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Put ’em on already 24 June 2008

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I should really take my own advice more often, wouldn’t you think?  Or at least the advice on the signs I have around the house…

So yeah, I seriously need to put my big girl panties on and just DEAL WITH IT already.  But in my defense, it hasn’t been the best of days.

Did I mention my parents went to Israel?  Oh yes.  They left on Saturday, the very same day I went to Long Island to meet mass quantities of Kurt’s family.  See, my parents have done a ton of research on the situation in Israel, and they believe the Palestinians have a legitimate complaint, and that Israel isn’t being all that fair to them.  There’s probably much more to it than that, but all I know is they don’t side with the Israelis.  That makes family reunions on my father’s side rather interesting, as my father comes from a very Jewish family who are understandably very pro-Israel.

Me, I don’t know what to think.  I don’t think I’ve researched what’s going on there enough to make a very informed decision.  In a way, I find it odd that the UN could simply step into Palestine and decide that it’s now going to become a Jewish state in reparation for the atrocities the Jews suffered during the Holocaust.  I sympathize with the Jews wanting a home to call their own, but what about the Palestinians?  Did anyone ask them whether it was okay for all these Jews to move in and take over?

Anyhow, that’s about as in-depth as I have gotten thus far.  But my parents belong to a group at their church that is very pro-Palestinian, which is not to say they support extremists of any stripe.  They denounce the terroristic acts engaged in by both sides.  But my mom’s got some harsh things to say about a lot of the Israelis in power.

Their group at church decided to take a trip to Israel to see things for themselves, which is how my parents came to be in Israel for ten days.  And I am pretty much a nervous wreck.  Yes, my friend and his fiancée just went there for Passover and came home in one piece, and I know tons of tourists visit Jerusalem without any ill effects at all.

Part of my problem is I don’t know where in Israel they’re going to be.  I’m assuming there will be a trip to Jerusalem, because what is a trip to Israel without visiting the Holy City, but I don’t know if they’ll be going to Tel Aviv or the West Bank or the Gaza Strip as well.  I do know they’ll be in the company of the Palestinians.  Whether that is supposed to be comforting, I don’t know.

It doesn’t help that was reporting that militants in the Gaza Strip had fired rockets into southern Israel, breaking the five-day-old truce between the Hamas-led Gaza Strip and Israel.  Then today a police officer committed suicide at the Tel Aviv airport during a departure ceremony for French president Nicolas Sarkozy.  At first it was feared that it was an assassination attempt, but now it’s being reported as just a suicide.

And you know, my mom is one of those people who cannot seem to keep her mouth closed when it would behoove her greatly.  I have this fear that she will mouth off to exactly the wrong people and that she will land herself in some kind of hot water.

These things do not reassure me.  It doesn’t help that I have no means of contact with them.  My entire family is far too cheap to have an international plan on our cell phones, and my father left his laptop at home (shock of all shocks, if you knew my father).  All I can do is hope and pray and cross my fingers.

So.  There you have it.

It also doesn’t help that Kurt and I got into a nasty fight today, sparked by my discovery of the little car being used as a trash dump.  See, when I went to take Grace to school this morning, the van wouldn’t start.  This isn’t a huge surprise; for some reason, it is easy to kill the battery in the minivan.  I could have left the tiniest of lights on, and the battery could have been dead in under twenty minutes.  Don’t ask me why it is; it just is.  The good news was that Kurt rode his bike to work today, leaving me the little car in which to get Grace to school.

But when I opened the door to the car and saw crap all over the back seat, no car seat (which he later told me he keeps in the trunk; how was I supposed to know that??), and garbage covering the entire space on the floor between the back seat and the passenger seat, I saw red.  I realize that I cannot expect Kurt to keep the car as clean as I do.  He’s not a neat person.  But to trash it like that?

I was really, really mad.

I became even angrier when it was clear that Kurt felt I was overreacting.  When I tried to explain that I was upset because that had been my car that I had paid for with my money from my first job, and that I expected at least some sort of respect to be shown to it, he didn’t understand.  He simply told me he’d clean it out, it was no big deal, he’d take care of it.

He did end up cleaning it out, but the situation also ended up turning very, very nasty.  I ended up taking a three-hour nap this afternoon because I was so upset, and because I am still exhausted from our busy weekend.  (And then I woke up to the dog having peed on the carpet while I was sleeping…. gahhh.)  We’ve apologized and made up, but I am still pretty…. depressed.  I’m not sure if that’s the right word, but I do feel myself shutting down to a point.

But it stormed today.  Maybe that’s not good news for most of you, but I enjoy a good summer storm.  I know it was storming fairly hard while I was napping, and then again after dinner.  We even got an Emergency Broadcast Alert coming through the tv, warning of severe thunderstorms in the area.  Since when do the Emergency Alerts do anything but run tests??  I got all excited.  But it was just a lot of big thunderclaps and some heavy rain.  Grace was a bit scared, but I made sure she knew it was all noise and couldn’t hurt her.

So here’s hoping tomorrow is a better day.  Oh, and that 1 July and my parents’ safe return comes quickly.


14 Responses to “Put ’em on already”

  1. chaosdaily Says:

    maybe it was the atmospheric pressure that made you so angry.. it affects animals, it can affect humans too.. next time, just take a few deep breaths and try to realize that in the grand scheme of life, a messy car is NOT a big thing. hang in there…..

