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Down in a hole 26 June 2008

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…. but bringing myself back out again!!

I feel soooooooooooooooooo much better today.  No tears today; instead I am laughing and joking with Kurt.  You can see the relief in his face when I laughed out loud for the first time today.  He just doesn’t know what to do with me when I’m crazy like that.

Maybe it was due to my lack of iron.  I’ve been horrible about taking my iron pills this past weekend, what with being so busy on Long Island with Kurt’s family.  I brought with me enough prenatal vitamins and iron pills to last me the weekend, but I just couldn’t remember to take them.  And the iron pills are so hard to plan around.  I have to take them two to three hours after eating, but an hour before eating again.  Here at the house, that’s pretty easy to do, since there’s usually a large gap between our lunch and dinner in which I can take them.  But when you’re out, it’s nearly impossible to plan for something like that.

We also got White Castle on Saturday while at the mini family reunion, and that really messed me up.  They don’t call ’em gutbusters and belly bombs for nothing!  I only had three (if you aren’t aware, White Castle burgers are tiny things.  Kurt can eat one in two bites, so the fact that I had three does not make me a pig.  Kurt’s cousin’s son had six, and then followed it with a plate of Chinese food), but I felt so sick for most of the night.  I ended up spending at least twenty minutes in the bathroom on two separate occasions Saturday night.

So!  Notes to self:

  1. Do not eat White Castle burgers, no matter how tasty, no matter how tempting.
  2. Remember to take both prenatal vitamins and iron pills.  NO EXCUSES!!!

On to other matters.

The picnic today wasn’t nearly as bad as I thought it was going to be.  It didn’t start out well, however.  I got into the massively long line to get buns for burgers and hot dogs, condiments, and your choice of macaroni salad or potato salad.  I was doing so awesomely, balancing my plate and Grace’s, along with my bag of chips to boot, when I decided to grab some potato salad.  Somehow, I don’t even know how, down went my plate onto the floor, spilling my two burger buns (hey, I’m pregnant!), my dill pickles, my potato salad, everything.  For some reason, that hit me really hard, and I almost began sobbing.  I think I was mainly freaked out by having to stand in that line all over again, but fortunately another man at the picnic saw my distress and rescued me by giving me a new plate and allowing me to “cut” in line ahead of him.  He also really put me at my ease, calming me down by simply being calm and funny himself.  It was like I was drowning in the deep end of the pool, and this guy said, “Just put your feet down!” and lo and behold, my feet could touch bottom.

Lest you think Kurt was lacking in his role as Knight in Shining Armor, he was busy cleaning up the mess I’d made, thereby getting ketchup all over his shorts.  Poor guy.

Once we got all the fixin’s for our burgers, etc, we stood in yet another line for our meat.  This is where the clusterfuck occurred.  Seriously.  What kind of piss-poor planning has just one grill going with burgers and hot dogs, when the burgers have to be cooked from frozen??  It took yet another thirty minutes of standing in line to get our meat, and we were one of the first people in line.  Why they hadn’t started cooking before the picnic even started to get a head-start on the burgers, I have no idea.

On the allergy front, that picnic was a bit on the nerve-wracking side.  I had no idea what the cookies that were being served had in them, and of course, every child there had a cookie in his hand.  We’d already decided to stay away from the sweets, so we didn’t feel all that deprived.  But once we got there, we noticed two turkey fryers filled with peanut oil.  So no fried turkey for us, though it is one of our absolute favorite things to eat.  Why they couldn’t use another oil is beyond me.

It was clear early on that Grace was going to escape unscathed, so I managed to relax.  Then Kurt and I found his friend that he bikes in to work with every morning, and we sat with him and his wife.  That’s when I really began to enjoy myself.  She and I got along swimmingly, and I found out that she is exactly my own age!  This is terribly exciting because I normally get along best with folks older than me, and while it’s usually no big deal, occasionally I’ll get the “you’ll understand when you’re older!” comment that drives me batty.  Yes, yes, I realize that as one gets older, one gets wiser (one hopes, anyhow).  But at the same time, would these same people appreciate it if I threw their age in their faces?  “Oh, you wouldn’t understand.  You’re too OLD.”

But here was a girl who’s the same age as me, and who has a pretty similar view on life.  She doesn’t have children yet, but she’s really very grounded.  She’s sweet and charming and smart and just a joy to be around.  We talked for the entire picnic, and then some.  The guys had finished their clean-up by the time we said goodbye, and that’s saying something.  I expected to be there only a couple of hours, no more.

