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Where it stops, nobody knows 18 June 2008

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Stick a fork in me, I am DONE.  Finis.  Todo.  Finito.  The END.

*lays head down on laptop, begins to snore*

Who knew having company was so tiring?!  Let’s just use my pregnancy as an excuse.  I’ve been doing it for a while now; don’t fix what ain’t broke, right?

My in-laws arrived safely in Newport on Monday, hence the lack of updating.  Did you miss me?  I made dinner Monday night, and it went smashingly well.  I stole a recipe from Nigella Lawson involving a cut-up chicken, a marinade made from English mustard, olive oil, lemon juice, dried sage, Worchestershire sauce, fresh lemon, and onions (in which the chicken marinated over night), and Italian sausages roasted together in the oven in the same pan at high heat.  It’s also supposed to feature fresh sage, but I forgot itt in my excitement that dinner was going to be as simple as firing up the oven, dumping my marinated chicken into a roasting pan, adding the sausages, and forgetting about it for an hour and fifteen minutes.

Ah well.  The last time I added the fresh sage, I couldn’t really taste it anyhow.

My in-laws were quite impressed with my culinary skills, even though this was not a complicated recipe at all, mainly because my mother-in-law hates cooking.  She really does.  When we visit them, it’s my father-in-law’s job to make breakfast, which he’s really good at, and then Kurt’s grandma usually makes all other meals.

In fact, it is impossible to go hungry while visiting the in-laws in Tucson.  We’ll be sitting on the couch, kicking back and relaxing since we are on vacation, and all of a sudden Mom-mom will appear with a sandwich in her hand.  She’ll hand it off to Kurt, then disappear back into the kitchen to make me one.  An hour later, she brings us popcorn.  Perhaps thirty minutes after that, she’s back with cheese puffs.  And the cycle repeats itself ad nauseum until we head for the airport.

I have never once experienced a hunger pain or even had the thought, “Hey!  I’m hungry!” while visiting the in-laws in Tucson.  It’s a rather disconcerting feeling.

This visit of my in-laws to Newport ended up being all about the food.  The last time we ate at the house was Monday night.  I probably gained ten pounds these last few days.

My mother-in-law adores seafood.  However, it’s not exactly easily obtained in Tucson, at least not the fresh variety.  She informed us before arriving that all she wanted to eat while here was seafood, and we were more than happy to oblige.

On Tuesday, we went to Anthony’s Seafood for lunch.  They have amazing clam chowder (New England, of course, though they apparently also serve a Portuguese version), and lots of mainly fried seafood specials to choose from.  I got the Cajun breaded fried clam strips, which had the perfect amount of spice on them, and they were incredibly delicious.  My mother-in-law got the regular clam strips because she didn’t realize they had the spicy ones on the menu.  My father-in-law opted for a burger.  He’s not really into seafood.

For dinner we went to the Lobster Pot in Bristol.  Ohhhhhhhhhh, dear Lord.  There are simply no words for that meal.  They were having a special on lobster, $5 off each lobster ordered.  Now, you don’t have to have just plain ol’ lobster (as if that were a bad thing) if you don’t want it.  You can have your lobster boiled or broiled or grilled, or you could have it stuffed, fisherman’s style!  That’s when the lobster meat is removed, mixed with scallops, and returned to the shell.  Then breadcrumbs are sprinkled over the meat, and it’s baked a little while longer.  Oh, friends.  There are no words to describe the deliciousness that is this stuffed lobster.  None at all.  And the scallops, three of them, had been buried underneath the lobster meat.  When I found them and bit into one, it melted in my mouth.  The creaminess was unbelievable!

Today we started off the day by grabbing breakfast at our favorite breakfast diner, where I got yelled at for hurrying the owner/waitress.  See, I had asked her for a milk for Grace, but when our food came and we still didn’t have the milk, I asked the other waitress for the milk.  The owner overheard me and yelled from across the diner, “Don’t hurry me!!  I got it!!”  That’s what I love about diners; you become a regular and you get a hard time from the folks that work there.  It’s all in good fun.  I got my absolute favorite breakfast ever — egg, bacon, and cheese on a bolo with home fries.  Bolo levedos are Portuguese muffins, more like an English muffin than what we Americans call “muffins,” but they’re slightly sweet.  The salty egg and bacon and cheese on a sweet, flat, toasted “bun” is a taste that I cannot get enough of.  I thought they were a special at the diner, but then I was informed that they have it available every single day!  Mmmm, yummy.

The best part of the entire visit had to be this morning when we swam in the pool of the hotel where my in-laws were staying.  Grace is a fish, I’m tellin’ you.  She adores the water, and has no fear at all!  Her favorite thing was leaping off the edge of the pool and letting Daddy fish her back to the surface.  It was so funny to watch.

