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Breaking out of the shell 29 July 2008

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Continuing in my role as Social Butterfly this week, I accompanied my friend to a Pampered Chef party tonight.  She was one of the guests at my dinner party on Saturday, and when she mentioned Pampered Chef, I sort of invited myself along.

I rarely do that.  I usually will say, “Well, if you need company…” and leave it up in the air for fear of coming across as rude and overbearing, but it did sound fun!  Plus there is always such delicious food at a Pampered Chef party.  So then it became a date!

What I find odd is I wasn’t nervous at all going into this party.  Usually these sorts of things will send me into a state of panic, worrying about what to wear and what to say and how to act and all kinds of things.  Back in Washington, I had to go to a party at Kurt’s Commanding Officer’s home.  I was so nervous about it that I talked my friend into going with me, though that might not have necessarily been the best idea.

Tonight I didn’t know anyone at the party save my friend.  Yet I had no qualms going in to the party.  I felt really relaxed, to be honest.  And once I entered the home of the host, I felt very comfortable.  The host was really lovely and gracious, and the ladies that were there were so kind and friendly.  When we first arrived, the two ladies that had already arrived came up to us, asked our names, and how we knew the host and each other.  And from there, the conversation just flowed so comfortably.

The food was so delicious too.  The consultant was Vietnamese, so she cooked us fried rice and pad thai.  Yum, yum, and more yum!  Everyone there had such an interest in Asian food, which is one of my major food interests, so we discussed which Asian markets were good and what products they carry.  I know where the Korean-Japanese market is, while others knew where the Cambodian market was and the Chinese-American market.  Fortunately they’re all right around each other up in Cranston, so I think a field trip might be in order.

Mmm, my mouth is watering just thinking about it!

At one point, I got to talking to the host about peanut allergies because someone in her family is allergic, and she showed me some sunflower seed butter that she uses as a replacement for peanut butter in her cooking.  It’s the same stuff my best friend sent to me a few months ago for Grace to have; I just tend not to give it to her very often because I don’t want her seeing a seed butter spread on her bread, and think that peanut butter is the same as sunflower seed butter.  It could very well result in her death if she made that mistake.  When she’s older, I won’t have to be quite so vigilant.

Then I talked to another guest about kids.  Obviously I am very pregnant, and she wanted to know what the gender of my baby is.  When I told her I didn’t know, she was pleased since she hadn’t known the gender of either of her children either.  It’s a rare thing for people not to find out at the ultrasound here in the States.  I don’t know anyhow who is pregnant now (and I know a lot of pregnant women, for some weird reason) who doesn’t know the gender of her baby.

It was just a very relaxed sort of evening, and I was so proud of myself for not spazzing out beforehand.  Maybe I’m finally becoming a lot more comfortable in my skin.  Maybe it’s that I’ll be 30 in six months.  Maybe I just don’t care anymore.  Whatever it is, I’m going to stick with it.  It’s a lot nicer not having moments of panic when I anticipate an unknown situation.

Of course, I had to buy something at the Pampered Chef party.  I restricted it to just one “big” purchase, which wasn’t really that much.  But PC sells a version of the Microplane grater, one of my all-time favoritest kitchen gadgets of all time, and one I use at least three times a week, that has a built-in stand!  All of my Microplanes (I have three — one I got free with a magazine subscription, and then I have the regular citrus zest/hard cheese grater and the soft cheese ribbon grater) are thin, only an inch wide, and sometimes my block of parmesan cheese will slip off the grater so quickly that I don’t have time to pull back my hand.  At that point I end up grating my knuckles.  Owww.  (My old Microplane grater looks like THIS one.)  I’d been thinking of upgrading to the 2″ wide model, but now that I’ve seen this standing grater, I think it will serve my purposes even better.

Now isn’t that just a beauty to behold?  It will grate all the hard cheese, as well as ginger, chocolate, and nutmeg, plus it will zest any citrus fruit.  You also don’t have to use the guard when you’re grating; it’s just an option in case you’re grating something small like nutmeg.

I can’t wait till it arrives!


13 Responses to “Breaking out of the shell”

  1. Kurt Says:

    I am proud of you for going!

  2. twisterjester Says:

    I like the grater, though I prefer the old-fashioned kind that’s built box-style and doesn’t require me to do more than steady it with my “free” hand

  3. Poolie Says:

    I have a PC cheese knife! It lives in my pirate lunch box! I feel like we are bonded now.

  4. Rosie Says:

    I don’t have any PC stuff, but I bought one of those slicer-dicer thingies they sell at home shows. I love to make waffle-cut potatoes and zucchini! I love it, and I’m proud of myself for actually using it!

  5. sleepyjane Says:

    I know what you mean about unknown situations. I feel the same way, although I haven’t gotten comfortable with myself yet. I wish I could though.

    I hate going to any kind of function where I don’t know anyone. Grr. Anyway, maybe it’ll pass.

    That grater looks pretty cool! 🙂 Glad you had such a good time Blue!

  6. michele Says:

    1) I am envious that you got to go to a PC party. (in a good way; makes me want to find a local rep here and see if i can go to one, too)

    2) so glad you took the leap and went! I knew you’d have so much fun. I love them and the TS parties, too. Maybe you could find a rep, go to one of those parties, and meet even more new friends!

  7. Elle Says:

    YAY for a good PC party! I was a consultant for about fifteen minutes when I was pregnant with Max – I signed up and got all the stuff and whoosh, we moved.

    I dig the new grater, stationary and roomy and with a guard to boot. I may have to find a PC lady!

  8. shear Says:

    I’m going to order that grater at the next PC party I go to. It’s just what I’ve been looking for.

    And a big YAY! for attending the party! You seriously rock.

  9. shipjumper Says:

    First off, Kudos for feeling more relaxed in the social situation! Just goes to show you, the more you do something, the more comfy you become!
    Second- you and Kel should get together. She loves PC. And omg…I can’t believe that was ALL you bought!! Another kudos to you!
    Lastly….so now that you are getting this new and improved that will do what all your others do….can I have your old ones? HA!

  10. Kym Says:

    YAY for you for going. It sounds like you had a lovely time.

  11. terri t. Says:

    Good for you! I know just what you mean, I always feel awkward in those type of settings. I think you would make an awesome consultant for PC, though, with you love of all good things to cook. Bet the hostess was glad you came also since you made a purchase.

  12. Aimee Says:

    It probably is your age, not being so worried. I think with age comes security in who you are as a person being good enough. And…once again, I’m ready to find food after reading your post!

  13. Poolie Says:

    OMG! I just re-read your entry! You actually zest your fruit? OMG! I have never known anyone who has ever done that!

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