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There’s a storm cloud a’comin’ 2 August 2008

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I was just sitting here trying to think what all we did yesterday.  Then it came to me, as if in a flash!

Kurt really didn’t want to work all day, which is what was being proposed.  Who does want to work until 5pm on a Friday???  (Keep in mind he gets to work at 7am, so 5pm is a long, long day.)  Instead he managed to get his work done by staying an hour into his lunch break and finishing up whatever it is he does when he hasn’t got to teach.

He got some really exciting news yesterday before he left.  There’s some new projects in the works, and he may be selected to work with some important people on them to give them his view as an engineering expert.  He came home from work so excited that I thought his head was going to explode from the thrill of it.  Nothing’s been set in stone, but the people on the projects know he’s very, very interested, so if they need someone with his expertise, chances are they’ll choose him.

Wouldn’t that be cool?

I was still in a fair amount of pain yesterday.  On a scale of one to ten, with ten being intense and horrific pain, I’d say I was running a four.  Nothing dire, but boy, was it annoying.  Kurt and I went back and forth, wondering if we should call the nurse, but we ultimately decided I’d be okay.  Besides, if things got worse over the weekend, the hospital is right up the street, far closer than my OB’s office.  It also helps that we wouldn’t have to pay a dime for an ER visit.  There are a few benefits to being in the military.

We hemmed and hawed over what to do, and finally decided to visit the new Target up in Warwick.  Being built at the mall, I was hoping it would be a two-story Target, much like the one near my father’s house in northern Virginia.  But alas, it is the same size as the Target it is probably replacing, and has the exact same layout to boot.  I also realized that a brand-new Target wouldn’t have any clearance racks.  Bummer.  I’d just gotten Grace a new pair of green shorts and a pair of denim capris for $3.74 each at a different Target and was hoping to score more.

And even though we ate out on Thursday night, we opted to eat out last night too.  Naughty, naughty us.  Kurt assured me that Thursday night didn’t really count, as our friends had picked up the tab, but still.  We have to stop!  It was late, though, after 6pm by the time we finished at Target, which meant there was no way we were eating till at least 8 by the time we got home and cooked dinner.  Besides, our favorite Korean/Japanese restaurant is up in the area, and it’d be a shame to expend the gas all the way up there and not enjoy some delicious food.

So we went.

When we’d gone to the sushi restaurant with my in-laws during their visit in June, I’d had something called “chirashi,” which translates roughly to “scattered sushi.”  It is several different types of sashimi (sliced raw fish) laid artistically over a bed of seasoned rice.  I had decided to get it because I couldn’t decide if I wanted sushi rolls or hand-formed sushi or even sashimi.  Decisions, decisions.  Hence the chirashi, and let me tell you — it was delicious.  The rice was warm and well-seasoned with the rice vinegar and sesame seeds, and the sashimi was fresh and tasty.  It’s definitely something I wanted to have again and again.

At the Korean/Japanese restaurant last night, there was an option for a Korean version of chirashi.  Loving Korean food as I do, I decided I’d give it a try.

I was very surprised to see that my rice came separately from the Korean chirashi (I found a site online that calls it “hye dup bap”).  Instead of sashimi pillowed on a bed of rice, lettuce had been used.  Also the sashimi had been chopped instead of sliced.  There were only two types of fish, one of which was salmon.  But there was plenty of fish roe scattered on top, which pleased me greatly.

Korean Chirashi

Oh, nom nom nom.

It looks delicious, but deep within the bowl lay an insidious secret.  Look closely at the left side of the bowl, and notice a darker green ring amongst the lettuce leaves.  That, my friends, is a jalapeño.  Why in the world my Korean dish would feature Mexican peppers, I don’t know.  You may be thinking to yourself, “But you love wasabi!  Don’t you love hot and spicy food?”  I love wasabi because it is such a temporary burn.  It’ll shoot up your nose and make your eyes water and your nose feel like it’s going to explode from the shock, but give it a moment and the pain immediately disappates.  Jalapeños, on the other hand, have a sustained burn.

And that, dear friends, is why I can only give this dish four stars out of five.  The burn, it was just too painful.  I kept picking out the jalapeños, but I guess the seeds kept falling out into the chirashi.

Look also beneath the thinly-sliced carrot on that side of the bowl, and you will see a slice of garlic.  That would be raw garlic.  Now I like garlic, a lot, to the point where we have to buy three or four heads of it at a time.  If a recipe calls for two cloves of garlic, I am throwing in at least four.  But I like it cooked, you see.  Raw is just a bit too much for me.  Roasted, it’s delicious.  Fried up with onions as the starter to a dish, it’s delicious.  Raw, not so much.

Kurt ended up finishing my chirashi for me; I could only eat about three-quarters of it.  I think I’ll stick to Japanese chirashi from here on out!


6 Responses to “There’s a storm cloud a’comin’”

  1. BJC Says:

    Koreans add spicy peppers to a lot of things. I remember going to a Korean restaurant in Manhattan and each plate got a gigantic, super-spicy pepper on the side, like an appetizer or garnish. It was eye-wateringly hot, as I learned after one foolish bite.

  2. yankeechick Says:

    I’m with you. I can devour the hottest horseradish in the world. I love, love, love it!! But hot, as in spicy…hot peppers and such?? No!!! I like just a teeny tint taste of mild warmth.

    I sure hope things work out for Kurt at work! It’s always a real stroke to be selected for a special project or such. Good luck, Kurt!!

  3. Aimee Says:

    Yikes, that doesn’t make any sense at all? And the seeds are the worst burn of all! It does look beautiful though.

  4. terri t. Says:

    Good luck to Kurt on the possible proposed new projects. I am shocked that you actually had some food you didn’t love….but the picture was gorgeous! Hope you are feeling better….might just be a reminder that you are pregnant and need to take it a little easier for a few more weeks.

  5. sleepyjane Says:

    I’m not a big lover of spicy food, or anything that burns. I don’t know why i just never got the taste for it. J on the other hand loves chillis and anything that burns. He always puts a lot of chilli sauce on any dish he eats, even if we order out he insists on the chilli sauce. Oh and he loves Tobasco sauce.

    YAY for Kurt though, I’m crossong my fingers, toes and eyes for him!

  6. cardiogirl Says:

    I love that you considered going to the hospital then decided you would go to Target instead!

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