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OK I’ll admit it 11 June 2008

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I am a lazy neat freak.

Kind of makes you scratch your head, doesn’t it? But it’s so true. I love to have my house looking clean, and when it’s messy and cluttered, I get all out of whack. Sometimes it’s just too much to clean, however, so I let things go.

Makes no sense, does it?

With the heat we’ve been having, I have not wanted to clean. I become hot and sweaty just sitting on the couch, reading blogs and catching up on Flickr. Why would I want to get even nastier by folding myself into strange contortions to clean behind the toilets?

By the way, those of you who have not (yet) been pregnant, let me tell you. Cleaning while pregnant is always an interesting feat. For one thing, sometimes it’s difficult to reach things, like mirrors above the bathroom sink. Your belly gets in the way. Another problem is reaching down to grab the toilet paper that has fallen between the toilet and the vanity, where you have just six to eight inches to maneuver. Yet another issue arises when you’d like to clean the tub.

I’ve got a new toy for that, though. The last time we were at Linens N’ Things, I picked up a telescoping scrub brush made for tubs. Don’t laugh!! How else do you expect me to clean my tub? I certainly cannot fold myself into the necessary positions to get the darn thing clean.

Tomorrow I am having company. My friend is going in for fertility testing (please send up a little prayer or some good vibes towards her, whichever you’re more comfortable doing, so that the doctors figure out why she can’t get pregnant again), and she needs me to watch her 2½-year-old son, D. Of course, I am willing to help out a friend in need, especially since she is a fellow Navy wife. After all, “we’re all in this together!” (Anyone get that reference? Anyone?? C’mon, Shippie, you should know this one.  EDITED TO ADD: It is NOT a reference to High School Musical!)

So while a 2½-year-old couldn’t care less how clean my house is, it’s also the first time that our friends will have seen it. Not only that, they haven’t yet been to a house in our neighborhood, so I feel I’m sort of the “model home” for my community. They live in a much smaller neighborhood, still part of Navy housing, and they have a totally different house. For one thing, they have two floors, where we have just the one. Also, they have four bedrooms to our three, but where we win out is sheer size of the rooms. Both houses are about the same square footage, which makes our rooms bigger. We also have a totally gigantic backyard, about three times the size of theirs.

This means I’ve been cleaning all evening long, especially since it’s finally cool enough to do so. It’s 73º right now, and the breeze coming in through the windows is divine. I think I will get some awesome sleep tonight.

Now the kitchen is clean, including the floors, Grace’s bathroom is scrubbed, and Kurt’s volunteered to vacuum most of the house. The house smells partly of Mrs Meyer’s Basil Counter-top Cleaner, partly of Swiffer WetJet solution, and partly of toilet bowl cleaner. Ahhhh, the scent of a clean house!

Speaking of the Swiffer, the commercials market the Swiffer as a product that will keep your floors cleaner than by traditional mopping. They argue that by using a mop, you’re dragging dirty water all over your floor after you rinse your mop a couple of times. I can see their point, but I fail to see how using a Swiffer is any cleaner. Instead of dragging a mop that I supposedly keep rinsing off with dirty water across my floor, I am dragging a wet pad full of dirt as I Swiffer.

I’m not arguing against the use of a Swiffer; it is much easier than dragging out a mop and bucket when I don’t feel like getting hard-core. I just don’t agree with their logic, is all.

Lest you think I’m cleaning just for a 2½-year-old, my house needed a serious cleaning. I think the last time I did any cleaning was for Memorial Day, just before the barbecue I hosted. I mean, things have gotten done around here, especially laundry, and Kurt’s mopped the floor a couple of times. But nothing major. Definitely no vacuuming, and the bathrooms haven’t been cleaned either. It’s just been too hot!

Tomorrow promises to be in the low 70ºs. What I’m more excited about is the fact that the forecast is promising a dip in the overnight temperatures to 60º. And then the next two nights are supposed to drop into the 50ºs. I can handle almost any heat during the day if only I can get the house to cool off overnight.

The only thing is, I was hoping to set up the new sprinkler toy we bought a couple days ago to let the kids run around in the water and wear themselves out. It might not be warm enough!

Cross your fingers that I manage to have enough patience for both Grace and a 2½-year-old boy. They’re good kids, but any time you multiply the number of kids you’re responsible for, the aggravation level goes up exponentially.

Now you know why I don’t run a daycare out of my home. I haven’t got the patience, though I really do love kids. I just love them in very small numbers.


9 Responses to “OK I’ll admit it”

  1. beanie Says:

    ooo go to a craft store, you can find tons of stuff to keep them busy!! course, it does tend to get a bit messy……

  2. Amanda Says:

    HEY!! Been a while, I know and I’m sorry, but I’ve decided I NEED to write and read and have some sort of interaction with other adults, if only online it may be. Anyhow, I can TOTALLY relate with you on the lazy neat freak because I myself am the exact same way. And don’t get me started on the heat. We have NO A/C because here in Colorado they didn’t need it years and years ago. Well hello global warming is happening, and nowadays it’s over 90 in my house. So I know how you feel. I’ll be trying to read and catch up as I have time, but I hope you are well! 🙂 Oh and your Gracie is just a doll! I can’t believe how big she is now! 🙂

  3. sleepyjane Says:

    I so know what you’re talking about. I usually leave the big things to our cleaning lady that comes in once a month. Yes – I have a cleaning lady. LOL

    And good luck with the kiddies, also sending many good vibes to your friend!!

  4. Shear Says:

    I used to give my son a stack of paper plates and some crayons when he was a toddler. He’d make me “pretty pictures” to hang on the walls.

  5. art Says:

    yes paper plates and crayons will do the trick! just make sure the lil boy dont start eating the crayons! (hes a BOY u know!)

  6. Aimee Says:

    Ummm, can you clean my house??? Seriously my house is a mess and I’m not pregnant but much too lazy to clean!

  7. cardiogirl Says:

    Good luck on having two small children to entertain while pregnant. As you said, it’s hard enough trying to do basic things — like cleaning — during pregnancy much less chase after/entertain/prepare food for two small kids.

    p.s. Can’t believe you’re almost six months pregnant already!

  8. michele Says:

    I’ve never used a Swiffer but I totally dig the Mr. Clean Dry Erase mop! That thing is so damned awesome. My ceramic tiles almost look buffed when I’m done. And believe me, keeping a light colored tile floor clean is really challenging! (especially in the kitchen!)

  9. shipjumper Says:

    Amen, I’m the lazy neat freak too. I HATE things not where they should be, and I hate when the bathroom mirror has any of those toothpaste fleck marks. But alas…I’m not always the best at keeping up on it. I am rather anal….but the heat will always make me SIT on my anal rather than be anal!

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