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Whip it, whip it good 27 May 2008

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Knowing that I’ve been having a terrible day, Kurt decided at lunch that he didn’t need to go back to work. He’d taught for the day, and he was simply working on personal projects that could be put off until another time. He figured his time would be better spent trying to make me feel better.

I’ve also been in the market for a ginger grater. Now, I normally subscribe to Alton Brown’s theory that if a kitchen tool doesn’t do more than one job, then it doesn’t belong in my drawer. However, I have found no good way to grate ginger. I’ve tried the smallest holes on my box grater, and I’ve tried using my Microplane grater. Both tend to turn the grated ginger to a liquidy mush, and the fibers are still attached to the main portion of the ginger. This is definitely not a good thing.

I looked up on the internet to see what I was doing wrong, and I found a site that said I should be using a specialty grater to get the best results. Amazon sells this one, but I wanted something I wouldn’t have to pay shipping for. So I went online today to find a kitchen gadgets store somewhere in the Rhode Island or southern Massachusetts area.

The only one I could find was in historic Wickford, a cute little town with all kinds of small boutiques and antique stores. Off we went!

That’s the benefit of living in Rhode Island. You’re really no more than forty-five minutes from anywhere else in the state. It’s sometimes hard for me to wrap my brain around, after living in the huge state of Washington for five years. The state of Rhode Island is smaller than the peninsula I used to live on, and that’s just a tiny fraction of the rest of the state!

As soon as we pulled up to the store, I think I fell a wee bit in love. I wish I had taken a photo of the outside. It’s an old barn, built around 1770, and restored fairly recently. The floors are still the original wood planks, and when you walk in, the first thing you notice is the heavenly smell of old wood.

Kitchen store

Added to the beauty of the store itself was the sheer quantity of oddball kitchen gadgets.  If there is a gadget for it, it was there in that store — everything from my coveted ginger grater to fish scalers to an oyster opener to silicone ties to keep your asparagus together while boiling.  They also had the coolest silicone pockets for poaching eggs.

In addition to the sought-after ginger grater, I also picked up an adorable vintage-style apron in turquoise and brown that fits over my baby bump.  My old one does too, but this one is far more beautiful.  And yes, I do cook with an apron on because I am a very messy cook.  It saves me from using gallons of stain remover on my clothes.

Once we tore ourselves away from the kitchen shop, we wandered around historic Wickford.  It was really the best day to do so.  The day had dawned rather cold and icky, with low-hanging grey clouds that threatened rain.  By the time we got to Wickford, it was gorgeous.  There was plenty of sunshine, high, puffy, white clouds, a stiff breeze, and temperatures hovering in the 70s.  It was my favorite kind of day, and the perfect day to wander around a picturesque town.

Amazingly enough, I forgot my big camera at home, which just goes to show I wasn’t in the best of moods when we left.  But I still had my little camera, which takes okay photos.  There was so much I wanted to photograph, though I reined it in a bit and behaved myself.

In an antique store, I found a book called Around the World With a Camera, published in 1910.  Click on the link and check out some of the pages inside the book.  It’s really amazing.  It’s a large book, measuring 16″ by 11″.  It features photos from just about every subject matter!!  This copy that I found is not in the best condition; the first couple of pages have separated, and the spine of the cover has detached from the spine of the pages.  But as long as I’m gentle, I can get loads of enjoyment out of this book.  Plus it was only $10!

Then Kurt decided I didn’t need to cook tonight, so we went for sushi and Korean food.  Kurt’s found a place near Providence that is absolutely delicious, and the portion sizes are really large.  I can usually only eat half of mine, but a single portion fills Kurt up, which is hard to do.  I had some wasabi-loaded sushi, as well as a delicious dish called Salty Pepper Chicken that makes my mouth water, thinking of it now.  The owner also pointed us towards a Korean grocery store, which we had to put off exploring for another time.  Kurt’s got class tonight, you see.

So it turned out to be a pretty good day.  Tomorrow I plan on simply vegetating until it’s time for Grace to go to swim lessons.  I need a day off from my life!


11 Responses to “Whip it, whip it good”

  1. andrea Says:

    I’m glad the day turned out well!

  2. Rosie Says:

    Love the book! Of course, I love anything old!

  3. twisterjester Says:

    How cool – the picture of the antiques shop reminds me of a place in Globe, Arizona. It’s called the Pickle Barrel and is in an old railroad depot!

  4. sleepyjane Says:

    The store looks awesome. I’d have so much fun. I just adore looking at things, I don’t even have to buy! 🙂

  5. michele Says:

    do you get to swim before/after Gracie’s lesson?

  6. Elle Says:

    Well, does the grater grate? I gave up and buy the ginger in the tube over here.

  7. Kym Says:

    I’m sure you’ll be going back to that store and then you can take a picture of the outside. I LOVE the inside. I wish we had stores like that down here.

    We had the beautiful weather too. Isn’t it nice NOT to have a rainy weekend or a rainy day for that matter?

  8. terri t. Says:

    Oooh, a perfect day created mainly by a wonderful husband who was so thoughtful in trying to make your day go better…and it did! Loved the pictures and your description. It sounds like such a great place to explore

  9. Shippie Says:

    OMG i absolutely LOVE stores like the one you were in!!! I’m jealous!!

  10. Caroline Says:

    Hey you know I’ve read the Witching Hour before! And if you’ve never read that before now, I’ll be amazed I actually read something before you did!!!

  11. Aimee Says:

    That shop looks so cute. I am jealous of all your adventures. I spend too much time being outside a filthy to go exploring nice little shops. I so need a girl in my life to get back to being a girl!

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