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I’m not the carefullest 9 May 2008

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I posted some old photos of myself on Flickr, including one of me modeling my good buddy Skittles’s hat. That was a big deal in and of itself because Skittles absolutely refused to allow anyone to wear his hat. Why he let me, I still don’t know. But it was such a momentous occasion that I had to immortalize it on film.

Hence the photo.

I was looking for some old photos that I had taken of a festival in Suffolk, VA, called Driver Days that celebrated the tiny community of Driver with a parade, lots of local vendors, and plenty of delicious eastern North Carolina barbecue (which does not have barbecue sauce on it, and instead a simple sauce consisting mainly of vinegar). The twisters that touched down in southern Virginia last week devastated this little town, so I wanted to find my old photos and post them online for whomever might be interested.

In my box of 1000 photos, I also found that photo of me in Skittles’s hat. Kurt saw the photo when he was at work this morning and mentioned to me that he liked the way my hair had looked in that photo. He studied me with his eye half-closed, and intoned, “You are going to grow your hair out.”

BUT!! Couldn’t he have said that before I just chopped the whole damn thing off?

Men. Sheesh.

For the record, I did want to grow my hair out, which is why I had that mass of frizz on my head before I cut it into the bob. But now that I have this awesome cut, I really don’t want to grow it out anymore! It’s so easy to style — just wash, blow-dry, and brush it the way it looks good. It takes me maybe five minutes to do my hair, a wee bit longer if I have to dry it straight out of the shower.

So remind me why I would want to grow it back out. But I may anyhow. It does look pretty on me, either way.

Tonight we tried out a new Japanese restaurant up in Cranston. Kurt had gotten a recommendation from his co-worker JC, who happens to be TC’s husband, the girl who ended up leaving her kid with me without even asking if it was okay. I’m a bit bummed that it’s somewhere they frequent because this place was so awesome. I just don’t want to run into them.

This new restaurant was amazing. For one thing, they bring out a row of complimentary Korean appetizers with every meal. There’s a small dish of spicy cucumbers, some dried anchovies that were just a bit too fishy for me, a dish of kim-chee, some sweet black beans, and fish cakes. I devoured at least some of every dish, minus the anchovies. But at least I tried them.

What amazed me is I liked the kim-chee!! Growing up in northern Virginia, there was a large community of Koreans who had immigrated here. Two doors down was a family who I hung out with a lot, and one day the daughter cooked up all this Korean food her mother had left when she’d gone back to Korea for a visit. I tried the kim-chee then, but I did not like it. Not one bit. But today I tried it just to see if I still hated it, but I loved it! Gosh, it was good.

Now I know why Caroline can’t get enough of it. Yum yum!

Along with my order of maki sushi (what comes in a roll) and nigiri sushi (a lump of rice covered with raw fish), I decided I needed a side dish of sushi. I ultimately decided on a Screaming Spicy Tuna Roll. (FYI, I have been craving the spicy with this pregnancy.) So when my order of Screaming Spicy Tuna Roll arrived, Kurt wanted me to listen to it to see if it really was screaming:


It didn’t actually scream. But it was spicy!!! Part of what made it so spicy was the wasabi oil inside of it. Ohhhhh that stuff is HOT! In a good way, though. Like horseradish, when it hits your nose just the right way, you think you are going to die. It totally clears out your sinuses. What I like about it is the spiciness doesn’t linger in your mouth. When I ate that spicy pepper during our foray to the Turkish restaurant, my tongue tingled for a good hour after eating it. That is the part I hate about spicy food. I don’t mind a zing, but when it lingers forever and ever, that’s when it bothers. Hence my love for wasabi.

I need to get me some wasabi peas. I’ve never had them before because I didn’t start really enjoying wasabi until I had it on some nigiri sushi back in Washington state. They’d put it on the sushi as they were making it. I only wish they would put the wasabi on my nigiri at our favorite restaurant in Newport, but when I asked if they would that for me, the waitress told me it’s not something they do there. Bahhhh. My nigiri already had wasabi on it tonight! I peeked underneath some of the fish to see if it was there, and I saw a teeny little schmear. I was worried at first it wasn’t enough, but one bite was enough to convince me it was plenty. Yum yum yum!

What an exciting life I lead, eh? Getting excited over kim-chee and wasabi. Hey, I’m easily amused!!


8 Responses to “I’m not the carefullest”

  1. oleandlena Says:

    Sorry, but I think I’ll stick with the lefse, lutefisk and pickled herring.

  2. art Says:

    as fer me, ill stick with the taters and gravy with MEAT, the cooked version!!! heheheee!!!

  3. twisterjester Says:

    I absolutely LOVE wasabi. I buy it in paste form from the grocery store when I can get it. On the rarer occasions when I can find it in powdered form I snap it up FAST. The stuff’s addicting *G*

  4. chaosdaily Says:

    It’s screaming, cause you scream when you eat it!

  5. Carolyn Says:

    I had to stop by and leave a note about the comment you left with Poolagirl. I too love the Dresden Dolls song “Coin Operated Boy.” Shelby put it on my ipod and I listen to it all the time. It never fails to make me laugh.

  6. lisele Says:

    I like wasabi in moderation. Meaning I like it and put it on my sushi, but ONLY A TEENY BIT 🙂 Love your hair, by the way. Men always want it long though, don’t they. MIne does…

  7. Elle Says:

    Sushi! yum yumyumyum! There’s a place here that not only has excellent sushi, but FRESH wasabi. Oh my. Chuck is not at all into it but the folks I work with are, so occasionally we’ll have office lunch at the sushi place!

  8. requiel Says:

    I think I’d only eat sushi if I was starving and there was nothing else around. blech.

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