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Stress resolved 20 May 2008

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Ph0toshop won’t work on my machine.  I have uninstalled and reinstalled it many times, using my name, my dad’s name, whatever — and it keeps telling me that either the user name, organization, or serial number is incorrect.  Why it can’t tell me before I go all the way through installing the program and trying to run it is beyond me.

It sucks, but it’s not the end of the world.  I will live.  I looked up the latest version last night, and with Kurt’s educational discount, I can get the full version of the extended edition for $299.  Yes, that’s a lot of money, but the full version of the same software in the retail store is $999.  Plus I can save up my money fairly quickly to pay for it.  We’ll see what comes of it.

As far as my other stressor goes, the issue with the personal relationship, it has been completely resolved, and quite happily, I might add.  I was concerned that I had caused someone hurt and pain, and as it turns out, the issue had nothing to do with me.  I don’t think there could be any better resolution to the situation, so I am really thrilled about it.

These were mini panic attacks, just an increase in blood pressure and pulse.  These weren’t the enormous full-blown ones that incapacitate me, that cause me major problems.  Maybe I shouldn’t use the phrase “panic attacks” to describe them. I just don’t know what else to call them.

I had quite a busy start to my morning.  I woke up at 9:15am, not wanting to get out of bed at all, but I knew I had to.  Kurt and I have been staying up too late talking in bed, so lately I am loathe to get up in the mornings.  As soon as I rolled out of bed, my best friend Caroline called me to chat, but the best I could do was to grunt at her and promise I’d call her back once I woke up more fully.  Not two minutes later, but my doorbell rang.  I had nothing on but my nightie, and my hair was all in disarray from sleeping.  I answered the door anyhow.  It was my next-door neighbor, asking if I would be willing to watch his kitties because he’d been called out of town unexpectedly.  Of course, I said yes — but couldn’t he have waited till a little later in the day?  He’s not leaving till tomorrow morning, and I heard him practicing his bass guitar all afternoon long.

Ah, well.  He’s seen me in my nightie before.  Not long after we moved in, I realized we’d forgotten to take the trash out, so I went racing outside in my nightie to put the trash on the curb before the truck made its way down our street.  I was just about finished when my neighbor waltzed out of his house and wanted to chit-chat with me.  I was so embarrassed.

As if a first-thing-in-the-morning phone call and an immediate visit from my neighbor wasn’t enough, my friend down the street pulls up out front of my house and proceeds to call me.  She wanted me to go to the park with her and her kids, whom Grace absolutely loves to play with.  I told her I wasn’t yet dressed or even showered yet, and she told me to just throw some sweatpants on.

I don’t have any that fit!!  Actually, I don’t think I have any to speak of.  I have a hard time wearing anything less dressy than blue jeans out of the house.

I managed to take a two-minute shower (what’s called a “Navy shower,” if you didn’t know) and throw some makeup on as well, but I elected not to worry about drying my hair.  As a result, it was pretty much a ball of frizz all day, but who cares?  I have an enormous zit on my forehead; I doubt anyone would have noticed my mussed hair with such a volcano erupting on my head.

We ended up never making it to the park, but we did have an impromptu picnic of Taco Bell on the grounds of Grace’s friend’s preschool.  It was a tad bit chilly to do so (the high for today was just 60º), but it was still enjoyable.  There’s something about eating outside that makes everything taste so much better!

I managed to hang out with my friend till 2:15pm, when she had to leave to pick up the girl she babysits from school.  Then I had to start making dinner at 4pm because Kurt’s first day of school was today!

Awww.  I should have taken a photo.

He’s working on getting his Associate’s by the time we leave here, and we’re still trying to figure out how many credits he’s bringing to his new community college.  They already have his transcript, but they’re dragging their feet in figuring out what’s applicable from what he did in Virginia and what he’s done with the Navy.  He’s taking geology this session, mainly to get his foot in the door, though it would definitely count towards his degree.  It’s a four-hour class, twice a week, for a month since it’s a summer session.

And the best part of all??  The Navy covers his tuition 100%!  It used to be just 75%, back when he was attending Tidewater Community College in Virginia.  That was somewhat of a financial hardship, even at 75%, for a young, single sailor who was only an E-5.  So to have his schooling completely covered now that he has a family is awesome.  We still have to buy his books, but we found a new copy of the book he needs for this class that was half the price of what they were charging at the bookstore.

Thank God for the internet!!

So it’s been quite the busy day.  I even managed to shred the enormous pile of old bank statements and blank checks left over from our old house that had been stacking up on the shredder.

Now if only I can manage to find the motivation to pack up the clothes in my closet…. *sigh*


3 Responses to “Stress resolved”

  1. Blue Opal Says:

    Sounds like you needed the day away more than you needed to work. Don’t beat yourself up for the smiles 🙂

  2. sleepyjane Says:

    I’m glad that you feel better!

    I hate when people see me in my pj’s. When I was in high school my house was sort of the gathering place for all my friends and they’d all start showing up from as early as 7 pm on holidays. Guys and Girls alike. They all got used to it though and seeing me all sleepy and crumpled wasn’t so much of a surprise after the first few times. Sometimes they even waited for me to wake up, and in the meantime helped themselves so breakfast and coffee. I had ‘cool’ parents even though they were strict. I never could figure it out.

  3. michele Says:

    i agree… i love dining al fresco!!

    and i’m glad to hear that you’re not a fan of sweatpants! yoga pants are comfy around the house, but i doubt i’d ever wear them out in public.


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