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Only love can bring the rain 11 July 2008

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I have successfully recovered from the Red Wine Vinegar Incident, as Cardiogirl called it.  And even better, my mood has stayed stable for two whole days in a row!

As if that weren’t excitement enough, remember the flip-flops I thought I left in Long Island?  Last night, while I was doing a last few things on the internet, a large bug scuttled across my vision and underneath Kurt’s couch.  I hollered for Kurt to come back to the living room, but he couldn’t hear me.  So I went back to the bedroom and asked him to find this enormous bug that was under his couch.

When he pulled the couch away from its traditional place in our living room, he found not only this hideous beetle-type creature, but also Grace’s missing light-up flip-flops.  I am so incredibly thrilled by this news.  We had bought her a replacement set at Sears that weren’t quite the same, and the lights burned out in the right shoe the second time she wore them.  Not only that, they gave her blisters, poor girl.

Today Grace is wearing her blue light-up flip-flops, and she is happy as a clam.

We spent most of the day cleaning.  Kurt decided to have our friends over for an impromptu grilled shrimp dinner, after finding medium shrimp at BJ’s for just $5 a pound.  Our friend has a wheat allergy, so cooking for her involves checking a lot of labels.  But you know, we’re sort of used to it by now with Grace.  Food manufacturers are also making life so much easier on us folks who have to obsessively check labels.  Now at the end of the ingredient list, you will find an allergen list in bold.  Generally it reads something like, “Contains: Wheat, Soy, Milk, Peanuts” or what-have-you.  This means you don’t have to scour the incredibly long list of hard-to-pronounce ingredients and hoping you didn’t miss “peanut” somewhere in there.

Did you know soy sauce has wheat in it???  Go ahead and look; I’ll wait.

See?  Isn’t that odd?  I had no idea soy sauce had wheat in it until I started checking labels for my friend.  They do make a gluten-free soy sauce, though.  But you never know what has wheat in it until you start reading labels.

As if we weren’t busy enough, I was scheduled to see my obstetrician.  The first time I was seen there, the nurse informed me that I could pick whatever time I wanted to be seen.  What worked best with Kurt’s work schedule was 1:30pm on a Friday.  But every subsequent appointment has gotten later and later.  Today’s appointment was at 3:45pm, and the next appointment was already scheduled for 4:15!!  ACK!  Luckily the nurse there loves me and said I could come in whenever I wanted to, so now I’m scheduled for 1:30pm in two weeks.

I had to pee like you wouldn’t believe about an hour before my appointment, but I couldn’t go to the bathroom.  I have to pee in a cup each time I go in (boo, hiss!!), and I didn’t want to not be able to go at the doctor’s office!  Needless to say, when I was finally called back, I sighed a huge sigh of relief.

The doctor had some excellent news for me.  I do not have gestational diabetes!  She said if my glucose levels had been off, I would have already been called and asked to do a three-hour glucose test.  Gahh.  It was bad enough sitting in the lab’s waiting room for one hour.  I would hate to have to do three hours.

My bloodwork did show that I am anemic.  I hadn’t taken my iron pills that morning just to see what my levels would look like, and sure enough, I am low.  I’d gotten a prescription for iron pills a few months ago, so I’m good there.  But it’s nice to know I do need them, that they aren’t a placebo.

And if that all weren’t excellent enough, I gained just three pounds in the last month!  I thought for sure I would have ballooned up.  Did I mention how much eating I did this past weekend in Pennsylvania??  Anywhere I went, there was food for the taking.  My uncle had so much food spread out on the Fourth of July and the day before.  We went out to eat at least once a day every time we were there, and I never make good choices when we eat out.  I always want something like a spicy chicken sandwich from Wendy’s (which features a fried chicken breast on a bun with mayonnaise).  Oh, and French fries.  Mmm.  So for me to only gain three pounds!!  This, my friends, is extremely exciting.

How do you think we celebrated my not having gestational diabetes and only gaining three pounds???  With ice cream, of course!!

Time to celebrate!!!

As I always say, Into all lives a little ice cream must fall!


7 Responses to “Only love can bring the rain”

  1. chaosdaily Says:

    I would certainly have celebrated that news with ice cream! Hooray for you!!!

  2. twisterjester Says:

    Woohoo for the clean bill of health! I’m glad for you 🙂 Not much longer to go now!

  3. ice cream is always good for what ails ya!! yay!!

  4. cardiogirl Says:

    Yeah for ice cream! And double yeah for finding Grace’s flip flops! Good times!

  5. Poolie Says:

    I love your philosophy!

  6. Elle Says:

    YAY ice cream! That was one of the great things about working at a giant ice cream place as a teenager — no one comes in just making do getting ice cream — it is always a good thing!

  7. michele Says:

    your eyes look incredibly blue in that pic! very pretty!

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