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You win some… 21 May 2008

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All’s well that ends well, yes?

In that case, it was a good day. I made that yummy flank steak that I had talked about last week, and this time I did make the Garlicky Roasted Potatoes with Herbs to go with it. Those potatoes were amazing. Nice and crispy, and very garlicky. Well, somewhat garlicky. I could probably add more garlic and Kurt wouldn’t mind a bit.

But damn, were they good!

A side salad and a glass of milk rounded out the meal, and I’m patiently waiting for 10pm to arrive so I can have my dessert of fresh strawberries. I took my iron pill at 9, so I have to wait an hour till I can eat again. I’m glad I take the iron pill; it’s really helping me feel better and much less fatigued, but it’s hard to remember to take it an hour before eating and 2-3 hours after eating. It’s a good thing I don’t eat six small meals a day like the health experts recommend.

This afternoon my new Birkenstocks arrived in the mail! Another good thing. Behold, pink, sparkly, blinged-out Birks:

New Birkenstocks!

Can you see the bling?? There are five rhinestones on each buckle. Gorgeous!

I know they don’t look terribly pink, more of a bronzey, peachy shade. I know y’all would have had me pegged for a bright fuchsia, but the one pair of bright fuchsia that I loved over at eBay were produced in the narrower width. And my feet are anything but narrow; they’re actually a EE width. I know these Birks look long, but after I break them in, they’ll look like they fit a lot better. These are a size 39, the same size as my two-strap Birks that have the backstrap, and those fit me perfectly. I’ve been wearing them almost non-stop for the past month or so, only switching to sneakers on the cooler days.

But between the delivery of my cool new Birks and my delicious dinner, my day pretty much went to crap.

We went to lunch at the Vietnamese place, which was a good thing, especially as I tried a new beverage — a limeade tea that was really very tart. Delicious!

Then we went to the commissary.

For one thing, the commissary was pretty much cleaned out. Again. I couldn’t even buy more of Grace’s cereal (an off-brand of frosted shredded wheat that costs just $1.50 a box) because they were completely out. The entire cereal aisle looked like the bread stores in the USSR, scarily enough. But I’ve gotten rather used to that, and since we only live about five minutes from the commissary, it’s not the huge deal it would have been if we still lived in Washington, when we lived thirty minutes away.

Kurt and Gracie were playing and talking to each other while I concentrated on the shopping. All of a sudden, Grace informed Kurt that she goes to school on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. Kurt got all confused and wondered what she had going on on Wednesdays. “The pool, Daddy!!” Kurt grabbed his cell phone and checked the time. It was 3:08pm, and she was supposed to be at the pool at 3:30 for swim lessons! Whoops!

So I figured Kurt could take her to swim lessons while I finished up the grocery shopping. Thank goodness we live so close to the base!

That’s when things went from bad to worse. As I was going through the checkout line, there was a grocery worker who took a call on the phone at the register next to where I was trying to unload my groceries onto the belt. And he would not move! I could hardly squeeze my pregnant belly between my cashier’s belt and the cart to unload all the groceries. When I got to the back of the cart, I really had to squeeze my belly against the cart to get the last few things, and it hurt! He wasn’t even on a business call; it was one of his friends who worked there that wanted to catch up with him.

The cashier kept flirting with the male cashier next to her. She could barely concentrate on scanning my order because she was so busy yakking. Situations like this make me miss the foreign checkers that we normally have at military stores. They usually have a much better work ethic. They don’t spend their time blabbing to other checkers and ignoring their customers.

I had to ask her three separate times not to bag the milk. The first two times, she was looking right at me, but was trying to overhear what other cashiers were gossiping about. Finally she heard me, and nodded okay. I also told the bagger. Guess what? My milk was bagged.

Finally she finished up my order, all the while flirting and giggling at the male cashier next to her. That’s when I scanned my card and put in my PIN number, and she said in surprise, “Oh, it’s debit??” Well, yeah. She hadn’t been paying attention to me (big surprise), so she rang it under credit. She tried to exit the screen, and her computer totally locked up. It wouldn’t respond at all. She told me she’d have to ring everything up again if she couldn’t get the computer to come back on. Finally she managed to get the computer working again, and I was finally able to make my escape.

Kurt wasn’t yet done with swim lessons, so I had about half an hour to stand outside and enjoy the cool breeze and the warm sun. I thought I would be cold because the wind was really strong, but my jacket (that the cashier had complimented me on, which is the only point in her favor) kept me warm. Plus it allowed me to people-watch, my favorite occupation!

There was a family of five children and two parents who came to get some groceries. Dad and the four older children, ranging in age from probably eight to two, made it to the door before Mom followed with the baby. But what shocked me was the way the dad did not corral his kids and prevent the littlest ones from racing across the street without even looking to see if there were any oncoming cars! In my head all kinds of bad things happened, but fortunately none of them came true.

Then there were the two people who decided to make new parking spots. One guy parked over the diagonal lines painted at the front end of the lot. I guess the plethora of empty spots just twenty feet away were too far for him to walk. Another woman drove up and parked along the curb to the commissary, right in the middle of one of the entrances, and she was facing the wrong way to boot! I thought at first that she was just going to run in to grab a gallon of milk, since hope springs eternal and I try to give people the benefit of the doubt, but no. She came out of her car with several reusable grocery bags and was gone at least fifteen minutes.

I am always amazed at the audacity of people. Maybe it’s because I am a rule-follower, I don’t know.  Does that make me strange??


7 Responses to “You win some…”

  1. Blue Opal Says:

    Ugh – I am with you. It burns my butt when some real jerk steps up to do everything possible to mess things up!

  2. sleepyjane Says:

    No it doesn’t. Rules are there for a reason. Some people are just supid and/or arrogant and don’t think they apply to them.
    J told me he was busy working on a car the other day and on the windscreen in bright red lipstick it said: ‘What don’t you understand, it says NO PARKING’ – the whole windscreen was FULL of red lipstick. Made me giggle. 🙂

    Your Birks are faboo!

  3. Shear Says:

    Your new birkies are bee-you-tee-ful!

  4. art Says:

    loverly birkies!!
    remember, you are amoung foreigners, (new englanders) they are rude crude and malicious. they know not of the civilised ways of the rest of the country. tread lightly, and you will be all right, remember too, to be patient, and realise the intelligence level of the average native new englander is that of a six year old, and they only know what thier forebearers have taught them. many have never ventured beyond the realm of new england, so they know not of the ways of the rest of the world.

  5. Shippie Says:

    No that doesn’t make you strange, but I can think of a few other things that DO make you strange!! (lol, aaaawwww, you know I love ya honey!) As for the rest of it…customer service is just a thing of the past I’m afraid. It’s verging on non-existent!

  6. Aimee Says:

    Not strange at all. I always figure there’s a good reason for those rules and try to avoid breaking them. But people never stop amazing me at how entitled they believe they are. It’s crazy!

  7. cardiogirl Says:

    I love your bling! And the festive red toenails. Summer’s on its way!

    Rule followers unite! Nothing wrong with following the rules. It helps us keep order in society.

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