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Please don’t despair my dear mon frere 19 June 2008

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I forgot to mention in yesterday’s entry that I indulged in a lovely pot of something called “chirashi sushi” during lunch with my in-laws.  As they ate relatively normal food, I dug into a bowl full of sashimi and seasoned rice.  Yes, folks — I ate raw fish.  Plus there was fish roe in my rice.  And you know, it was delicious.  I had wanted sushi, but I couldn’t decide which roll I wanted, except I knew I didn’t want the sushi lunch.  I was starving, you see.

Little bit of linguistics here, folks.  Sushi is NOT raw fish.  It simply refers to vinegared rice that is topped with various things, which can be raw fish.  But it could also be egg or vegetables or whatever else.  Sashimi is sliced raw fish.  So when someone says they love sushi, and you say, “Ewwww!!  I don’t like raw fish!” just know that sushi doesn’t refer to raw fish at all.

The chirashi sushi (also translated as “scattered sushi”) was the best possible solution to my dietary dilemma yesterday.  I got my hankering for fish fulfilled, since I usually get nigiri — hand-formed sushi which is a lump of rice topped by fish.  (You can see an example if you click HERE.)  The only two types of nigiri I will not eat are made with octopus and with squid.  I just can’t do the rubbery texture of those two meats.  Anything else, I will eat.  Sushi lunch specials generally feature six pieces of nigiri and one sushi roll, usually a California roll.  While delicious, I wanted something a bit more.

That was totally fulfilled with the chirashi sushi (photo HERE).  The bowl was filled with sushi rice and topped with many slices of sashini, from tuna to salmon to mackerel.  I keep forgetting that I don’t care much for mackerel; it’s a bit too fishy for me.  But I just sort of gobbled it down as quickly as I could.

And the rice!!  Oh, it was so delicious.  Usually I sprinkle just a bit of soy sauce over my rice, but this didn’t need it.

I’m making myself hungry again.

I think my mother-in-law is now resigned that I am just the crazy daughter-in-law.  Over at Flickr, it’s time again for 7 Days, which is a project in which one takes a photo of oneself for seven straight days.  OK, so it sounds goofy, and maybe it is.  But I look at it as a way to increase my creativity, to learn how to see things a bit differently.  The only major rule of 7 Days is that you are to take a photo of yourself.  That means, you have to press the shutter button, or use your self-timer, or (as in my case) use a remote in order to take the photo.  But you can use other people to help, like to hold the camera if you don’t have a tripod.  I use Kurt for ideas sometimes.  You wouldn’t think it, knowing how much of a science-y, engineering type guy he is, but he has got a pretty strong creative streak.  Or maybe it’s just that he sees the world in a completely different way from what I do.  And you know, that’s a seriously good thing.

This season’s 7 Days run happened to fall right smack dab in the middle of my in-laws visiting.  I figured I was going to experience no amount of ribbing from them that I was “vain” enough to be shooting myself every day to post to the internet.  But they really took it well.  They even got into it a bit, giving me ideas on how to position myself for my shot with the Pell Bridge (click HERE for the photo).  Not only that, but they didn’t mind at all being part of my shot for another day, when I took a family photo of the five of us (click HERE for the photo) using my camera’s remote.

They also took it totally in stride when I started taking photos of my food.  Not only did I photograph the chirashi sushi at the Japanese restaurant, but I also got a shot of my stuffed lobster at the seafood place.  And neither time did I get teased for it.

I was pretty amazed, really.

Like I said, I think my in-laws have just come to realize that I’m their crazy daughter-in-law that does weird things, and since it’s all harmless, there’s no sense in making a fuss over it.

Speaking of 7 Days, today’s photo was so hilarious I have to share it with you.  I promise you this is not Photoshopped in any way.  This is exactly how it came out of my camera, not even the good one either!  This came out of my little point & shoot that I carry in my purse at all times.

I took Kurt back to work after lunch today, and I usually let him drive onto the base since his ID card is on a retractable lanyard attached to his uniform.  It saves me the trouble from having to dig through my purse to find my ID to show the gate guard.  Kurt had rolled down Grace’s window to kiss her goodbye, and I was standing next to the van talking to him after switching drivers.

I just happened to glance at my reflection in the van’s window and saw this:

Day 6

I couldn’t have planned a better shot if I had tried!!


12 Responses to “Please don’t despair my dear mon frere”

  1. twisterjester Says:

    I absolutely adore sushi – cooked or otherwise, depending on which version. I don’t mind sliced octopus but once had whole baby octopus slapped on top of lumps of rice. THAT I won’t do again.

  2. summer fever Says:

    I love that picture! That is very clever, even if you were accidentally clever 🙂

  3. sleepyjane Says:

    OMG I LOVE that picture! hahaha! That is so cool. What does your PJ top say? Oh wait, does it say ‘Mood swing in progress?’ That is adorable.

  4. Oh I love the picture!!! Gracie is so adorable. 🙂

  5. becca Says:

    hahaha., love that photo at the end. I don’t like Sushi but it always looks so good!!!

  6. art Says:

    whatta picture!! wheeeeee!! betcha ya cant do that again!! its a preview of gracie all growed up!!! you can have my sushi, thanks!!

  7. cardiogirl Says:

    That picture is AWESOME! Love that!

  8. Aimee Says:

    That is a really cool picture. It makes me think about the woman she will be when she grows up and how much she will take you as a part of her. Very amazing shot. I do not the seaweed wraps they often use to make sushi… The ones that don’t have the wrap…yummy!

  9. terri t. Says:

    What a great picture… should enter it in one of your photo contests…bet you would win something. I loved the family shot too. What a nice looking group you all are…especially the I ::heart:: grandma shirt….
    I bet your in-laws think you are wonderful and entertaining and interesting and inspiring and a great fit with their son….

  10. Kym Says:

    I love that picture!!! Definitely printable and frame-able!!! :o)
    You always manage to get the “perfect” shot! Good eye, my friend! Good eye!

  11. Shippie Says:

    That picture is HOT girlfriend! Soooo funny!! That one you could post in a contest I bet!
    Again….I leave your blog drooling and hungry. Even if I don’t eat much sushi because I’m allergic to shellfish and I always worry about their ‘preparation techniques’….I’m STILL hungrier now than I was before I read your entry. WHEN are you going to put your disclaimer on your food entries!!???

  12. karmacat Says:

    Sweet photo! Love your shirt, too!

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