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Movers and shakers 8 July 2008

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I think the animals know something is up with me. I’ve got my dog at my feet, and one of my cats snuggled up next to my leg. I can’t go anywhere with one of those two invading my personal space. It’s kind of strange because when I’m not pregnant, all three animals ignore me. The only one who’s still ignoring me is Storm. But he’s strange anyhow. He’s never been one to cuddle under the best of circumstances.

And now time to talk about the pregnancy a little more.  I haven’t been talking about it much for two reasons.  First, this is my second baby.  It’s sort of old hat at this point.  Secondly, I tend to have boring pregnancies.  Grace’s birth was plenty of excitement for one person, but the pregnancy itself was uneventful.

This baby is really starting to kick and move around in there.  It’s really amazing!  I think this one is kicking far more than Grace ever did.  I remember feeling some fluttering around in there, but this one is seriously going whole-hog.  You can see my belly jumping around when the baby really gets going.  I was sitting in church on Sunday, trying to pay attention to the sermon (titled “Love and Marriage” — I had the theme from Married… with Children stuck in my head the entire time the pastor was speaking), when my aunt started snickering.  I looked over at her, and she was laughing at the way my belly was jumping and moving and twitching, all on its own.

I’m wondering if it’s because I weigh less this time around.  I started at 210lbs when I got pregnant with Grace, while I was just 192 when I got pregnant with this baby.  At my last appointment, I was at 211.  I’m sort of scared what I weigh now, what with all the eating we’ve done this last week.  And it wasn’t like it was healthy eating!!  There wasn’t much in the way of green veggies to pig out on at my uncle’s house, though the butterflied shrimp and the fried fish and the half chickens and the grilled chicken breasts and the pasta salads were all very, very delicious.  I did get to fill up on fresh raw veggies at Aubrey’s bridal shower.  I’m sure some of the other guests were confused when they noticed that’s all that was on my plate!  But how can you resist celery and carrots and green pepper all dipped in ranch?  Mmmm yummy.

So maybe my lower weight is allowing me to feel the baby kick more.  I still sort of lose the baby belly as soon as I sit down.  Looking down, I can’t really see the basketball that is my tummy when I’m sitting.  It sort of just spreads out and turns into pudge.  Kurt says I still look pregnant when I sit, but I don’t know if I agree.

Another thing that is totally different is my belly button.  With Grace’s pregnancy, my belly button stayed an innie.  It didn’t even get close to popping out.  This time, however, my belly button has very nearly flattened out.  When I eat too much, it almost pops out entirely!!

Also, this time around my feet are so much more swollen than they were with Grace.  Maybe it’s because there is more humidity here, and maybe I’m not sitting enough.  But I’ve tried really hard to keep my feet up today, and they don’t seem swollen at all.  Yesterday they were horribly fat; I even sat on the pool deck with my feet in the water while Grace was at lessons.  And I have been drinking plenty of water, so I know that isn’t my problem.  I just need to keep them elevated, I think.

This pregnancy thing, it’s pretty amazing!

And speaking of pregnancy, today I had yet another test.  See, once you get to 26 weeks or so, you’re asked to do a glucose test to make sure you’re not suffering from gestational diabetes.  I wanted to do it yesterday because our schedule was wide open, but once we got up to the lab, the nurse informed us that she doesn’t do glucose tests in the middle of the day.  Hmph.  I wish she’d told us before we drove all the way up to the north end of the island!

So instead of spending my Grace-free morning eating breakfast with Kurt at our favorite diner, I skipped breakfast entirely.  I didn’t have to fast, but my OB said for me not to eat anything sugary before the test.  Since I’m currently working on a box of Golden Grahams for my breakfast of choice, and because I prefer to sweeten my coffee on the mornings I remember to make it, I figured it would be more accurate if I fasted beforehand.

The glucose test involves drinking a bottle of orange liquid that tastes rather like orange soda, only without the carbonation.  Yuck.  Have I mentioned I abhor orange soda?  Kurt loves the stuff, but I just can’t stomach it.  Anyhow, once I drank this stuff, I had to sit in the waiting room for one hour.  They do not make very comfortable chairs for medical waiting rooms, especially for a pregnant person.  At least I had Kurt to keep me company.  He did a good job of keeping me giggling throughout most of the hour.

After my time was up, I had two vials of blood drawn.  I really like that nurse; she’s drawn my blood at least three times now, and she’s never bruised me.  She knows exactly where to stick me, and she gets it done and over with.  I’m not afraid of needles, but I have had some trauma when being stuck.  I used to donate platelets, which requires relatively large needles in both arms (they take your blood from the one arm, spin the blood to separate the platelets out, and then return the blood back to you in your other arm).  One nurse could not find the vein in either of my arms and managed to blacken my inner elbow on both arms.  I had bruises five inches long for at least a week.  Needless to say, I did not allow her to stick me ever again.

I’ll get my results back on Friday.  I am hoping I don’t have gestational diabetes, although nothing is pointing that way.  I would just prefer to continue on with this stress-free pregnancy without any added complications.


11 Responses to “Movers and shakers”

  1. K.Lo. Says:

    I remember being pregnant in the summer and those swollen feet. Yikes! Make sure and update the minute you find out that you’re clear of gestational diabetes (I will think positive for you).

    Also – those animals are so intune, it’s amazing. Before my friend Buzz was diagnosed with breast cancer, one of her cats kept jumping on top of her whenever she layed down, kneading her left breast. The one with the tumor. It’s just amazing. And creepy!

  2. Dani Says:

    I have two dogs and a cat, all of which have been desperately seeking my attention since I became pregnant. In particular, my pug always wants to lay next to me with his head near my belly. My husband and I suspect that he might be able to hear the heartbeats, but have no evidence to back this up. I have read that dogs can absolutely sense that ‘something is up.’

  3. Terri Says:

    I hope your test comes back negative! I had Gestational Diabetes three out of five times. Ew. It was mild, but it was still a pain to have that issue.

    You’re poor ankles! A summer pregnancy will do it to ya every time! Methinks it’s a great excuse to put up your cute little feet and read a good book. 🙂

  4. summer fever Says:

    Boy. Boy. Boy. Boy. 🙂

  5. sleepyjane Says:

    I could have sworn the title to this one was “I’m back…again”
    Maybe I was seeing things.

    Anyway, I have complete faith that everything will go as it should!

    It’s cute about the animals though – I do believe that they sense when things are different and then react to that!

  6. michele Says:

    i think that’s cool that you’re having a rather uneventful pregnancy per se. and i bet that feels kinda weird but kinda cool to feel the baby kick! chances are that since you normally pretty healthfully that you’re gonna be just fine when you get your results back.

  7. Shear Says:

    I remember those swollen feet. I had to wear flip-flops to work because my other shoes wouldn’t fit. Bless your heart!

    Sending good vibes and praying the gestational diabetes test comes back negative!

  8. purple chai Says:

    I think we feel the kicks more in a second (or later) pregnancy because we know what they are (can’t dismiss that weird feeling a gas) and also our muscles are already stretched out and a little thinner, so there’s less padding in there to absorb the kick, so we see them and feel them. That’s what I always figured, anyway.

  9. i still say you is getting a boy!! BOY OH BOY!!! watch out for the cats that they dont trip u up!!!

  10. Kym Says:

    Good luck with the tests.

    When my sister was pregnant, her cats loved being around her and now they are protective of the baby.

  11. twisterjester Says:

    Boys always kick more. Been there, done that, with two of each. 😀

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