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Off to the county fair! 16 August 2008

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We had way too much fun last night.  I have some friends who live up in the north end of the island, and that’s where my obstetrician’s office is.  If you’re paying attention, I have a doctor’s appointment every single week now.  It’s nice in a way; I love my doctor, and her nurse adores me.  But it’s still a pain in the neck.  It means I have something going on every single day now.  Swim lessons on Mondays and Wednesdays, preschool on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and doctors’ visits on Fridays.  Busy busy busy!

Anyhow.  Back to last night.  Since I was already up in the north, I stopped by my friend’s house to show her Firefox and to install it on her computer.  I’d shown her my ReminderFox (a calender that keeps you up-to-date on upcoming events) and my ForecastFox (which keeps the forecast visible in my browser at all times), two little applications I have running inside my Firefox.  She thought they were so neat that she wanted to try out Firefox in general.  And when someone expresses interest in sometihng other than IE, I am happy to cooperate!!!!

Boooooo, Microsoft.

We ended up staying all evening at our friends’ house, and we just had entirely too much fun.  After we grabbed some dinner from a local pizza joint, it was time to break out the games.  Out came Taboo, which has got to be one of my favorite games, even though we don’t even own it.  Every time I’ve played it, it’s been a ton of fun.  So often, one of us would say something funny, and we’d bust out laughing so hard we’d have tears rolling down our faces.  None of it would make sense now, but it sure was funny then!!!

And like my friend pointed out, we don’t even need alcohol to get that silly!!

I have to say, I drank probably a half gallon of iced tea last night.  She had added just the perfect amount of sugar to her jug when she made it, and it was so delicious I couldn’t stop drinking it.  I can’t drink super sweet tea, not like the stuff they make down south.  To give you an idea of how barely sweet I prefer my tea, I use a half-cup of sugar (lately I’ve been using the Splenda that measures the same as sugar) in three quarts of tea.  I have a friend who lived most of her life in Virginia and whose parents are southern who uses three cups of sugar for three quarts!!!

Drinking it is like drinking straight sugar.  I can’t even taste the tea.  Ew.

It’s a good thing last night’s iced tea was decaffeinated.  I drank so much I probably would have been up all night if it hadn’t been!

We were having so much fun that it made for a rather late night.  I stayed up far too late just trying to unwind from it all, and it wasn’t till I was waddling down the hall to my bedroom when I realized I needed to put the flank steak in to marinate.  Gahhh.  Fortunately, that only takes me about five minutes to throw together.  Put 1/3 cup soy sauce, 1/3 cup dry red wine, and several smashed garlic cloves in a ziploc bag.  Add a flank steak, and marinate for at least an hour.  It’s even more delicious when it sits for a longer time.

But this morning I had an early start time — 7:30am.  Yuck.  It was definitely worth it, though.  It was off to the Washington County Fair for us!!!!

Our friends, the ones we’d seen last night, had agreed to go with us, but they left earlier to catch the draft horse show.  It was actually delayed for at least forty-five minutes, so we managed to arrive in time to see most of the show.  I really enjoyed seeing this enormous horses at work.  They were so beautiful and so graceful, yet so very, very powerful.  My favorite breed that was shown was the Shire, similar to the Clydesdale.  They both have the hair covering the feet, but Shires are larger.  Such handsome animals!!

From there we checked out the antique tractor pull.  And what was the very first thing I saw as I approached the ring??  A pink tractor!!  The folks who own the tractor apparently lost their mother to breast cancer, so their tractors are painted pink and feature a sign on which is written, “Pulling for a Cure” above the breast cancer awareness ribbon.

It was fun watching these old tractors trying to pull the heavy cement blocks.  When we first got there, they had no problem with two concrete blocks, but once a third was added, none of the tractors could move the blocks much.  Some were even raising their front ends in the air as they attempted to budge the huge weight behind them!  I was amazed.

From there, we saw more of the draft horse show, and then we wandered the fair itself.  I didn’t see many of the animals aside from the draft horses; I sort of missed that whole area entirely.  I did see the silky chickens, which my friend described as a chicken with the fur of a Pomeranian.  And you know, that is the most apt description of something I have heard in a long time.

But we did see the veggies and some of the flowers and the photographs and the paintings and the cross-stitch samplers and the quilts and the science projects…  The list goes on and on.  And it was all so interesting to see!  My favorite part was seeing the ages of everyone who had submitted their work.  There were children and adults and elders and everyone in between.  How cool would it be to be a child of say, ten years old, and you’ve won a blue ribbon at the county fair for your science project?  I would be thrilled, were I that ten-year-old.

We didn’t buy much at the fair, just our admission and lunch, as well as tickets so Grace could go on a few rides.  On our way out, however, we stopped in the gift shop at the exit.  And there we found a jar of dilled garlic and one of dilled green beans.  Kurt tried the garlic with dinner tonight, and he finds them quite addictive.  They are very, very good.  I can’t wait to try the dilled green beans tomorrow!!

If you are interested, the photos from the fair are HERE.  I’ve also posted a video HERE of a Wurlitzer Military Band Organ playing old-timey fair music.  I loved the organ; it really made it feel like a true county fair experience!


4 Responses to “Off to the county fair!”

  1. shipjumper Says:

    omg i LOVE Taboo! Better invest in that for when we come visit!

  2. Blue Opal Says:

    County fairs are always so much fun – especially in smaller communities, where you may know the entrants. I loved visiting the one when I was living in Globe 🙂

  3. Sleepyjane Says:

    I love faires! In Afrikaans we call it a “Fees” and we have one a way from where we live each year. Sadly I didn’t get to go this year but they’re always fun!

  4. Elle Says:

    Three cups of sugar for three quarts of tea!? This makes my teeth hurt thinking about it. Glad you had much fun at the fair!

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