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Hurricane in my living room 30 June 2008

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Our weekend was quite lovely.  How was yours???

On Saturday we engaged in some excellent retail therapy at the premium outlets with my good friend Angela and her mother.  These two ladies are seriously some of the excellent-est women in the entire world, and I thoroughly enjoy their company.

Of course, I saw something I could not live without… but somehow I managed to restrain myself.  I’ve been wanting a new food processor for eons, and I saw a KitchenAid 11-cup food processor that was to die for.  Not only that, it was PINK!!  Pink!!!!  My heart went all a-flutter, but alas.  It was not the right time to drop $200 on a kitchen appliance.

Why can’t I just win the lottery already and have all kinds of money at my disposal??

What made me even more excited than an appliance I could not afford (pink or not!) was finding not one but two pairs of summer sandals in my size.  They are slightly too large, in that I really need the 7.5WW instead of the 8WW, but they didn’t have the 7.5WW.  I was just so thrilled to find shoes that fit me!  I have a really hard time finding open-toed sandals because I have such amazingly wide feet, so I usually go all the way up to a size 9 before I can fit my toes under the strap.  Of course, that does not make for a very comfortable shoe.  I had never before seen a double-wide shoe at a retail store before.  I’ve gotten them online, but then there is always the concern that they won’t fit once they arrive.

It goes without saying that I bought both pairs of sandals.  They were on sale, so I managed to pay $5 more to get them both than what one pair cost at full price.  Excellent!!  (For those of you who are curious about what they look like, the white pair is HERE and the brown pair, my personal favorite, is HERE.)

On Sunday, we decided to clean the house.  Kurt elected to work on the garage, while I tackled the house.  Bad day to clean, let me tell you.  I about killed myself because it was so darn hot in the house.  The humidity here is really amazing.  Yes, I’m from Virginia, but good golly, we always had air conditioning!!  The high yesterday was supposed to only be 79º, which is a very manageable temperature.  But the heat index made it feel like 89º.  Oh, it was horrible.  There was no breeze coming in through the window; the air was still and stagnant and moist.  Plus to be pregnant and cleaning…. Yuck.  Let’s just say I did not accomplish all I set out to do.  I managed to clean the kitchen, unload and reload the dishwasher, vacuum the house, and mop the kitchen floor.  By the time all that was done, I was done.  I had planned on cleaning the bathrooms too, but I just couldn’t get that far.

The bathrooms can wait, right??

But we indulged in a treat after spending the day getting nasty and sweaty and dirty.  It was off to our neighborhood pool!!  It’s just a couple of blocks away, and while it’s small, it more than does the job for cooling off on a hot day.  We ran into a slight snag when we were told we needed a pool pass, but the lifeguard let us in anyhow, and I’ve rectified that problem already.

However, as soon as we had jumped in and gotten comfortable in the pool, Kurt’s phone rang.  It was his friend, the couple we’d hung out with at the picnic, and they were inviting us over for a barbecue!  I had no idea what I was going to make for dinner, so this was definitely a serendipitous occurrence.  But the party was starting in just an hour, and it takes me that long to shower, get dressed, dry my hair, and put on my makeup.  The worst part is drying my hair.  It takes forever to dry with a hairdryer from sopping wet.  Usually what I do is shower, let my hair dry naturally for at least thirty minutes, and then it doesn’t take very long.  Plus it ends up looking better.  Go figure.

But once we finally made it there, a wonderful time was had by all.  The wife is a really awesomely sweet lady, so easy to talk to and have a good time with.  She makes me feel like a schlump, though.  They painted their entire house (they have the same house we do, except theirs is the mirror image of our unit), and she’s planted a gorgeous wildflower garden in her backyard.  I have nothing in my front garden, let alone creating a backyard garden, and my house is still the boring creamy beige color that all our units are.  I just don’t have that level of creativity.  Then again, she wasn’t working for a few months, and they don’t have children yet.  They do have the most adorable puggle named Daisy, though.  Grace chased that poor dog all over the backyard, but they both enjoyed themselves immensely.

