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Meal-planning for the week 12 August 2008

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Kurt had a physical a few weeks ago.  Shockingly enough, due to his excess weight, his numbers came back as absolutely wonderful.  Usually when you carry some extra weight, the doctors seem to find something wrong with you.  It’s either hypertension or pre-diabetes or high cholesterol or something.

With Kurt, it’s none of that.  His cholesterol is really good, he’s not pre-diabetic, and while his blood pressure is a bit elevated, it isn’t anything to be concerned with as yet.

However, his “good” cholesterol could stand to be higher.  The nurse he spoke with to go over his numbers suggested he increase his intake of nuts.  Ha.  That ain’t happenin’, not in this house.  I mean, he could eat them at work, but he generally feels badly for me that I can’t have nuts since I am always with Grace, and so he stays away from them entirely.

So instead of nuts, we’re going with fish.  He loves the stuff, so it’s an easy fix for him.  I read somewhere that sardines have got to be one of the most perfect snack foods out there, so we picked up a few cans at the commissary for just 63¢ a piece.  He’s found the sardines packed in soybean oil and chiles to be his favorite.  And then I suggested herring, another good fatty fish low in contaminants.  As long as I stayed away from the herring packed in cream sauce, he was willing to try them.  We found a locally-produced can of herring packed in tomato sauce, which he very nearly devoured in one sitting.

Whoops.  That was supposed to be three and a half servings.

As if that weren’t enough, I found a quick and easy recipe for salmon.  I had that planned for tonight’s dinner, as Kurt’s softball team was supposed to play their first game of the playoffs tonight.  The game was at 5:30pm, which would mean I couldn’t start dinner until almost 7pm.  So I wanted something super easy, and super quick.  This Baked Salmon with Dill fit the bill perfectly.  Season a few salmon fillets with salt and pepper, add fresh dill, and bake till the fish is cooked through.  How much easier could it get?

I actually didn’t have to worry about dinner tonight.  A storm blew through the area around 4:30pm today, and I looked at Kurt and told him his game was most likely cancelled.  And sure enough, once we got down to the field, we were informed by the opposing team that all of tonight’s games had been cancelled.

I still made the salmon, mainly because we’d bought it fresh earlier today, and fish is best on the day you purchase it.  I also made some couscous with peas, and Kurt put together a mixed-greens salad to round out the meal.  And let me tell you, it was beyond delicious.

The salmon turned out perfectly juicy and tender.  And not fishy at all!!

My hands still smell faintly of fresh dill, even though I have washed my hands several times since dinner.  Good thing I love the scent of dill.

I bought a new white-board for my meal-planning.  I know, I just got one from Target a couple weeks ago.  But this one has a spot for a grocery list to the left of the weekly planner, and it isn’t so long and skinny as the other one.  I like the new one much, much better.

To that end, I made up a meal plan for this week.  Every day from Monday to Friday has a dinner planned for it.  It’s not all gourmet meals, rest assured, but it does require me to cook each night.  But I have easy meals planned on different days, so it shouldn’t be too arduous for me.  Besides, if I get too tired, I can always ask Kurt to cook.  He’s dying to cook for me.  I just feel like I should do most of the cooking since I am a housewife.  He makes lunch for us every day, as well as breakfast on the weekends.  It evens out.

Speaking of food, Kurt arrived home from work bearing gifts.  Actually, it was one gift, but it was a big ‘un!!!


That has to be the largest zucchini I have ever seen.  One of Kurt’s co-workers grew it in his garden and decided to share his enormous bounty with us.

Methinks it’s time for some zucchini bread, yes??  Who wants a loaf?


10 Responses to “Meal-planning for the week”

  1. shipjumper Says:

    Looks about the size of the the one we got from some friends! And I already made me some zucchini bread so I beat ya to the punch! But then you knew that already since you helped me with my recipe prep!

  2. Rosie Says:

    ME! I want some! My mom has a recipe somewhere for fabulous zucchini cake. Gonna have to ask her for it, because it is quite yummy. The sad part of living in Tombstone is that no one really grows a garden here, so we don’t get zukes and tomatoes dumped on our porch late at night.

  3. Cosmic Says:

    Hiya. I am just catching up. It’s been a crazy week here. I’;; post all about it tomorrow. The reason I am commenting is about the post Poolie did the other day on pedophiles. You said you checked and saw none in your area. Go to this one: It was started by John Walsh. after you put your address in (and I would just put city, state and zip code, but that’s just me.) it will show you a map of the whole island and have little boxes of all the convicted molesters. and yes, you have a few.

    When you clik on a square, a picture comes up with tabs above it. it gives you all the details. at the bottom it sasy, “for details click here.” Don’t bother. It’s just an add to do total legal searches. This site is the best one I have found yet.


  4. Blue Opal Says:

    Wow – that’s one BIG zucchini! (Not to mention how big Grace is getting. She just jumped up there recently, seems like!) I wish I *were* close enough to have some zucchini bread. I love the stuff!

  5. becca Says:

    love the pic of Grace! 🙂

  6. cardiogirl Says:

    I do! I do! (jumps up and down and waves)

    Funny, Mr. C just brought home two zucchinis (not that large at all) last night from a co-worker’s garden. And I had the very same thought for today — we’re baking zucchini bread!

  7. Shear Says:

    Zucchini bread sounds yummy!

  8. Sleepyjane Says:

    Glad Kurt has a clean bill of health! And that is the most enourmous veg I have ever seen!!

  9. michele Says:

    if you want, i have an EXCELLENT recipe that Diane gave me a few years ago for Zucchini Bread. And, yes… I thought that the zucchini that came out of Ben’s Grandpa’s garden was huge… ha! yours beats it hands down!!!!!

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