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This post brought to you by… 24 April 2008

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Well, folks. The laptop situation has been resolved, but in a very interesting way.

Kurt arrived home at 11:30am this morning, done for the day. That was nice because he’s been working an insane amount lately. He’s been going in at 6:45am, getting 15 minutes or so for lunch if he gets any at all, and arriving home at 5:45 or 6pm. Definitely not fun for him or me.

It’s also been stressful because this was his inspection week with his students. Sort of like final exams, only a separate training group comes in to test the students. Kurt’s had the whiniest class every this round; every time he announced a test, they would whine and say, “Do we have to take the test? Can’t it be open book?? Can we make it take-home?? Aww, c’mon, Chief!!!!”

Just so you know, the last method of trying to get Kurt to do something is whine at him. Seriously. It does not work.

Several of his students failed one area or another, and they had to do some remedial training on the spot. But the training group backed the instructors up by saying there was no reason these students should be this far behind. Every other group they’ve tested has been far better, with the same instructors. The students wanted to blame the instructors for everything… but it’s really not realistic.

So it was nice to have Kurt home early today. Tomorrow’s graduation, so he should be home early again, just in time for him to jet off to Florida to test his students on a real, live ship.

This should be interesting. I’m glad it’s him going, and not me!

When he got home, he called Dell to ask them what was going on with my laptop. He called several times last night to try to figure out why the laptop was so delayed, and he couldn’t get a straight answer. The most they could tell him is that they were waiting on a part that was on backorder. That’s all fine and dandy, but what was the part?? That, they wouldn’t tell him.

He talked to several customer service representatives (aka CSRs) last night, as well as their supervisors. They told him nothing. Absolutely nothing.

So this afternoon he called them back. Finally they told him the part that was backordered was the pink case. Well, fine then. Let’s go with a different color! Oh no, you can’t do that. You have to cancel and rebuild your system.

Let me make it clear that I did very little to upgrade my system as built. All I did was change the color of the case to pink and add a webcam. In every other way, the system was just as offered on the Dell website.

As time went on, Kurt and I were getting more and more frustrated. We weren’t asking for the moon. We were asking for some kind of compensation for the huge inconvenience we were going to have to deal with. Kurt asked if they would upgrade our shipping to free next-day air to make it up to us. That was a no-go. Kurt asked for some kind of discount to make it up to us. No way. Kurt asked, “What are you going to do to make us happy, since you are supposedly #1 in customer satisfaction?”

The answer he kept getting, “Well, you could always cancel your order.” Basically Dell was telling us to take our $1200 and shove it. Why would they need us? They have huge corporate customers; even the Navy gets all its computers from Dell. I mentioned this issue to 10Cakes, and nearly every one of them use Dell computers at their desks. Dell couldn’t care less about a tiny little person like me.

Kurt kept asking for supervisors, and at one point, he even asked to talk to that supervisor’s boss. He was informed that he couldn’t talk to his boss, that he couldn’t be connected to him and Kurt couldn’t get his number. The supervisor kept telling him, “I’m the highest you can go.” Kurt got kind of snippy at that point and said, “What, am I talking to the CEO of Dell now??” That annoyed the supervisor, but you know — WHO CARES?? Not at this point, anyhow.

We went laptop shopping today. First we checked the Navy Exchange. They didn’t have much, which wasn’t surprising. I could get Kurt’s exact laptop but with a different keyboard for a good price, or I could go nutzoid and get a Sony for a million dollars. OK, not that much, but it was out of my price range. Then we tried Staples. I found a Dell that would serve my purposes for a very good price, $400 less than the one I was getting online. Only our Staples only had one left, so we had them call another store and reserve it for us because I did not want a laptop everyone had had their paws all over for weeks or months at a time.

I was also hesitant to buy a Dell, since I am so mad at them right now. I mean, really!!! So what if I’m buying just one computer instead of 1000?? Shouldn’t I matter too?

While we were at Staples, I used their computers to see if there was a Best Buy near the other Staples we were going to. Hey, I had to cover all bases. We found (and here’s where I take a deep breath) an HP laptop that would more than do for my needs. Its specifications are much better than the Dell’s, for $100 less. Can’t beat that with a stick!