The forecast called for storms and pouring rain.  We got instead a lot of overcast skies and a few drops.  I much preferred the clouds to full-on sun, though, so I was happy as a clam.  There was no shade at this picnic, and I tend to burn.  Plus too much sun makes Karyl a very sleepy person.

I also managed to avoid the one person I wished to avoid the most, the dreaded TC.  She spotted me fairly early on, I believe, but I’m not positive she recognized me.  I have a totally different hairstyle, which is now bright red, and I’m pregnant.  But she most likely recognized Kurt (how could you not??) and assumed that the girl with him had to be me.  She was wearing a loose halter top with no bra, which really made me think of Lena’s Jane, only thirty years younger.  Yuck.  Eventually I couldn’t avoid her any more; she approached the group I was sitting with to take some photos.  She really weirded out my new friend because she had no idea who this TC person was and why she was photographing her.  I explained the whole situation later to her.  But TC quickly moved on, and I didn’t speak to her or her husband the entire time.  Kurt spoke to the husband, but then he works with him.  He kind of has to talk to him.

And if taking my pills, being a lot more cheerful, enjoying the picnic, and meeting new friends weren’t enough, I received a surprise phone call from our own favorite border-crosser, Shippie, all the way from Canada!  She just wanted to cheer me up and get me to smile.  Could there be a sweeter gesture?  And during that conversation, Kurt arrived home from seeing the latest Indiana Jones movie, and in his hand was food from Wendy’s.

I guess I’ll have to chalk this up as quite a banner day!!


8 Responses to “Down in a hole”

  1. shipjumper Says:

    You can’t say “NEVER” to white castle….cuz when I come visit we have to eat them!! It won’t be the same if I have to hork those sliders down with just kurt! (no offense big guy!)

  2. sleepyjane Says:

    Oooh. I love picnics. 🙂 Sounds like a great time! And I didnt know White Castle REALLY exsisted. That’s so cool. I thought it was something they dreamed up in Harold and Kumar. haha

  3. clairec23 Says:

    Yeah I’ve only heard of White Castle cos of that film too lol

    I’m so glad you are feeling better, I would most certainly have cried when I dropped the food, it happened to me last month and I sobbed! Sometimes it’s really hard to lift yourself out of that kind of feeling, the hormones don’t exactly help much so it’s always uplifting when someone does something small that makes a difference.

    I have to start taking iron myself (I’m useless at remembering to take things like that), was wondering why I kept getting dizzy, guess I know why now, huh? 😀 Hope the good mood lasts from here on in hon x I didn’t enjoy my second pregnancy at all mostly because of the hormones (and I am the ONLY person allowed to blame my moods and reactions on the H word!) but as soon as I saw the baby, I was like a different person so hold on there 🙂

  4. yankeechick Says:

    Oh, I am here to tell you that people don’t necessarily get ‘wiser’ as they get older, but they have most likely experienced much more………there is a huge difference. Wiser???? Not so much!

    That’s a shame about the fried turkey. Peanut oil is a big waste of $$. We have fried a bazillion turkeys and there is no difference. I always get Mazola corn oil and it’s simply wonderful! The secret is not the oil, but the seasoning. Thanks to my SIL, I know to smother it with Johnny’s Seasoning Salt before frying and O M G, it is SOOOO good! Great, now I’m craving again…..maybe for the 4th?!?!

  5. art Says:

    you have to goto the midwest, preferably indiana, to get white castle, the real deal! what you had most likely, was the supermarket version, which can give ya the hotsy-trotsies, ya know? in indiana, they have white castle restaurants, just like burger king, whereas you can get a bag of fresh sliders for a coupla bucks, with cheese, and slide em down real nice! cures what ails ya for sure, and may induce labour!! hahah!!! happy day!

  6. purple chai Says:

    And White Castles, at this point in my life, are the only hamburgers I can eat without getting sick! (Because they’re steamed, not broiled.) Listen, try not to get into a cycle where just feeling down makes you depressed. Feeling down is part of pregnancy, and it’s not something we can wish away or just decide to be cheerful. It is what it is and everyone goes through it. It will pass.

  7. capitolady Says:

    Man I remember those days so well. I was an emotional reck at times when I was pregnant. Although my hubby thinks I haven’t changed since then. 🙂 I used to love White Castles but I don’t know what it is about them I can’t take now. Probably because when it came to our neighborhood I pigged out a bit too much.

    Hang in. 🙂

  8. CB Says:

    no need to fret about peanut oil and fried turkey – check out The Big Easy – an oil-less infrared turkey fryer. UL approved – and with some kidlets in your future – much safer without all that oil. And no mess to deal with. Thanks. Best wishes on your upcoming events! – CB

    I write the blog for Char-Broil, makers of The Big Easy.

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