One thing we noticed while at their house was they had air conditioning.  Wooo!  It was so beautifully cool in their home after spending all morning cleaning a hot and humid house.  They had one unit in the living room that cooled the living room, dining room, and kitchen, and they had another in the master bedroom.  The other two rooms (plus the laundry room) were kept closed so as not to overwork the units.  Seeing how well their system worked, we broke down and bought two air conditioning units of our own at the Navy Exchange.  No sales tax — woo hoo!!  We bought the same unit they had in their living room, but got a cheaper (yet more powerful) one for the bedroom.

See??  I knew there was a reason I didn’t buy the food processor on Saturday!

Putting the big a/c in was unbelievable.  In every unit, there is a hole cut out of the wall of the living room to allow for an a/c unit since we have no windows that will accept an a/c unit anywhere in the main living area.  We figured that it would be a simple matter of taking the unit out of the box and slotting it right into that hole.  Ha!  Wishful thinking on my part.

The a/c unit was a fraction of an inch too large to fit into the hole because there was a metal box installed into the hole to help support the a/c unit.  That box was just a nooch too small from the top to the bottom to allow for the a/c unit to fit into it.  So Kurt decided to remove the box.  That took him at least thirty minutes because the darn thing was glued in!

But finally, finally, the box was out, and it took Kurt all of five minutes to slot the unit into the hole and get it working.  He’s got plans to reinstall the box around the a/c tomorrow so that there is more support, but it’s fine for right now.  There is no way that he’s going to install the bedroom a/c tonight.  He’s wiped out from fighting with the living room one!  Hopefully the bedroom unit will go in quickly and easily, and we can start having the whole house air conditioned.  Today’s been breezy and cool, so we don’t even need it on, but it’s so nice to have a lot less humidity in the house!

Now I won’t mind the heat come August.  Woo hoo!!


9 Responses to “Hurricane in my living room”

  1. twisterjester Says:

    The sandals are adorable – and I’m jealous about finding the WW. There’s a wide-shoe store right down the street from me, though, and I plan to check it out soon, whether or not I can afford to buy anything.

  2. sleepyjane Says:

    The sandals are very cute! 🙂 I can’t decide which I like better. And YAY for aircon’s!

  3. michele Says:

    i am extremely glad that you got the a/c units because i can only imagine how much WORSE the heat feels for you being pregnant. you might even find yourself sleeping better at night because your house stayed cooler during the day. and we all now how important a good night’s sleep can be!

  4. Shear Says:

    I’m so glad you’ve got A/C!!! Your sister is right! You will sleep so much better now. By the way, very cute sandals!

  5. Elle Says:

    I don’t know what the folks in S. Louisiana did (or WHY) without AC! Love love the sandals and glad you’re cooler!

  6. Aimee Says:

    I hate cleaning in hot weather (or cold weather) and I’m not pregnant…also totally jealous of the neighborhood pool. FYI check my blog later there is a surprise.

  7. terri t. Says:

    How nice that you got a/c units! It will make such a huge difference in how you all feel and sleep. Especially when the baby comes and you are exhausted. Loved reading about all your retail therapy and that you found some sandals that you love….. Maybe that pink kitchen appliance will be a good new baby present from your adoring husband? LOL

  8. Cosmic Says:

    Oh man, do hate to pee on your parade. I hope I’m not, but I wouldn’t be a friend if I didn’t say this. It is a safety issue. Doe the A/C you put in the sleeve vent out the back? The reason is that I worked at The housing authority and we couldn’t allow most of the units people wanted to bring in because the vents were on the side of the A/C.

    They were required to purchase units with the back vents. The window ones pose a serious fire hazzard if they are boxxed in.

    I hope you have the right one. Again, I hate to say this, but your safety and the safety of your family is too important to keep my mouth shut. If You or Kurt already know this, wonderful. I had to mention it.

  9. Kym Says:

    Air conditioning is a beautiful invention, isn’t it? We have central air and it’s a wonderful thing. We didn’t have central air over at our old house. We had this very old ratty window air conditioner. It did the job but it was extremely old.

    Things happen for a reason…no food processor but you got a much needed air conditioner instead. Maybe Santa will bring that food processor or the “birthday fairy”. One can hope, right?

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