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Me and the mini-bar 9 July 2008

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After dinner tonight, I got my exercise in by walking up to Best Buy.  I’d lent my Brookstone earphones to Kurt a while back, but when he returned them, the silicone cushioning was missing off the right one, rendering the earphones very uncomfortable.  It’s really a shame — I loved those earphones.  They were the over-the-ear style, with a small bit that went into the ear, but they had this technology where the sound was reflected back into the ear canal instead of being piped directly into it.  It was supposed to cut down on the damage you’d do your ears if you listened to your music too loudly.  I don’t, generally, but these earphones did have an amazing sound.

So when I couldn’t use them anymore, I was a bit distraught.  Hence the trip to Best Buy.  They’ve just built one right around the corner from my house, so there was no excuse to take the car.  I mean, it’s about a quarter of a mile; we walk it in about ten minutes since we tend to mosey.

This new Best Buy is tiny, though.  I have never seen one so incredibly small.  I’d have to say it’s at least half the size of every other Best Buy I’ve been in.  Its small size meant that it didn’t have anything I would find useful, unless you counted the Wii section.  I buy all my music from the record store down on Thames Street (and it’s pronounced “Thames,” not “Tems” like you would say if you’re talking about the river in London).  I love the personal interaction you get from the employees at the record store, and the fact you’re surrounded by every single genre there is — not just what Best Buy has deemed will sell out of their big-box format.

I found me a new pair of earbuds, not my favorite, but these promise “virtual surround sound.”  I don’t know about that.  I’ve got them plugged into my laptop at the moment, listening to the Dresden Dolls off the CD, and the new earbuds seem to be working fairly well.  One thing I do like about them is that the cord is designed in such a way that the right cord is much longer and goes around behind your neck.  You don’t end up with two long cords draping from both your ears and getting all tangled up.  But the jack sticks way out of the connection to my laptop, which happens to be right in the front.  It pokes me in the belly as I’m listening to my CD.  Hopefully it won’t be much of a problem once my belly subsides a bit.

So yesterday while I was at my appointment to check for gestational diabetes, I got bored and started reading the magazines that were left on the table.  Better Homes and Gardens from at least a year ago.  I used to have a subscription to that magazine, until I realized it just made me angry.  I remember one story that really annoyed me.  A couple had bought a lovely older home, but it was “only” 1500 square feet, and they felt that was too small in which to raise children.  So before the wife became pregnant, they enlarged the house to something like 4000 square feet, but done in such a way that the addition wasn’t visible from the street so that it wouldn’t stand out from the other homes in the neighborhood.  I agree with that aspect of the renovation, but why does a family of four need a home of 4000 square feet?  Our current home is roughly 1400 square feet, and we found it downright palatial compared to our home in Washington state that was just 860 square feet.  I would want a home about 2000 square feet for a family of four.  That’s what I grew up in, and there was enough room for each of us to get away from the other three, yet we didn’t have to go to a whole ‘nother wing to find each other.

Just my opinion.  Feel free to disagree.

Anyhow.  While perusing the Better Homes and Gardens from a year ago, I found some lovely recipes to try out.  Chicken and capers — yum!  How about brats and wilted cabbage?  Delicious!  Ravioli with zucchini?  Mmmm!  Of course, these were autumn recipes, but I could make some of them in the summer heat.  The brats and wilted cabbage would be especially good, I would think.

I was naughty and tore that page out of the magazine.  I stole it!  Don’t tell anyone.

There was also a page on how to jazz up macaroni and cheese.  It really sounded delicious, so I took that one too.  Heh.  But I went to the website to see if there was more detail on those recipes, and was pleasantly surprised to find how many recipes there are online at!  You can see a bunch if you click HERE.  I kind of got stuck on the slideshow featuring chicken crockpot recipes, since I love to use my crockpot.  It’s especially good in the summer when you don’t want to heat up the kitchen.

That was another thing I love about having a/c, now that we have it.  For the last five years, I’ve been planning what I’m making for dinner around the weather.  If it’s too hot, turning on the oven is out.  Sometimes even thinking about turning on the stove is enough to make me wilt in the heat.  But tonight Kurt grilled a flank steak while I roasted potatoes at 475º, and I didn’t have to worry about how hot I was making the house.  It’s such a freeing feeling.

I need to get back into cooking.  I’ve got some recipes floating around in my head that can use up the food I’ve already got in the fridge.  Now if I can only resist the urge to go out to eat….


7 Responses to “Me and the mini-bar”

  1. twisterjester Says:

    I can’t stand earbuds. They make me nuts. I prefer old-fashioned headphones when I can get them. If I had the cash I’d buy the uber-cushioned ones like we used in broadcast radio.

  2. sleepyjane Says:

    I have very uncomfortable earphones that I got with my iPod. They also go into the the ear but they’re flat and big and round so it’s painful if you have it in for more than a few minutes. I’ve been looking at earbuds, the silicone covered ones. I don’t mind it in my ear, as long as it doesn’t hurt then I’m happy. 🙂

  3. michele Says:

    if you like the kind with one cord longer than the other, perhaps i’ll send you my barely used pair. i don’t like the different length cords when i’m jogging on the treadmill and besides my treadmill in the house has speakers where the one at the clubhouse did not.

    i understand what you’re saying about the square footage thing and to a point, i definitely agree. however, there are floorplans where 800sq feet are done well and seem spacious (like your place in WA) and yet there are time where 800sq ft feels cramped (my apt in Jax).

  4. Shear Says:

    Tickled me that you tore the recipes outta the magazine. Once, I carried a magazine to the receptionist and asked her to photocopy a recipe for me. She said to just rip it out like everyone else. Heh.

  5. karmacat Says:

    I am similarly annoyed by BHG. Their featured home remodeling projects are seldom, if ever, do-it-yourself jobs. Most look like they require the hiring of a big bucks contractor, and these projects and upgrades appear to cost more than the purchase price of my house. Hiring a landscape architect? Who does that? Paying some neighborhood kid to mow my lawn would be a luxury for me.

  6. art Says:

    im tellin!!! you recipie magazine tearer, you!! hehehee!!

  7. Tracey Says:

    Remind me to keep our square footage a secret. Honestly, I never imagined I’d get a house as big as the one we have now, but like Michele said, it depends on the layout. And it was hard to find a house with the things we really wanted without getting a McMansion. Our entry is HUGE… why do I need a big entry? But that’s just the way it ended up.

    Luckily, we can afford it just fine. But I really wish builders would be more respectful of people who can’t afford it, or those of us who would rather spend our housing & utliity dollars on something else. Building your own is the way to go, but that gets pricey (and not at all practical when you are living in a built-up area like we are).

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