.

  13. requiel Says:

    Oh my freakin heck! I love your blog!! I don’t know why I waited so long to check it out. This entry is so great. As I’m reading it, I’m commenting in my head on everything.

    I love Office Space, it’s one of my favorite movies. While we were in Cancun lying by the ocean I kept saying ” no salt, not salt on my margarita” I don’t drink…alcohol btw. Heh,heh.

    I love diet Coke but I love Coke Zero even more. YUM-O!!

    Loud drunken foul mouthed people drive me crazy. I tended bar in my sister’s pool hall for a year and I think I was almost killed by a regular customer for cutting off his beer.

    Congrats on the pregnancy! I will be back to check on you often. 😉

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