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Starting to nest 13 July 2008

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Kurt informed me on Friday that we weren’t doing a damn thing this weekend.  That was perfectly okay by me.  We’d had too much excitement in the last month or so, what with the trip to Long Island to see Kurt’s family, and then the family reunion in Pennsylvania.  It was seemed right to have a little downtime to just relax and enjoy.

But as we were waking up this morning, Kurt came up with a new plan — and we ended up having a very busy, but thoroughly enjoyable, day.

First on the agenda — going to breakfast!  Kurt treated us to a meal at the Newport Creamery, which is sort of like a Denny’s crossed with an ice cream shop that makes its own ice cream on the premises.  We know better than to try to go to IHOP on a Sunday.  I still don’t understand why people don’t just come across the street to the Newport Creamery, where the food is much better and the service is much more personal.  One day Kurt and I were having lunch at the Creamery when a lady and her friend came in and sat at the counter.  The waitress working at the counter recognized her, welcomed her back, and asked how she’d been doing and whether she wanted the same thing she’d ordered the last time she had been in.  When the waitress walked away, the lady turned to her friend and explained that she hasn’t been to the Creamery in at least a year, and she was amazed the waitress remembered her so clearly!

This is why I like the hometown chains and restaurants.  People just seem to care so much more about the customer or client.

The next thing on the agenda was a huge departure from my normal routine.  People, I went to a movie this afternoon.

I know!!  How shocking, right???

Folks, it’s been almost four years since I set food in a movie theatre.  Why’s that?  Part of it is because I never did get into watching movies in the theatre.  There very rarely is a “must-see” movie for me.  And even movies I get all excited about (The Other Boleyn Girl and the new Pride and Prejudice come to mind), I tend to forget about once they’ve left the theatre.  I keep meaning to rent them on DVD, but even then I forget.  I guess I am just not much of a movie watcher.

Kurt really wanted to take Grace to see WALL-E, though, and I’d already shot down the idea of going to see it with our neighbors down the street who have two small girls.  I figured the three of them would be too busy trying to play with one another instead of watching the movie, and they’d disturb the other movie-goers.  So I felt I should go see a movie with Kurt and Grace, even though it’s not really my thing.

Come to find out, it wouldn’t have made a damn bit of difference if Grace hadn’t sat still through the movie.  The theatre was deserted; it was only our family and a mother with her two kids in the entire place.

WALL-E was a pretty good movie.  I think I liked the animated short featuring a magician and his misbehaving rabbit far more than the actual movie.  I could not stop laughing throughout the short!!  But WALL-E was cute and enjoyable.  I saw shades of Fahrenheit 451, though, when the humans on the spaceship were so enthralled by the tv screens in front of them that they didn’t even notice the environment in which they were living.  More than one human exclaims, “I didn’t know we had a pool!” when their tv screens get knocked off for one reason or another.

Grace and I cracked up our fellow movie-goers after our showing when I realized it was time to investigate the restrooms.  I decided to start running to see if Grace would chase me, and when I made the turn to the restrooms, Grace overshot and had to readjust to try to catch up with me.  Apparently a mother and a group of young girls saw that and started laughing and exclaiming how cute it was.  I probably shouldn’t be racing my kid being seven months pregnant, but hey, I thought it was fun.

I won’t ever grow up, just in case you were wondering.

The rest of the day was spent shopping.  We managed to hit Tuesday Morning, Savers (a thrift store), and Target.  I think I am starting to nest.  I’m getting really excited about meeting this baby when s/he arrives in a couple of months.  Before this, the baby was more abstract to me.  Sure, s/he loves to pummel my belly when I sit still too long, but s/he wasn’t exactly real to me.  Maybe that doesn’t make sense, but it’s how I felt.  Now I’m starting to realize that it’s a baby, that I will be holding this precious infant in just a few months.

This is when it starts to get fun.

