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Skidding with no brakes 21 July 2008

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Time for a little bit of a kvetch about this pregnancy.

I have two words for you folks — Hot.  Flashes.  Let me tell you, they suck.  I don’t think I am having the full-on hot flashes that some of my menopausal friends experience, but whatever it is that is making my temperature soar is making me irritable.  And hot.

We’ve got the a/c in the bedroom set down to 70º, and since we keep the door shut so as to make sure the dog stays put in our room, I know it’s getting nice and cool in there.  Yet I wake up several times a night, sweating through my nightie.  I kick off the comforter, while Kurt is still snuggled down under it, because I’m just so damn hot.  This morning I woke up and realized that my pillow is starting to smell sour from all the sweat, even though I just washed my sheets less than a week ago.

What was I thinking, being pregnant in the summer???  With Grace, I was in Washington state, so it was a lot easier.  The weather is so much more mild, and there is no humidity.  I was very rarely uncomfortable, with the exception of the one day it hit 101º.  That summer was one of the hotter ones for the Seattle area, hitting 80º or more for something like thirty straight days, but since there was no humidity, it really didn’t feel that warm.  It also helped that the temperatures would plummet back down into the 50s overnight, so it was almost cold in my bedroom at night.  Kurt was in Illinois throughout most of that summer, so I only had my own heat to deal with.


Then today I was feeling rather crappy.  I don’t know exactly what was wrong — the heat, the exhaustion, the normal pregnancy mood wings.  All of the above!  I had dropped Kurt off at work, so I could go shopping before I had to pick him up again, but while I was wandering around Michael’s I started feeling really yucky.  It was almost like I was having cramps, along with feeling somewhat dizzy.  Gahhhh.  I decided to can-x (Navy-speak meaning “cancel”) the rest of my shopping errands and just head towards the base to retrieve Kurt.

But you know, I started craving a Frappucino.  Or a Coolatta from Dunkin Donuts.  Anything, as long as it was ice cold and coffee-flavored.  But I figured it would be a bad idea to get something that caffeinated that late in the afternoon (it was 5pm already), so instead I made a trip to 7-Eleven.

I don’t think you people understand the joy that is a Coke Slurpee to me.  I absolutely love them; it’s pretty much the only time I drink Coke.  I am a definite Pepsi fan.  And I have adored Slurpees since I lived with my real mom as a kid; I can remember having them as a small child.

Kurt’s taken Grace to 7-Eleven before and gotten her a Slurpee.  Funny story with that…  So I’m getting a pedicure at the nail salon one day, and Kurt decides to take Grace on a walk to run off some energy.  They walk up the street a few blocks and see a 7-Eleven, and Kurt knows how much I love Slurpees.  He decides to get himself one and one for Grace.  Grace, of course, wants the green Slurpee, so thinking nothing of it, he agrees and fills her cup with the green frozen liquid.

It wasn’t till later, when Grace was bouncing off the walls, that I thought to ask exactly what flavor the green Slurpee was.  Come to find out, he’d bought her a Slurpee made with an energy drink!!  And Grace hadn’t had caffeine before.  She was almost vibrating, she was so hyper.  It was a hellish evening, let me tell you.

Today I carefully scrutinized each flavor of Slurpee before agreeing to one.  Initially Grace wanted this mango tea flavor, but tea has caffeine in it.  So I got her piña colada instead.  It had the added benefit of being white, so if she spilled it, she wasn’t going to stain her clothes or the minivan.

The girl in front of me at the Slurpee machine filled her cup halfway with cherry Slurpee, then topped it off with the Coke Slurpee, making a cherry Coke Slurpee!  Brilliant!!  I don’t like cherry flavoring, or cherries in general, but for some reason I love cherry Coke.  Go figure.  So I copied her, and lo, it was very delicious.

I even got Kurt a cranberry Slurpee, though it managed to tip over and spill onto the floor on the way to picking him up.  Gahhh.  But most of it wiped right up, and I think I got the stain out.  Thank God I was on base in the middle of a parking lot when it happened; I was able to pull over immediately to take care of it.

And now I’m feeling peckish again.  It’s time to hunt up the roasted garlic rye chips I scored at 7-Eleven.  I know several people who’d fight me for that bag, but it’s mine all mine!!!  Bwahahaha!


7 Responses to “Skidding with no brakes”

  1. twisterjester Says:

    Pregnancy does some FUH-REAKY things with your system. Thank goodness you only have a couple of more months to go, and thank GOD you have AC.

  2. sleepyjane Says:

    Sorry you were feeling crappy Blue!! I hope that today is much better for you!!

  3. michele Says:

    you may already realize this, but you could always get a decaf frozen coffee treat if you wanted to

  4. cardiogirl Says:

    That’s so funny that you just now discovered the joy that is a Cherry Coke slurpee. It’s what I had growing up and what I have to this day. If I get a slurpee.


  5. gracie was almost vibrating!!! hahahaha!!

  6. Aimee Says:

    I’ll fight for the chips and the slurpee! Mmmm slurpee. I’m sorry you’re feeling poopy. I got those hot flashes with B and it was friggen winter. I’d open my door and stand outside just to cool down a bit. It was like -7 out and I still felt hot. Ugggg

  7. yankeechick Says:

    OMG!! I love Cherry Slurpees!! We used to have 7 Elevens in Fairbanks and Terri & I would get them. Sadly, they would alternate flavors, so cherry wasn’t always available.

    And you know I am so with you on the whole Pepsi thing, but….there used to be a diner in Fairbanks that made Cherry Cokes and they were SO good! It was a neat place….kind of a ‘Fonzy’ type of Diner with incredible burgers and those Cherry Cokes……Oh My!!!

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