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Bleeding blood 5 August 2008

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More adventures in the kitchen!

My new whiteboard menu planner is working out well.  Last week, I conned Kurt into taking me to Target during one of our Date Mornings, the time we spend together when he hasn’t got to teach and Grace is in school.  While there, I picked up a weekly planner whiteboard, thinking that I could use to to plan my meals.

Generally I have the best of intentions when it comes to planning and organizing.  I’ll buy all the necessary materials, use it for a few days or weeks, and then eventually drop off until the organizing item collects a thick layer of dust.  I am going to do my best not to allow this to happen.

I used to keep a list of dinners I’d want to make while I made up my grocery list.  I’d only go to the commissary every two weeks since it was so far away, so I had to stock up.  I knew we’d go out during those two weeks, and that we’d also have leftovers, so I’d only plan out probably five to seven meals.  Even then, I’d end up wasting food.

Not good.

I think my problem was that I didn’t have a real menu planner.  I just had a list that was easy to ignore.  With this new whiteboard of mine, there are specific meals to be made on specific days, and it’s very visible on my kitchen wall, just underneath my phone.  (Yes, we still have a landline phone.  We’re dinosaurs, okay?)  Last week, we didn’t make every meal on the list for various reasons, so those meals are back on the schedule for this week.  But we are doing a fairly good job of sticking to the menu, so I am highly pleased.

Tonight it was Chicken with Sherry Vinegar Sauce.  It caught my eye over at because I had some sherry vinegar I’d bought for my roasted potato salad recipe.  It’s not exactly a common ingredient.  I also was interested in making it because it was one of those very quick and easy chicken recipes.  Pan-fry some chicken, saute some chopped shallots, deglaze the pan with chicken broth and the sherry vinegar, reduce, and finish the sauce with some cream.  It took less than fifteen minutes to cook from start to finish.

To round out the meal, we had roasted asparagus and potatoes “baked” in the microwave.  There was plenty of sherry vinegar sauce leftover from the chicken to use on the baked potatoes, and they were delicious.

If you notice, however, the recipe calls for four 4-ounce boneless chicken breasts.  I don’t know where you people are buying your chicken breasts, but we get ours in bulk from BJ’s.  Most of the breasts that come in the package are well over four ounces.  I don’t even know what a 4-ounce chicken breast looks like!

What I have been doing lately is halving those breasts when I’ve had to pan-fry them.  If I leave them whole, I can never get the darn things cooked before they burn.  The only time I leave the breasts whole is if I’m dicing them for a stir-fry.  Besides, these breasts are more like eight or ten ounces a piece!  HUGE!!

(And now I am wondering how many people are going to stumble upon this page by Googling the word “breasts.”  Pervs.)

So I had to slice these breasts in half.  I do so horizontally, and usually I have no problems with this at all.

Then again, I am usually using my old knife.

Today I found an excellent deal on a set of KitchenAid knives at our local Linens N’ Things, which is going out of business.  The box advertised 14 pieces (including a pair of scissors, a sharpening stick, and the wooden block), but then there was a bonus block included which featured two small santoku knives and an extra pair of scissors.  It sold for $100 normally, but it was 40% off today.  Kurt said I needed new knives; he’s tired of how dull my old ones are.  They’re not that dull; I do sharpen them.  But they aren’t as sharp as new knives, obviosuly.

I pulled out the 8″ chef’s knife from the block, laid the chicken on my yellow cutting board (yellow for poulty — we have segregated cutting boards, you see), and began slicing.  The first chicken breast was halved without incident.  The second, well…  I didn’t panic when I saw the blood.  Heck, I hardly even felt it when I sliced open my finger!  Talk about a sharp knife!

It bled like crazy, though.  Fortunately, I have an excellent nurse in Kurt, so he bolted to the linen closet to grab me some rubbing alcohol and a couple of band-aids.  Within just a few minutes, I’d managed to stanch the blood enough to make it worth putting a band-aid on.  Kurt bandaged me up, and voila!  Back to cooking dinner.

The meal was very, very tasty — well worth my war wounds.  I definitely will put that recipe back into my rotation!

New topic.

Some of you have wondered why I call my baby “Edison.”  When I posted the scan of my ultrasound over at Flickr, one of my friends pointed out that the baby looked more like a lightbulb than a baby.  And the more I looked at it, the more I realized she was right!  Hence the nickname “Edison,” father of the modern lightbulb.

There’s no way “Edison” will make it into the final name for the baby, however.  We tend towards traditional names, and Edison doesn’t quite fit the bill for us.  It’s a handy name to call the baby now, though.  It gets old calling the baby “him/her/it” since we don’t know the gender.

Now you know!


10 Responses to “Bleeding blood”

  1. cocoabean Says:

    one couple in my lamaze class had the last name of hable (rhymes with table) so they called their baby mable… mable hable. They had a boy though, so they couldn’t use it once he was born.

  2. Blue Opal Says:

    Aww darn. I do like the name Edison 😉 But I see your point and think your reasoning is cute! As for the chicken recipe, I don’t care much for sherry. You can have my share 😉

  3. shipjumper Says:

    Another trick for getting a wound to stop bleeding and heal? Super Glue! Honest to goodness, I lie not! Always take a tube of that camping or wherever we may not be close to a first aide place. It’s a little secret from the plastic surgery world, so shhhhh! DOn’t tell anyone else ok??

  4. Poolie Says:

    Take care of that finger! Have Kurt kiss it and make it feel all better. Your finger. Kiss the finger. Well, I guess he could kiss other things and that might make you feel better too. Dang! Did I just say that????

  5. shipjumper Says:

    Oh Poolie, we need to rope you in again and make ya behave! We may have to insist you walk the plank! Don’t you know that him kissing her finger is what got her pregnant??

  6. Sleepyjane Says:

    Oww! I hope your finger is better today, ’cause it’s always worse the day after. 🙂 Like you said though, you have a fantastic nurse. 🙂

    The meal sounds delish. I really should save for your blog for after I’ve eaten something. haha!

  7. becca Says:

    thats a good knife if it didnt hurt, still take care and hope you don’t get too much “aftersting” today.
    and personally, I dont mind the name Edison, not that I’d call my baby it, it’s a little too American for over here but I think it’s quite cool. 🙂

  8. purple chai Says:

    My kids in utero were L’il Wilbs (short for Wilbur) and Sluggo, which we shortened over time to The Slug. 25 years later, she is not amused.

  9. michele Says:

    owwie! glad you’re ok. you’re more of a woman than i am for putting rubbing alcohol right on your wound. i’m a sissy and i usually use peroxide.

    do you remember those GINORMOUS breasts that Marty used to buy??? i wanna know what they fed *those* chickens!

  10. Elle Says:

    Owie, hope the digit is healing today – whatever you do, don’t squeeze lemons for a couple days!

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