I’m not getting very much stuff.  Ms Cheez-It chastised me when I bought new receiving blankets for the baby, saying that I will probably get plenty at my baby shower, but I am not holding my breath that I will be having one here in Rhode Island.  I already had a really awesome shower when I was in California for CatieCake’s birthday, and I don’t really know anyone well enough to have them throw me a shower.  Besides, it’s a second baby.  Do you even get a shower for the younger child?

I still have plenty of things from when Grace was a baby.  We didn’t know her gender either before she was born, so I’m pretty set with gender-neutral items.  But you have to get a few new things for a new baby!!  To that end, I got a bunch of onesies from Tuesday Morning that button down the front instead of having to put them over the baby’s head.  I also got a pack of sleepers from Target with matching hats, and two “new” gowns from the thrift store.  Once the baby’s born, I can get a few more new things if it’s a girl, and if it’s a boy, I’ll have to start from scratch.

But finally I am beginning to nest.  Nothing hard-core, nothing that signals I will be going into labor any time soon.  On Friday while I was cleaning the house, I got a hair up my butt to rearrange Grace’s room.  See, we’re planning on putting the baby in with her once it’s old enough, and her toy rack had to be moved from one side of the room to the other.  There are heating vents on two of Grace’s walls, and one of the remaining walls is her closet.  We figured the best place for the crib would be on the last wall, the one that doesn’t have a heating vent.  Hence the moving of the toy rack.  The benefit of that is her room looks much better rearranged the way we have it.  Now I just have to figure out what to do with all the stuff on the shelving next to the changing table so I can store cloth diapers, wraps, and baby clothes on it for easy access.

I also have to find the wipes warmer (I use cloth wipes, and it’s the easiest way to store them), wash the new fitted diapers that I got an excellent deal on, and locate the bottle warmer, in case nursing doesn’t work out again with this baby.  If you didn’t know, my milk never came in with Grace.  I tried my best, doing everything the lactaction consultant told me to do, but I just never had anything to feed her with.  She lost a pound and a half in the first two weeks of her life.  It was not good.  And while I would love to nurse, a part of me wouldn’t mind bottle-feeding this next baby.  I know nursing is best, but Kurt missed so much when Grace was a baby that I don’t really want to limit him with this one.  Plus bottle-feeding is what I know.

Well, it’s too early to worry about that anyhow.  I’ll just have to wait and see once the baby’s born.

Just a couple more months!!!


7 Responses to “Starting to nest”

  1. cocoabean Says:

    It’s exciting now… but that last month when you start thinking about labor…. gets a little scary.

  2. twisterjester Says:

    Not too much longer now! I know you’ll be fine whether you nurse or bottle feed, and so will hubby and baby. As to the baby shower, it depends on a lot of things. Here’s hoping you have one; with the move, sounds like you’ll need it!

  3. Sleepyjane Says:

    I can’t WAIT to met him/her!! 🙂

  4. michele Says:

    What a great weekend you had! Sounds like things are really coming together for this new baby. Yay!

  5. Patty Says:

    Oh my gosh – I see you are reading The Red Tent! One of my very favorite books – I could hardly put it down. Hope you are enjoying it.

  6. Aimee Says:

    7 months already? It went so quickly. Probably not for you though…
    As far as bottle or breast, I am a firm believer that you should do whatever it is that works best for you. With B, I could not breast feed. But with Baby G it worked great and I loved it. Both kids are smart and healthy so…you know…whatever you want.

  7. Texas Peach Says:

    The last month or two is always so exciting. There is so much to be done and you know it is almost over. I think that makes it even more fun. I loved getting the rooms ready and making sure all the little clothes are clean and smelling fresh. I had trouble nursing my youngest daughter (I never tried with my oldest) because she was huge and never got enough to eat. My oldest son I nursed for the first couple of months but then he started getting gas from no matter what I ate. With my youngest son, I nursed the first three or four months until he started solids (they started earlier back then). So you never know whether or not it will work but either way is fine as long as you just love them to pieces!

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