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Mrrrrooowwww!! 6 May 2008

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Yesterday, it was so nice outside that I had to open a bunch of windows to air out the house. I even opened up the back door, which allowed the sun to come streaming in. Karla decided it was the perfect place for a snooze. Behold:


Doesn’t she look awfully sexy here?  To me, it looks like this could go into the kitty version of Playboy.  Well, maybe Maxim since she’s not showing anything.  It’s definitely “mrrrow!!”

Here’s Karyl’s camera tip of the day (and how I got this shot): Don’t shoot from a standing position all the time.  Get down on your knees or even your belly, and get as close as you can — if that’s the effect you’re going for.  What most people do is shoot from their full height, which means if you’re shooting something lower than you, your perspective will be all out of whack.  And if I had gotten this shot from my standing position, shooting down onto Karla, it would look like just another photo of a cat in the sun.  Boring.

Now you know.

Actually what’s funny about that photo is Kurt came home right as I was on my belly, shoving my camera into poor Karla’s face.  All he could see at first were my legs sticking out from behind the dining room table because of his angle.  He was so confused as to what I was doing.

So my impromptu Cinco de Mayo party went well!!  The neighbors showed up, Kurt cooked the taco meat while I chopped up veggies and cilantro.  How can you have Mexican food without cilantro??  I know there are cilantro detractors out there; I cannot even imagine.  The best taco I have ever had in my life was when we’d gone to Yuma, AZ, to see Kurt’s friends.  The wife was from Mexico and had to head down to her family’s house for some reason, so we tagged along.  Along the way we stopped at a taco vendor on the side of the road, where we got flour tortillas filled with meat and cilantro and lime juice.  Ohhh it was heaven inside a tortilla.  Even now, years later, I can remember how fantastic it tasted.

Kurt also toasted both soft and hard tortillas.  I am not a fan of the hard tortilla, but we bought them anyhow since they were just 75¢ at the commissary per box.  He managed to burn the first set of tortillas by leaving them in the toaster oven too long, but he recovered nicely.  And in his defense, he was also toasting the soft tortillas.  He adds a wee bit of oil to each tortilla, then heats them in our cast iron skillet till small little bits turn dark brown all over the tortilla.  He learned that from the Mexican grandma of one of his ex-girlfriends.  And they turn out so yummy when he does them that way!!

A wonderful time was had by all last night!!  Everyone raved over the tacos, though it didn’t take much to cook such a simple meal, and the kids had a blast playing together.  The boys ended up car-jacking Grace in her Little Tykes car, which was actually pretty hilarious.  I would have taped it, but it was over too quickly.

We called it a night a lot earlier than we did the last time we got together with this family, which was probably a good thing.  They left their cheesy dip too — so we had that with lunch today.  Yummy!

Kurt had a couple of margaritas last night too, which cracked me up.  We are very infrequent drinkers, and when we do drink, we usually just have one, maybe two.  Kurt had possibly three, but he was drinking margaritas instead of beer.  So he was a bit tipsy, and when Kurt gets tipsy, he’s hilarious.  He can’t stop talking and giggling, and his entire head goes red.

I think I need to get him slightly inebriated more often!!!


10 Responses to “Mrrrrooowwww!!”

  1. twisterjester Says:

    I didn’t cook for Cinco de Mayo. 1) I’m not Mexican and 2) I cooked enchiladas on Quatro de Mayo (May 4, lol.) seriously, though – why do we celebrate Cinco de Mayo? It’s kind of like celebrating the 4th of July in the UK, isn’t it?

  2. sleepyjane Says:

    Thanks for the tip Blue! 🙂
    Great shot!

    Sounds like you guys had fun!! 🙂

  3. Terri Says:

    I used to love Cinco de Mayo as a good excuse to cook yummy Mexican food. Now I’m always forgetting. Argh! A friend of mine makes corn tortillas for tacos by cooking the corn tortilla in oil after she sprinkles it with Parmesan cheese. Holy moly is that good! Oh, and L-O-V-E cilantro! I like to put it in green salads.

    Kurt sounds hilarious tipsy! I get that way too, only not as cute. My face turns red. I’m not a huge drinker either, but on St. Patty’s, I drank a Guinness and ended up drinking a whole bottle of wine by myself. It was one of my favorite white wines, and I wasn’t going to let it go to waste! I didn’t think I was that tipsy, but my SIL still talks about how fun I was. I thought I was just a little loose. Maybe I was more tipsy than I realized!

    How’s The Witching Hour coming? It takes me forever to get through Anne Rice sometimes! 🙂

  4. Yankeechick Says:

    I cook Mexican food about once a week and it was pure coincidence that I cooked up some of our Tamales Mon night. Made Green Chili to go with it…..which is a strange name for what it is, but whatever! I’m glad your get together went well.

    Great shot of Karla. I want more cats!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Aimee Says:

    Oh yes, that is one sexy kitty. The come hither look is so Maxim.

  6. art Says:

    i forgot all about cinco de mayo, which is ONLY celebrated here in the US. they dont celebrate it in Mexico! i dont like cilantro, i love to make my own tacos and the best part about making burritos? see how well you can wrap them, and if they fall apart!!! hehehe!!! i had to quickly push away the Maxim shot of Karla, so Zipper wouldnt see it!! hehehee!!!

  7. terri t. Says:

    Even though I am usually not a big fan of Mexican food, somehow your description made me want to taste it all. I knew it would be a huge success……you always have such interesting menu plans.

  8. cardiogirl Says:

    I love that your cat’s name is Karla!

  9. Cosmic Says:

    You really had to send that article, huh? Do you know you ruined my whole evening? OMG! My favorite food at Denny’s (and that I cook myself) is the sausage and gravy on miscuits. you have totally killed me with that information.

    Not to mention my Mac and cheese. I am going to go have a good cry and eat some berries and celery. Godddddddddd! Wa-a-a-a-a-a-a-a!!!!

  10. Cosmic Says:

    And I really loved my miscuits. Booo-hooo

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