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Like cats and dogs 23 July 2008

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I almost feel as though I’ve been spirited away to Texas.  We’ve been getting severe thunderstorms all evening, and at one point I looked out the window, and it was pouring like you wouldn’t believe.  I happened to click on just then and saw a photo of a man trying to keep his jacket hood up in the wind and the rain as the hurricane made landfall.

Check out the latest (as of 9:20pm) radar:

Doesn’t that look lovely?  I am wondering now if The Purple Chai is getting slammed with thunderstorms.  I hope she doesn’t lose power!

Pregnancy update: Lately the baby has been moving around even more, but since s/he is getting bigger by the moment, s/he doesn’t really have enough room anymore.  Instead of pokes and jabs, it’s more like a rolling and twisting sensation.  You can actually see my belly rolling if you look hard enough.

Last night at dinner, the baby really started moving around.  So I put my hands on my belly and found exactly where s/he was, and I decided to see what would happen if I pressed on him/her.  And I was able to move him/her downward a bit!!  It was almost gross.  S/he came right back up again, though, and I shoved him/her right back down again.  I’m sure s/he was saying, “Mom!!  I WANT to be up there!  LEAVE ME ALONE!!”

Heh.  Poor kid.

There’s a lady at Grace’s swim lessons who’s due right around the same time I am, 10 September for her, while I am due 25 September.  She knows she’s having a girl, which she’s pretty excited about as she already has two boys.  But she says she’s carrying just the same with this one as she did with the other two, which is more proof to me that how you carry babies is due more to how you’re built versus what gender your baby is.  However, this lady is tiny everywhere but in her belly.  If you see her from behind, you see a slender woman, probably a size 4 at the largest.  Then she turns sideways, and inadvertantly you have to exclaim, “Holy cow, she’s pregnant!”  I mean, she is only big right there in her belly.  And her belly is very, very oval in shape, almost as though someone grabbed a hank of her stomach flesh and yanked outward.  She says it’s rather uncomfortable because her stomach muscles are already pretty stretched out from her two previous pregnancies.

Then my friend D’s sister had her baby this week.  She was overdue, and the doctors decided to start inducing her on Sunday night.  Finally she delivered a beautiful baby boy on Monday, I believe, only she had to have a C-section.

Let me tell you, my friends, I am deathly afraid of a C-section.  I know they’re performed every single day, and that they are a fairly safe procedure.  But I have never had surgery before at all, unless you count the time my wisdom teeth were extracted.  I had to be put under, and my gums were sliced open to reveal my very impacted wisdom teeth, but that was still nothing in comparison to major abdominal surgery, like a C-section.

I am scared of how it will feel to have this huge incision healing right there on my abdomen in a place where I already have a bit of irritation.  I don’t know why it is, but right where my belly curves back in and meets my pelvis, I have a lot of irritation and itchiness.  Kurt said there’s even a red line there sometimes.  Maybe it’s from my undies, I don’t know.  And believe me, I am not going without undies.  *shudders*

I am hoping that since I had Grace without a C-section that this baby will go the same way.   But I also hope that this time things go much, much more smoothly.  Last time, Grace didn’t cry when she was born.  I couldn’t hold her till she was 20 minutes old, and even then I only had a few moments with her.  She had a ton of fluid in her lungs.  She was under an oxygen hood with an IV going into her umbilical cord stump.  It was really, really traumatic for me.  (You can read the whole story HERE, though that’s still a fairly sanitized version of it.)  It was so difficult for me to see this baby, who’d just been inside of me a few hours before, all hooked up to machines, and not be able to hold her.  You don’t expect that in a full-term baby.  Heck, she was more than full-term, having been born two weeks late.

So!  Enough of that depressing subject matter.  Again, I just hope everything goes much more smoothly this time around.

You know what is really mind-boggling??  I could have this baby in six weeks.  Six weeks!  ACK!  I keep thinking that I have all this time, but it’s slipping away, moment by moment.

Oh well.  The only thing the baby needs is food, diapers, and lots and lots and lots of love.  Oh, and a car seat.  Everything else just makes my life easier.


10 Responses to “Like cats and dogs”

  1. twisterjester Says:

    I could definitely tell the difference in my kids. With my girls I carried them all out in front – all belly. With the boys I spread out all over, lol. But you’re right; a lot of it is still genetics 🙂

  2. sleepyjane Says:

    I can’t believe you’re almost having a baby!! WOW! How exciting. 🙂

  3. cardiogirl Says:

    I hear you loud and clear on the C-section. Did NOT want one.

    I was fine with the first two kids.

    The third one had some drama, I was fully prepped for the C-section, taken into the operating room and was told if I could inhale enough oxygen via a mask to raise the baby’s oxygen level, I might avoid a C-section.

    (Gets down on knees and praises God) Thankfully I did not need a C-section.

    Good luck.

  4. Shear Says:

    I’m so excited! Can’t wait to see photos of this baby and Gracie. She’s going to be such a great big sister!

  5. Elle Says:

    Fear not the c-section. After having vag delivery the first time, after we discovered that Max was not turned into the launch position, I needed a c-section with him. I was awake for it, and recovered in record time afterward. The scar is minimal and not noticeable. Don’t worry (although this is time to nest and bother…)

  6. purple chai Says:

    We did have storms all night. I had to take my hearing aids off because I could hear the lightning crackle in them before I heard the thunder outside!

    My first delivery required forceps (which they don’t do anymore) and my labor was very long and there was other stuff, but the upshot was that the people who had C sections were walking around like nothing happened the next day and I could barely move for a week. Just remember that if they say C section, you’ll know it’s best for the baby and you’ll be more than happy to go ahead with it. The recovery is not what it was years and years ago, you may hardly see a difference from last time. (And you can wear granny panties for a few days so it won’t bother your incision!)

  7. terri t. Says:

    My sister had a c-section first time around due to baby not turning but she had the second with no problem. I agree with above, I don’t think C-sections are as bad as they were before. Look at all the movie stars who have them to make their life more convenient and so they don’t have to go through labor. Good luck

  8. shipjumper Says:

    Whew! And now I’m caught up with YOUR entries! I so need to not stay away for 3 weeks….especially with you! Pant pant pant….marathon reading! Heh heh. Btw, glad to hear you checked out with a clean bill of health in regards to the gestational diabetes. GREAT news!

  9. michele Says:

    that must feel strange to fell the baby “hit” you back!

  10. Kym Says:

    I *LOVE* that radar! We were getting hit with severe thunderstorms. The whole nine yards too — wind, hail, thunder, cloud to ground lightning. You name it, we got it. I really wonder — did Dolly make a wrong turn somewhere?

    Also, September 10th isn’t a bad day to give birth. I know a girl with a birthday then. LOL!


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