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In the hot seat 15 July 2008

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Good Lord.  I still feel as though I am playing massive catch-up.  I guess that’s what I get when I take a day off!

While Grace was at school, Kurt and I went to breakfast together at our favorite diner.  I am loving these easy days at his office.  They’re in a break between classes right now; their new round of students don’t arrive till Monday.  This week and last, Kurt’s been preparing — but he doesn’t have to be there at any specific time.  He still has tours to give and meetings to attend and PowerPoints to fix, but as long as he’s there when he has to be and he gets done all his work, he doesn’t have to work a full 7am to 3pm (or later) shift.  It really compensates for the last week of classes, when he’s working from 7am to 5 or 6pm with only a very short lunch break.

Hence our ability to go to breakfast today.  Kurt got Butter Pecan Pancakes, since Grace wasn’t with us, and I got Blueberry Stuffed French Toast.  Ohhh, that was heavenly.  The blueberries were dried, not fresh, but it was still delicious because the dried ones can sometimes have even more flavor than fresh.  And instead of being done with a blueberry jam-type stuffing, it was actually cream cheese-based.  I loved the tart taste of the cream cheese against the sweet blueberries.  A+++ WOULD EAT AGAIN for sure!

It was while we were at breakfast that I realized that we had a bit of a conundrum to solve.  Kurt had to go back to work, but then he wanted to go with me to pick Grace up from school, and then he had to return to work in the afternoon to finish things up.  How were we supposed to get all that done with a minimum of car-shuffling?  (I had picked him up for breakfast, you see.)  What I ended up doing was taking him back to work, and since he was only going to be there for about an hour, I decided I could use this time wisely.

I found myself a picnic bench in the shade, plopped myself down, and dove into my latest thrift store find, a book by Belle Yang called The Odyssey of a Manchurian.  I can’t update my sidebar to reflect my new book, as the one image online is absolutely enormous, but the book details Yang’s father’s travels through China after World War II and during the Communist takeover.  I cannot even imagine living through such tribulations, with every person you meet a possible spy waiting to turn you in, not enough food to eat, and nowhere really to go to escape the hardships.  It’s amazing anyone lived through those years.

This, my friends, is the spot I chose to spend that precious hour of my day:

My little reading spot

Now doesn’t that look like just a little bit of heaven??  The sun was warm, the breeze was cool.  The only thing in my ear was the gentle lapping of the waves against the shoreline, and my nose was calmed by the salty aroma of the bay.  Every few pages, I would look up and just enjoy being.

After a while of such peaceful tranquility, I was joined by a fisherman.  I guess he’s one of the officers that Kurt works with, and he decided to make the best use of his lunch break by trying to catch dinner.  Lots of guys fish on their lunch break, or any time they get a free moment.  I’ve taken Kurt back to work only to see someone gutting a fish on the tailgate of his truck.  It’s a great way to get fish if you don’t feel like fishing for it yourself!

The fisherman only added to the serene nature of my reading spot.  His cast was so graceful, just a flick of his arm, and out went his lure to an impossible distance.  In all the time we were there together, he didn’t manage to catch a fish.  I hope he had better luck after I left.

All that sun and fresh air and salt air took its toll on me, however.  By the time we went to pick Grace up from school, it was all I could do to keep my eyeballs open!  Fortunately Kurt came home for lunch then, so I was able to take a forty-five minute nap without worrying what my darling daughter would get up to in the meantime.  It was so hard to get out of bed again to take Kurt back to work.  I think I could have easily slept another hour or two!

I was reminded of our dear pie-rat today, just before I found my perfect little reading spot, when I saw a sailing ship go by!! And of course, I had to take a photo.

Tall ship

Isn’t that cool? I have no idea what kind of ship it is, but I immediately thought of Poolagirl.  Of course, I had to take a photo.  I wish I could have gotten closer, but I haven’t managed to be able to walk on water as yet.  So this will have to suffice.


6 Responses to “In the hot seat”

  1. cocoabean Says:

    WEll, let’s face it. Don’t we ALL think of Poolagirl when we see a ship like that????

  2. twisterjester Says:

    I want a day like that – peaceful, beautiful weather, calm – and taking pictures of pie-rat sailboats!

  3. sleepyjane Says:

    Oh Blue – that looks devine! I love that picture and I can almost feel the breeze. 🙂

  4. michele Says:

    ahhhhh…. I feel relaxed just reading your post! (as though i was there)

  5. Aimee Says:

    Beautiful. Sounds like a perfect day!

  6. HouseofD Says:

    I came by way of the Aimeepalooza. Firstly I would like to say I love your stories.
    Secondly, I am quite fond of stuffed french toast. There is a little place I used to visit with regularity called The Detroit Breakfast House and Grill that has some amazing stuffed french toast.
    Thirdly, I am absolutely envious of this view. We don’t get that in Detroit. Tell you what, I come there and get the view, you come here and get our mayor. Sound fair?

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