  2. andrea Says:

    Tomorrow will be a better day for you, it will!

  3. Gopheroo Says:

    Um, omigawd, I swear Hubby and I had this EXACT fight while I was preggo w/Boog!!!! Seriously, including the dog pee!!!!

    And now that I no longer experience the hormone insuced pregnancy rage I did a year ago, I can appreciate boom-boom’s sagely advice….

    But my pregnany alter-ego totally identifies with you! And my hubby was totally flippant about the whole thing!!! AND he always left his car on empty, filthy and empty. I told I didn;t care to have him clean the car and fill up on gas while our child ripped my insides apart to get out.

    Just *HUG*

    And for the Palenstine/Israel thing, my in-laws went to Israel last yr, they really enjoyed themselves, said it’s a beautiful land. As for the issues, well, I watched The Zohan this weekend, was crass, but if only each side could give it a rest, I;m sure life would be better for both sides.

    Again, *HUGS*

  4. art Says:

    yea tomnorrow will be better!! your parents will be ok, im sure!

  5. twisterjester Says:

    Aww *hugs* I am the messy one in my family – in part out of feeling too overwhelmed to keep things up. And when you’re pregnant, everything bothers you more. You’ll survive but as today shows, some days will be easier than others.

    Just remind yourself, you’ve only got a few more months to go 😉

  6. Rosie Says:

    OK, as the messy one, who keeps the car utterly filled with crap until I can’t see out, or until I can’t carry a passenger, I totally understand Kurt. May I just say that he really doesn’t SEE it. The mess I mean. Messy people have an amazing capacity to ignore pigsties, which infuriates neat and tidy people to no end.

    So while it’s not right that he should leave the car (YOUR car) a mess, believe me when I say that it isn’t intentional. Perhaps a couple of times a week you and Grace can meet Daddy at the car when he comes home from work, and you can ‘help’ daddy by bringing him a trash bag! A few minutes of clean up (you will just supervise, of course!) and all will be right in your world!

    I know that if someone had done that for me, instead of just bitching me out, or turning passive aggressive on me, then I would have kept my car MUCH cleaner!

    I am just grateful in retrospect that I never had to deal with a man while I was pregnant! I think Hank and Dave knew that I would bite their heads off, and then stuff them down their gullet, and therefore, they booked it while they could!

    And as for Palestine, and the surrounding areas, you would have to go back thousands of years to get to the heart of the problem. Start by reading Michener’s “The Source”.

    Oh, and Hugs to you! This too shall pass!

  7. I LOVE a good summer’s storm. We are getting little pop up storms in the afternoons,, and I get so excited about it.
    You know you should rent a documentary movie on ex-President Carter. I can’t remember the name of it, but it was REALLY good, it’s all about his research on the Israel. Also his book is really good. It might help you understand what is going on over there a bit more, I know it did for me.

  8. summer fever Says:

    I hope your parents get back safely. I understand your concern. I also understand how moody pregnancy can make you…just three months to go 😉

  9. sleepyjane Says:

    I love sleeping when it storms!

    Sorry to hear that you guys had such a big fight, and I do understand where you’re coming from. J and I had a big fall out on Friday because he didn’t make the bed. Not a big deal I know, it’s just the principal of it. Whoever gets out of bed last makes the bed and when I got home it wasn’t done. I like things to be done immediately, I hate leaving things to be done for later. (especially house work) Er. Sounds stupid now that I write it, but I was livid.

    Also hoping for your parents safe return!

  10. cardiogirl Says:

    That’s scary about your parents bing in the Middle East. I am not that much of a risk taker and there is really no issue important enough to me to travel into territory like that.

    That sucks that the car was trashed, but now it’s clean, right? I hope you’re feeling better soon.

  11. purple chai Says:

    Despite my own reluctance to travel there, I know tons of people here who are going to Israel all the time, including many, many Israeli kids at school whose families come and go all the time, and I have never heard of an incident. So I guess it’s safer than we all fear it is. (When there’s an election there, my little town has a little exodus of sorts — no pun intended — because they all fly back there to vote.) As for the Palestinians, they did indeed get a raw deal. But I also think that if their passions hadn’t been inflamed all these years, there would have been peace by now. In the original plan, it was expected that Jordan would become the Palestinians’ home, but Jordan didn’t want them either.

  12. Angela L. Says:

    Just wanted to send you some hugs and kisses, I hope today is much better for you! Glad you were able to weather the storm safely (and you got a great picture doing it!). We had frigging HAIL up here along with the torrential downpours, it was rather Biblical. As long as all the lousy weather has moved out by Saturday, I won’t complain! 🙂

    I’ll keep your parents in my thoughts, I’m sure they will make the trip safely and come back with many interesting stories!

  13. whatdayisit Says:

    I am sure the pregnancy and hormone overload is a huge reason why all of these things are bothering you so much. I do understand why the messy car got on your last nerve. My sister has the dirtiest, smelliest,, messiest van and I will be visiting with her for 2 weeks soon. I always almost hate to sit in it with my clean clothes…but I love her and I want to spend time with her so I put up with it. I have been known to put a clean towel on the seat when I visit…just in case!

  14. Aimee Says:

    I hope tomorrow is better. And I am sure your Mom will be okay. It’s hard not worry but I think she’ll be fine.

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