My mother-in-law insisted on buying a Rhode Island lottery ticket for the drawing tonight, so we went to the record store to get one.  I scored a Lily Allen CD on sale (YAY!) and some green Hello Kitty nail polish for Grace.  See, any time Grace sees anything green, she points out, “Look, Mommy!  It’s GREEN!  Green’s my favorite color!”  This happens multiple times a day.  So I figured green Hello Kitty nail polish was a necessity for her.

Lunch (after that giant breakfast!!!) was sushi.  My in-laws are not Asian food eaters, so we went to the hibachi grill where they could get more “normal” food than just sushi.  Grace, of course, got a roll of sushi, while Kurt got the bulgogi (Korean grilled beef) bento box.  Bento boxes are so cool!  You get your entree in the main compartment (bulgogi, in Kurt’s case), and then in the other compartments around the main one, you get vegetable tempura, fried rice (or a California roll, depending on the restaurant), gyoza, and a salad.  And to start, you get a bowl of miso soup.  It’s really a lot of food, which is why Kurt loves to get them.  My mother-in-law opted for the pork katsu (breaded, fried pork cutlet), and my father-in-law got the chicken teriyaki.  My mother-in-law didn’t find the miso soup to her liking; apparently she didn’t like the taste of the tofu.  I had to giggle only because tofu has no taste.  But you know, miso can be an acquired taste, and I’ve definitely developed a fondness for it.  So has Grace.

So food, food, and more food.  Is it any wonder that tonight I simply had a salad for dinner?  I might not eat again for a week!


16 Responses to “Where it stops, nobody knows”

  1. Rosie Says:

    I tried really hard to include tofu in my diet, since I thought it would be SO good for me! Problem is that apparently, I’m allergic to soy, which meant that every time I ate tofu, I felt like hammered poo! I must say that you do have a wide variety of tastes that you enjoy!

  2. twisterjester Says:

    I’m glad to hear you’re alive and well and that your in-laws are good to you. That puts you one up on SEVERAL people I know!

  3. Tracey Says:

    It’s not that my in-laws are bad, per se, but it’s almost like I’m not quite used to them yet (even after 13 years of marriage). The food thing is a good example, because I am always STARVING at their house, and when mealtime finally rolls around, it’s never anything I like all that much (and bland, dear god, all of it so bland).

  4. Oh you’ll eat. See you only actually had half of all that! I’m jealous of your crab. I wanna have that stuffed crab stuff. I LOVE scallops, but I never can find a place that serves them that actually taste good. Probably because I’m in the middle of the mountains, and they are not fresh. Damn.
    My MIL HATES cooking too. Or anything domestic, or in fact anything that requires her to move off the couch. That being said, when they visited for the Birth of Ethan, we ate out everynight except one, when I was sick of it and cooked. AND she was SO impressed with my cooking! It was actually funny to me that she was so impressed that I’d make such an “elegant” dinner as she put it. It was just an Italian dish!
    You and me, we have so much in common! 🙂

  5. sleepyjane Says:

    Now that I am sufficiently hungry I shall take my leave and go in search of some grub. 🙂

  6. yankeechick Says:

    Yes, Hon. You were missed!! Glad to see you back. I find, however, that after reading your post I won’t be hungry for a while. I feel stuffed just reading about it all! Sounds wonderful, tho’.

  7. michele Says:

    again, i find it uncanny how much she is like you. when you were her age, your favorite color was also green!

  8. Elle Says:

    Yes, I missed you! And now I have to go make a big breakfast, inspired by your food tale. Hope Max is up for eggs, bacon and toast. But I NEED a bolo.

  9. Poolie Says:

    Wow! Such feasts!

  10. art Says:

    heya!! i am TRYING to lose weight here!!! hahahhaa!!! i adore fried scallops and fried clams!!

  11. Chelle Says:

    I DID miss you! And I know exactly the kind of tired you are feeling. Hope the rest of the visit goes so well.

  12. Aimee Says:

    and once again, I’m leaving your site hungry!!!! You’re killing me with all this good food you eat. We’ve been so busy it’s been pizza or burgers or quick sandwiches…poop!

  13. whatdayisit Says:

    So what’s the problem? All that seafood sounds wonderful. And aren’t you lucky that they wanted to go out all the time so you got to have some of your favorite dishes too. I know you must be tired though with all that activity.

  14. Marn, eh Says:

    Oh, man, that food sounds wonderful.

    It’s great that Grace is such an adventurous eater. Makes life so much simpler, eh?

  15. Kym Says:

    Girl, you are making me hungry with all the talk about food. Yum-O! I am so not good at cooking at all. If it comes in a box and can pop in the oven for a hr or so or in the microwave, I’m your gal. I just really stink at cooking. Your blog just sounds so yummy!

  16. Shippie Says:

    You kill me with your food entries. You really should have a disclaimer on the top of your entry stating WARNING! FOOD POST AHEAD AND YOU WILL BE SALIVATING WHEN YOU ARE DONE READING!! That way….at least I could bypass the entry for the moment if I’m already starving, or I could make sure I’ve got some good food on hand to cure the damn hunger pains I always get after reading you these days!!!!!

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