(For those of who you care, I have 4GB RAM, 320GB of hard drive space, 1.83Ghz dual-core processor [though it seems so much faster], 17″ screen — and it even comes with a remote for when I use my Media Center.)

I’m just sort of weirded out by buying an HP. Ten, fifteen years ago, anyone who bought an HP knew they were buying trouble. But apparently they’ve really come up in the world. I guess we’ll see how it works out.

Kurt called Dell as soon as we got home, and before I opened the box. It was then that Dell told us we couldn’t cancel the order, that it was going to ship in a few days, and it was too far gone in the production process. WHAT?!?!? This was just a few hours after they kept telling Kurt that if he didn’t like how we were being treated, we could always cancel the order.

Kurt immediately asked for that guy’s supervisor, and finally we got the order canceled. We even have a confirmation order. That’s when I opened my new HP and got working. It’s so awesome to have a new computer, but boy is it frustrating at the same time. I had to switch over all my bookmarks, download and install Trillian, Firefox, and Kaspersky, restart about a million times…. One of the very first things I did was get rid of Norton’s. *shudders* My dad never had a problem with it, but it doesn’t seem to like me. At all. That’s why we switched to Kaspersky.

Things are now running a bit more swimmingly. Initially this computer was losing its connection to the internet when Kurt shut down his laptop, but maybe that was coincidental. We tested it by shutting off Kurt’s connection to the internet, and then putting it into sleep mode, for over 10 minutes, and it never lost the connection again. Tomorrow will be the first real test, when Kurt goes to work and I start up just this laptop.

Now Kurt and I have dueling laptops. He’s on his couch, I’m on mine, we each have our laptops. I have a feeling this will be the portrait of our marriage for the next few years to come! At least once the kids are in bed, anyhow.

PS — This laptop isn’t pink either.  *sigh*  I guess I’ll live!


8 Responses to “This post brought to you by…”

  1. Blue Opal Says:

    I have an HP computer and frankly would much prefer that over Dell. My sister, at the other end of the spectrum, wouldn’t buy an HP no matter what.

    If you’re tech savvy (or are married to someone who is,) an HP is really the best way to go. Dell used to have a reputation for customer support. Obviously that’s gone the way of the dinosaur.

  2. Shear Says:

    I put a “Hello Kitty” swarovski crystal decal (got it at an accessory shop) on my laptop to girlify it. It’s bee-you-tee-ful. Hubby wouldn’t be caught dead using it now. Heh. Maybe you could girlify your new laptop with crystals too?

  3. sleepyjane Says:

    I have an HP and I have to say that I haven’t had any problems yet. 🙂 Plus it’s metallic blue so I loves it!!

    I’m happy that you got your problem sorted and it’s very sad that Dell has an attitude like that. Every company should realise the importance of ALL their clients.

  4. becca Says:

    Over here Dell have quite a bad customer service reputation and are losing cusomers by the bucketload. x

  5. yankeechick Says:

    My new computer is HP…come to think of it, I ‘ve had it almost a year now……geez. Anyway, I did cringe when you said you got an HP, but I’m sure things are much different even now that they were last summer. I has SO many issues and they were pretty much Vista related and I spent so many hours with HP trying to get things ‘compatible’. I mean, they had Vista in all of their computers but couldn’t make my HP printer and other peripherals work with it! I was frustrated and would probably go back to Gateway if I ever get a new computer. I had 2 awesome laptops from them and the support was amazing.

    Good luck and have fun, sweetie!!

  6. Poolie Says:

    I got a Toshiba notebook laptop. Love it! I also have a regular Dell. Plus the computer at work. Think I have my bases covered? LOL

  7. Elle Says:

    Yay for not having to wait any more for the laptop when Kurt’s out of town, but small boo for the non-pinkness issue.

  8. whatdayisit Says:

    I think you should write a detailed (to the max) letter of complaint to Dell and address it to the CEO. Mentioning the poor customer service and that your husband is with the Navy and has the “ear” of the Navy Supply Officer “could” go a long way towards some satisfaction. We ordered a new Dell computer for me the week before Christmas and got it in 2 days….I can’t believe their customer service has gone down that quickly…..I sure hope you luv the HP….and I liked the above comment on girlifying it with crystals….!

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