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Under the wire 23 April 2008

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Whoops. I sort of forgot to update yesterday. And then today, it sort of got past me again. Kurt’s wanting to go to bed, and I desperately want to go with him. But I need to update! GAHHH!!

I got sucked into researching diffusers for my pop-up flash for my dSLR. I know, I know. Like I need more camera accessories. But this is cheap, as they come, and will really make a difference in my casual indoor shots. I almost always keep the flash off because I hate the light, and getting my big flash onto my camera is sometimes more than I want to deal with. This is a little device that contains a mirror, and when you slip it over the flash, the light from the flash is bounced upward and off the ceiling, rendering a more natural light. You also reduce the chance of red-eye happening, and you don’t get those nasty, harsh shadows. Have you ever taken a photo indoors where the subject is really brightly lit-up and the background is dark and hidden in shadow? This will solve that problem.

I’m so stoked.

Today has been an off-again, on-again good day. That probably makes very little sense, but it’s what happened today. I woke up extremely groggy yet again, but I was worried that there was something wrong with Grace because she sounded like she was whimpering. But she wasn’t. I guess she was just talking to herself quietly.

Kurt called me around noon to tell me he wouldn’t be home for lunch, that he was working through lunch so he could hopefully come home earlier. He’s been working crazy hours all week — 6:45am start time, very little time for lunch, and not getting home till nearly 6pm. It’s the end of this classroom session, and the students are undergoing inspections. It’s not going well this time, hence the awful schedule. When he told me he’d hopefully be home by 3pm, I doubted it.

He was home by 1:30pm. I hadn’t even had a chance to have lunch!

So we took the car in to have it inspected. We have Rhode Island plates on the little car now, but that means it has to pass a Rhode Island inspection. While that was happening, Kurt took me out to lunch at sushi because I’d gotten an email from Dell saying the delivery of my laptop was going to be delayed, that they would ship my laptop on 1 May. It was supposed to be shipped today.  I bought the darn thing on 10 April, thinking that I would get it in plenty of time before Kurt left on his trip on the 27th.

While we were enjoying an amazingly tasty sushi lunch (I had the spicy sushi combo — yum yum!), Midas called to tell us there was a crack in the catalytic converter, meaning that our car fails inspection. But! It should be covered under warranty because it’s an emissions thing; it has a longer warranty than everything else. Even if it isn’t covered, Midas said it would cost “only” $94 for them to weld the crack shut. The only other thing we failed on was a missing license plate light, which will be easy for Kurt to fix.

After lunch, we came home to get the little car and then took Gracie to a park to play. She ran amok over the playground while Kurt and I flung the Frisbee and also tossed a ball using those Velcro paddles to catch it. I did pretty well with the catching and throwing; I was highly proud of myself. And it was quite warm today, though I committed a fashion faux pas by wearing a sweater hoodie with my shorts.

Actually I’d fit right in if I were in Nebraska, even moreso if I had socks on with my Birkenstocks.

Dinner consisted of a very yummy chicken salad with dill that I had on a toasted Portuguese bun, along with a salad. We’d stopped at a grocery to get dinner because I just had no more energy left to cook.

Kurt also called Dell several times tonight, and was simply told that a rush order could be put on the laptop, with no guarantee it would actually be rushed. He called back to speak with a supervisor only to be told there wasn’t one available. All we could be told is there was a part that was delayed by the manufacturer that was causing the delay, but they couldn’t tell us which part is was so that we could change that part. I didn’t even really customize the laptop; all I did was add a webcam.  They wouldn’t give us a discount for the inconvenience either.

So we have the cons of today:

  • Kurt worked through lunch
  • Cracked catalytic converter
  • Delayed laptop (which renders me incommunicado next week while Kurt takes this laptop to Florida with him on his business trip)
  • Not getting any satisfaction from Dell, which is supposed to be #1 in customer service

And then we have the pros:

  • Kurt comes home early from work
  • Repair could be covered under warranty, but is cheap to fix if we do have to pay for it
  • Yummy sushi lunch
  • Playing outside in the lovely weather
  • Throwing the ball well with Kurt
  • Having a yummy dinner

So I guess the pros win for today. YAY!


10 Responses to “Under the wire”

  1. Blue Opal Says:

    Grrr for the laptop situation. That’s really inexcuable. IMHO it’s time to step things up and ask again to speak to a supervisor – and don’t take no for an answer. I know whereof I speak. Then if they won’t give you guaranteed delivery by XX date, demand to know at LEAST what the holdup is, and ask for that darned discount. If you don’t get the right result, get a place to request in writing from their top management office, period.

    It’s ridiculous the things business gets away with these days.

  2. Poolie Says:

    Dang laptop situation! Dang!

  3. sleepyjane Says:

    Aww, I’d aslo be mad if my laptop was delayed! I will really miss you when you’re out of action next week. 😦 It sucks. Bah!

  4. yankeechick Says:

    I can’t imagine not having you around for even a day!! It was bad enough when you moved! Waaaaa!!! We should all write Dell and protest!

  5. Shear Says:

    “socks with birkenstocks” – *giggle*
    I wear funky socks with my Crocs. Sometimes I mismatch my patterned socks on purpose.

    I tried sushi for the first time the other night. I kept thinking BlueSleepy likes this stuff…I’m gonna try it. Hubby laughed his head off when I returned from the buffet with one of each kind to sample. I have to admit that I loved the salmon. That was hubby’s least favorite!

  6. michele Says:

    Oh, that’s not a fashion faux pas! People do that all the time here… it’s actually *IN* fashion for south Florida.

    Speaking of which, where in Florida is Kurt going to be located and for how long??

  7. Elle Says:

    Booooo on your laptop, but yay that the day balanced to the good. Mine did too, another softly whispered yay.

  8. Chelle Says:

    I can’t believe your laptop is taking so long to ship! Maybe the sickly desktop will hold out just while Kurt is gone. If not, I will really miss you. (You can always call me and I will fill you in on all the happenings on 10Cakes!)

  9. whatdayisit Says:

    A hoodie with shorts is not a fashion faux pas here either…of course, Indiana is not the fashion capital of the world so whatever….. Back in the day, we used to wear sweatshirts with our shorts in the winter!
    I agee with the others, try writing online to Dell and complain. It shouldn’e take that long to ship out a computer with no big changes in the basics……

  10. purple chai Says:

    Well, enjoy that new laptop. Although I’m into Macs now, lots of people around me still have Dells, and we have them at school, and I’ve been very turned off by them. They kind of outgrew themselves.

    In fact, black bears are very common here; we have a controversial black bear hunt every year to thin out their numbers. But bears this close to where I am are rare. There was a coyote in the same place last year; it bit a kid at the nearby Catholic high school who thought it was a sick dog and tried to help it.

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